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OpenStack Infrastructure: How the SDDC Delivers Agile Business Transformation From Agile Methodologies through test-driven development and continuous integration, and powered by the game-changing cultural shift of DevOps, IT organizations everywhere have been dramatically accelerating their delivery of business value. The final step in this race is continuous delivery—from requirements to running systems along a roadway of software— at the breakneck speed of innovation.

Joshua McKenty, one of the fathers of OpenStack and a member of both the OpenStack and Cloud Foundry governance boards, will provide an insider's take on the challenges, successes, failures and controversies of this decade's most profound revolution. Expect to come away with an understanding of:

- Where IaaS and PaaS really fit in the software-defined data center
- How the silos come down
- The changes required for security, disaster recovery and SLA management to survive in this brave new world
- The role of open source frameworks in the modern world
- Real-world case studies: Who's winning at continuous deployment, and how are they doing it?
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Apr 16 2014
59 mins

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