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The IT Specialist Network is a global community of 350,000+ IT professionals dedicated to the field of information technology. As Certified IT Specialists, its members evaluate or review IT products and services from all sectors of the industry. It also advises IT buyers or decision makers via its online IT Specialist Advisory Services.

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Big Data Virtualization with SAS Federation Server Matthew Magne, Product Marketing Manager, Data Management, SAS and Johnny Starling, Senior Technical Architect, SAS Here’s the good news. While the number of data sources organizations face is rapidly increasing, the cost to store data has never been cheaper. This trend – as well as big data technologies like Hadoop – has led to more valuable insights for organizations.

But it’s also led to IT departments overburdened with requests from the business users they support. So where do we go from here?

View this webinar that discusses data federation, a type of data virtualization that:

• Provides a centralized governance and security layer.
• Speeds the creation of virtual data views.
• Makes it easier for business users to access the data they need.

We’ll also demonstrate technologies like big data virtualization, federated data-as-a-service and data masking.
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Apr 15 2015
24 mins
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