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Compuware Agile Application Dev. & Delivery

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  • Mainframe Development in a DevOps World: Transform Your Business
    Mainframe Development in a DevOps World: Transform Your Business
    Jim Liebert, Product Owner, Steve Kansa, Product Manger Recorded: May 1 2019 56 mins
    There are generations of talented developers whose extraordinary skill, creativity and passion can dramatically transform your business. But if you run your business on a mainframe, they might not be able to help you—unless you give them the tools they need to nail the new realities of their job.

    See how Compuware Topaz brings developers out of an onerous waterfall environment and provides a modern experience that empowers them to apply their skills to the mainframe and keep your organization competitive.

    During the webcast, we’ll show you how Topaz addresses the core responsibilities of developers today and goes one step further to offer unique DevOps features that:

    •Foster community through easier knowledge-sharing among teams
    •Streamline workflows for higher productivity throughout the DevOps lifecycle
    •Bridge the gap between skills and tools for higher quality, velocity and efficiency
  • True Mainframe Automated Unit Testing | What You Need to Make It Work
    True Mainframe Automated Unit Testing | What You Need to Make It Work
    Glenn Everitt, PM, Compuware - Steve Kansa, Principal Product Manager,Topaz - Randy Rice, Consultant, Rice Consulting Recorded: Apr 2 2019 57 mins
    Automated unit testing is key to meeting shortened development and delivery cycles without compromising quality. But ensuring parts of programs are bug-free takes more than the right tool to accelerate tedious manual unit testing. You also need to establish the right processes and testing framework. Compuware and testing expert, trainer and consultant Randy Rice to provide tips on how you can successfully incorporate the right unit testing tools and processes into your organization. Watch this webcast to learn about:
    •The importance of automated mainframe unit testing
    •Building a comprehensive testing framework
    •Implementing processes to support automation
    •Best practices for automated mainframe unit testing
    •Tools that provide true automated mainframe unit testing
    •Incorporating unit testing into your DevOps toolchain
    As experienced mainframe personnel retire, next-generation developers must have access to tools and capabilities that enable them to manage mainframe programs with the same level of confidence and quality as other languages. Topaz® for Total Test, Compuware’s automated testing tool, enables developers and testers at all skill levels to test programs and subprograms almost immediately after updating a piece of code to ensure unintended changes weren’t introduced into the codebase.
    Topaz for Total Test uses data virtualization to simplify test data management and can be easily integrated into a DevOps toolchain to automate testing within the Jenkins automated build-test-deploy process. It reduces dependency on the specialized knowledge of mainframe veterans by empowering novice developers to immediately validate mainframe code changes with the same speed and confidence as other code. Developers can make large mainframe code changes with confidence to make, knowing their codebase can be tested to maintain good quality. Your organization can empower teams to put code changes into production more quickly to better respond to changing business needs.
  • Modernize Your COBOL Testing Processes with Compuware and SonarSource
    Modernize Your COBOL Testing Processes with Compuware and SonarSource
    Olivier Gaudin, CEO, SonarSource Recorded: Mar 28 2019 58 mins
    Compuware and Sonar Source are working together to change how application quality is addressed on the mainframe. Learn how an integration between Compuware Topaz, Compuware ISPW and SonarSource gives you an accurate, unified view of unit testing code coverage and code quality metrics across all platforms. This will help you accelerate delivery, improve quality, increase maintainability and close your COBOL skills gap.

    SonarQube continuously analyzes source code for bugs, code smells and security vulnerabilities and displays the results along with other quality milestones in project dashboards for continuous code quality assessment.
    Working in conjunction with Jenkins, the SonarQube integration with Topaz for Total Test enables test pass/fail results to display within SonarQube for code quality analysis. Test metrics can be used in SonarQube Quality Gates to determine whether to proceed with a workflow or stop and fix code before continuing.

    The integration means organizations can build a mainframe CI pipeline that can be triggered automatically every time a developer promotes their code. That pipeline can automatically trigger unit tests and collect code coverage metrics that can be feed back into SonarQube to verify that the code meets the quality standards defined in the quality gate, before moving it higher into the lifecycle. It’s critical to have this type of quality gate in place so that you can manage code quality and get feedback to developers as soon as possible.

    During this webcast, you will learn how:

    •COBOL unit testing can be automated
    •COBOL code coverage shows what percentage of an application has been tested
    •Continuous Integration shortens feedback loops to speed time-to-benefit
    •Code quality can be managed consistently across platforms
  • Customer-proven Source Code Management Migration Process to Compuware ISPW
    Customer-proven Source Code Management Migration Process to Compuware ISPW
    Francois Dansereau, Director of Migration Services Team Recorded: Mar 26 2019 39 mins
    Have you been reluctant to change your Source Code Management (SCM) system because it’s too risky? For Compuware ISPW customers, our migration process helped them switch and they found the grass to be greener on the other side. In this webcast, you’ll hear their stories. We know migrating away from an entrenched mainframe SCM system is daunting. Our customers have massive amounts of code in their SCM systems and numerous active development projects that cannot be disrupted. They also lack both in-house expertise in SCM migration and headcount to spare for large migration projects.

    Leveraging 24+ years of experience, our team of experts in SCM migration, with their proven methodology and state of-the-art migration tools, seamlessly migrate customers to ISPW.The Compuware ISPW SCM Migration Service is a customized solution for organizations migrating from CA Endevor, CA Panvalet, CA Librarian, Micro Focus/Serena ChangeMan, IBM RTC as well as homegrown systems to ISPW SCM. This service is designed to quickly and economically take you through all the steps of your migration—from project planning, data migration and integration to testing and knowledge transfer. Our methodology and infrastructure provide a single, lighter, more robust and agile SCM environment.

    This proven SCM migration practice: Accurately finds and documents codebase characteristics including histories and inter-application dependencies, so they can be fully preserved in the new environment

    •Manages migration in targeted, rightsized stages to accelerate time-to-benefit and limit exposure to risk
    •Rigorously tests code artifacts in the customer’s new SCM environment and brings them to a near-live state in parallel to the old environment to ensure zero disruption of development work
    •Improves code structure and reduces code complexity due to reorganizing the code base during the migration
    •Involves an end-to-end methodology addressing all critical dimensions of the migration project

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