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  • TB Saracen UK Income Fund: Value in a Changing World
    TB Saracen UK Income Fund: Value in a Changing World
    Scott McKenzie Recorded: May 28 2019 35 mins
    For decades the UK Equity Income sector has been the foundation of many UK investor portfolios and has hosted a number of our most celebrated fund managers.
    However, the traditional approach to generating income from a UK equity portfolio has increasingly come under threat with a number of the large income-generating sectors becoming ex-growth.
    Too often UK income investors find themselves reliant on a small number of high yielding businesses whose best days are behind them and where dividend payments look fragile.
    All of this has come at a time when investors have prized growth over value and are shunning UK equities in the light of the chaos that is Brexit.

    When we launched the TB Saracen UK Income fund in April 2015 we were determined to take a different approach in the light of such challenges.
    We believe that valuation still matters and that equity income funds should provide investors with a high and growing income.

    In this webcast we shall introduce the TB Saracen UK Income fund to a wider audience and outline why we feel the Fund is well positioned to meet the needs of income investors.

    Some of the key themes we will address include:
    - The outlook for UK dividend growth
    - Why value strategies are still relevant in a changing world
    - The importance of a focussed, ‘multicap’ approach

    Presented by :
    Scott McKenzie, Fund Manager , TB Saracen UK Income Fund
    Ellie Sluys , Communications Manager, Saracen Fund Managers

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