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Powerful yet simple Scale-Out Solutions for Big Data

EMC enables businesses to deliver IT as a service. Through innovative products and services, EMC accelerates cloud computing, helping IT departments store, manage, protect and analyze information in an agile, trusted, cost-efficient way. www.EMC.com

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Deliver Disaster recovery, Data migration and Copy Management-as-a-Service Anand Paladugu, ViPR Controller Product Manager Delivering data migration & protection capabilities as a service in a heterogeneous storage environment is one of the biggest pain points for storage and application administrators. ViPR Controller is storage automation software that enables IT to deliver high-availability, disaster recovery, local data protection, data migration and copy management as a service. Learn about how the new capabilities in ViPR Controller allow application administrators to provision, protect and migrate their applications on EMC and non EMC platforms. Simplify the end to end management of not only the storage footprint but the entire data lifecycle. Read more >
Aug 27 2015
45 mins
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