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  • Getting Your Board to Lean into Cybersecurity
    Getting Your Board to Lean into Cybersecurity
    Doug Grindstaff SVP of Cybersecurity Solutions CMMI® Institute and Tom Conkle Cybersecurity Engineer/Commercial Lead G2, Inc. Recorded: Feb 20 2019 20 mins
    In a recent survey nearly six out of ten board members named cyber-related issues the most challenging issues they are expected to oversee.  With the consequences of breaches so severe – lawsuits, regulatory fines, reputational risk, and more – it’s time for senior security leaders to step forward to arm boards with the information and knowledge they need to confidently fund, support and guide new efforts to guard your organization’s “crown jewels.”

    In this webinar cyber security industry experts Tom Conkle, Cybersecurity Engineer / Commercial Lead at G2, Inc. and Doug Grindstaff, CMMI Senior Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions, will delve into this perplexing board-level concern and offer actionable insights for empowering your team to build Board confidence with effective cybersecurity.

    By reframing the Cybersecurity discussion into a context that your Board will understand, CISOs, CSOs and other high-level IT leaders have an unprecedented opportunity to build both stronger partnerships and greater enterprise resilience.
  • Connecting Cybersecurity to your Business Strategy in 2019
    Connecting Cybersecurity to your Business Strategy in 2019
    Greg Witte Senior Security Engineer with G2, Inc. and Doug Grindstaff CMMI Senior Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions Recorded: Jan 29 2019 24 mins
    With nearly nine out of ten board directors and C-level leaders saying that they lack confidence in their organization’s level of cybersecurity and cyber attacks and data breaches are of grave concern, it’s time to realize that most organizations are looking at cybersecurity through the wrong lens. It’s time to shift the approach from a functional to strategic.

    Sharing insights gained from empirical review and industry experience, cyber experts Greg Witte, Senior Security Engineer with G2, Inc. and Doug Grindstaff, CMMI Senior Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions will explore why control level functional approaches to cybersecurity are inadequate due to the growing complexity of modern IT environments. They will also discuss the three critical questions board members should consider when tying cybersecurity to business strategy:

    Does your organization have a comprehensive list of cyber risks that is informed by your strategic objectives?

    Has your organization identified the necessary security capabilities to support your strategic objectives?

    Does your organization have the situation awareness and culture to build resilience?

    CISOs, CSOs and other security executives play a pivotal role in arming their boards with the knowledge and objectivity they need to understand the risks and to inform their strategic guidance and decision making. The ability to achieve business goals and objectives is tied to effectively managing cybersecurity risk and must be prepared to take an aggressive role in ensuring the connection of cybersecurity to business strategy.
  • Manage Up Your Cybersecurity Strategy
    Manage Up Your Cybersecurity Strategy
    Frank Downs, Director, ISACA & Doug Grindstaff, SVP Cyber Security Solutions, CMMI Recorded: Dec 19 2018 22 mins
    Cybercrime is rising exponentially. And taking a cold, hard, continual look at your organization’s capabilities is mission-critical. Not surprisingly, an astonishing 87 percent of board directors and C-level executives lack confidence in their company’s cybersecurity posture.

    Join industry experts Frank Downs, Director and Subject Matter Expert with ISACA’s Cyber Security Practice, and Doug Grindstaff, CMMI Senior Vice President of Cyber Security Solutions as they share their insights and three action steps you can take today to meet this strategic imperative:

    1. Moving cybersecurity from a task-oriented approach a strategic imperative – by tying cybersecurity to business strategy and best practices to build resiliency and board confidence.

    2. Creating a more flexible, dynamic approach and environment – that enables you to cut across department silos and align employee awareness training, legal examination of vendors and third-party contracts, and compliance with the fast-changing rules on digital privacy and data breaches.

    3. Gain the skills and capabilities to focus on what matters to your organization – from filling the cybersecurity talent gap to building risk-based capabilities that align with our firm’s strategic imperatives and give your board the knowledge to confidently guide, support and fund strategic cybersecurity operations.

    The risks are high and time is of the essence. Join us for this webinar and take your next steps toward organizational readiness and cybermaturity.

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