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The IT Specialist Network is a global community of 400,000+ IT professionals dedicated to the field of information technology. As Certified IT Specialists, its members evaluate or review IT products and services from all sectors of the industry. It also advises IT buyers or decision makers via its online IT Specialist Advisory Services.

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Meet the New Analytics Experience Bernard Blais, Senior Manager, SAS Global Technology Practice, SAS A new analytics culture driven by millennials is emerging. It’s built on a foundation of widespread access to lots of data, an innovative, experimental and unconventional spirit, and the availability of powerful new techniques and scalable computing power.

This unprecedented convergence of data, spirit and the means to process it is creating the “new analytics experience” right this minute. In this session, we’ll discuss how this unique combination of discovery, deployment and data management – three capabilities SAS has mastered – will affect and challenge your established decision-making activities and change business users’ perceptions of analytics and business intelligence.
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Jun 26 2015
28 mins
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