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  • Cloud Native for Telco: What it is, and why you need it
    Cloud Native for Telco: What it is, and why you need it
    Glenn Seiler Recorded: May 16 2019 57 mins
    A cloud-native strategy allows service providers to accelerate both the development and deployment of new services by enabling practices such as DevOps and continuous deployment and integration (CD/CI,) while the ability to rapidly scale up or scale down those services allows for resource utilization to be optimized in real-time, in response to traffic spikes and one-time events.

    In this on-demand web seminar originally aired on SDxCentral, Glenn Seiler (VP of Software Defined Networks) covers some of the benefits and challenges for deploying a cloud native strategy at the telco edge. He discusses the latest options for deploying containers without a “rip and replace” of a VM based environment. Lastly, Glenn talks about how you can get started with containers at the edge using open source software from the StarlingX project.

    In this session we’ll explore some of the key drivers moving the industry toward cloudification. In particular we’ll discuss:
    •Some of the benefits of adopting a cloud native strategy
    •The unique challenges to implementing containers in edge and far edge environments
    •How to leverage open source as a time to market advantage
    •Why, and how, to implement a hybrid strategy (containers, VMs, and legacy infrastructure)

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