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  • An inside look at prevention and investigation of ransomware attacks
    An inside look at prevention and investigation of ransomware attacks
    Oleg Skulkin, Senior Digital Forensic Analyst, Group-IB, GCFA, MCFE, ACE Recorded: Mar 7 2019 49 mins
    Like many other threats, malware evolves over time. Modern ransomware programs make it impossible to decrypt data without the relevant decryption key, and their distributors’ intent is not merely to infect the target with malware a single time, but also to study the IT infrastructure for future targeted attacks, in most cases, espionage or data theft.

    Is ransomware an actual threat for your organization? Should such attacks be investigated? How to prevent them? These and other questions will be answered in this webcast.

    Join the webcast to learn more about:
    • Ransomware initial infection vectors and spreading over a network
    • Responding to ransomware attacks
    • Forensic analysis of infected hosts
    • Preventing ransomware attacks
  • Red Team versus Pen Test
    Red Team versus Pen Test
    Nicholas Palmer, VP of International Business, Group-IB Recorded: Nov 29 2018 42 mins
    Adversaries are probing your networks on a daily basis in order to find a way in.

    An organization that can withstand an intelligence-led, extended simulated attack will have the confidence that it is ready to prevent against the modern day adversary.

    Request our webinar recording to learn:

    - How Red Teaming is actually different from pen testing;
    - Real-world examples of Red Team engagements;
    - Cybercriminals’ primary tools, techniques, and procedures;
    - Key benefits of a Red Team exercise for your company.
  • Mobile Fraud Trends and Best Practices in Protecting Banking Apps
    Mobile Fraud Trends and Best Practices in Protecting Banking Apps
    Denis Maslennikov, Anti-fraud expert, Group-IB Recorded: Nov 8 2018 27 mins
    According to High-Tech Crime Trends 2018 research, in 2018 we saw the emergence of new malware and distribution models, as well as the disappearance of some of the Android Trojans.

    It's expected that Android banking Trojans will continue to take over the global market, pushing PC banking Trojans to the backseat.

    Request our webinar recording to learn:

    - Mobile threat trends 2018;
    - How to prevent mobile banking app fraud;
    - Group-IB Secure Bank case study: How to detect cross-channel and cross-banking attacks using mobile SDK.
  • How to Choose a Sandbox: Do's and Don'ts
    How to Choose a Sandbox: Do's and Don'ts
    Nikita Kislitsin, Head of Network Security Department, Group-IB Recorded: Aug 17 2018 81 mins
    As cybercriminals create and modify advanced attack tools, a sandbox solution has become an essential part of an organization’s security toolset.

    Sandboxes analyze suspicious objects in a secure environment to prevent infections caused by spear-phishing emails, or previously unknown malware or tools.

    When it comes to choosing a sandbox, you need one that will detect real threats in the wild, not just perform well in a lab.

    This webinar covers practical use cases on how to choose a sandbox and avoid common testing mistakes.
  • Three Steps for Building a Successful Brand Protection Strategy
    Three Steps for Building a Successful Brand Protection Strategy
    Igor Stolyarov, Head of Global Development | Brand Protection Recorded: Aug 16 2018 40 mins
    Technological approach for building digital brand protection strategy helps brand holders to minimize the potential risk to hard-earned reputation, revenues and, what is more important, customer trust.

    Fraudsters exploit new schemes and up-to-date technologies to impersonate brands and steal money from companies and their clients. In this regard we have identified three key elements that make online brand protection strategy sufficient and effective.

    From the webinar you will also learn about:

    - Fighting against counterfeiting and cyber-attacks on brands’ reputation;
    - Leveraging technology to combat online brand infringements;
    - Fraudulent schemes against foreign brands in Russia and CIS markets in 2018.

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