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  • Your encrypted data is only as secure as your encryption keys. A strong encryption key management strategy is essential for a comprehensive security policy, as well as meeting compliance requirements. Attendees of this presentation will learn:

    - Principles and best practices for encryption key management including key management, key storage, secure key retrieval, key escrow, key mirroring, industry standards, compliance guidelines, and system audit
    - Why certifications are important for meeting compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA/HITECH
    - How key management systems work and how to evaluate vendor solutions.

    This is a non-technical session but will be of value to developers and implementers. Attendees will learn the core principles of effective and secure encryption key management. These principles can be used in developing in-house key management solutions or in evaluating vendor solutions.

    What you'll learn:

    - What is encryption key management and why is it important?
    - Principles of industry-standard key management
    - Industry must-haves for effective key management
    - Challenges of home grown key management solutions
    - Important certifications for meeting compliance and evaluation vendors
  • BYOD has exploded in recent years. You want to give your employees choices, while also ensuring your data is secure. Windows 10 simplifies your life by giving you one OS with enterprise-grade security that runs on every device. With best-in-class security, easier deployment, and an app store for business, Windows 10 gives you the robust security and flexibility you need do great things for your business and your employees. Deployment costs won’t be a factor with tools engineered for compatibility. Now you can manage all your upgrades in-place, making it simple and seamless to manage and deploy.

    In this webcast, viewers will learn more about:
    •How Windows 10 helps you reduce the cost and complexity historically associated with managing and deploying Windows devices
    •Windows as a Service and a stream of continuous innovation that keeps you up-to-date and secured, while deploying on a cadence that works for you
    •Additional resources for moving to Windows 10 today
  • In this interactive webinar we will discuss the storage challenges that VMware creates for IT professionals and how flash-based storage systems can not only help solve storage performance challenges, they can also simplify storage management and increase storage efficiency. We will also speak to Fritz Gielow, IT Administrator with the County of Nevada to discuss how flash has solved their VMware storage problems.
  • Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) has piqued the interest of many people in the storage world. Using a robust, efficient, and highly flexible transportation protocol for SSDs, Flash, and future Non-Volatile Memory storage devices, the NVM Express group is working on extending these advantages over a networked Fabric.
    This live Webcast will explain not only what NVMe over Fabrics is, but also specifically pay attention to how it works. We’ll be exploring:
    •Key terms and concepts
    •Differences between NVMe-based fabrics and SCSI-based fabrics
    •Practical examples of NVMe over Fabrics solutions
    •Important future considerations

    Come join us as we discuss the next iteration of NVMe.
  • The bottleneck in flash storage is often the interface. SAS/SATA interfaces were designed specifically for hard disk drives not for flash media. For example, flash storage can support many more simultaneous I/O operations. The resolution to the problem is to use a different interface, one that is higher throughput and is more directly accessible from the CPU. Leveraging one of these interfaces and extracting optimal performance from the flash media means leaving the confines of the SCSI protocol with customized proprietary drivers. The result is complexity and slow innovation.

    Join Storage Switzerland and OCZ, a Toshiba Group Company, for a live webinar “How NVMe Will Change Flash Storage”. In this webinar we will answer these questions:

    - What is NVMe?
    - Why is NVMe Flash superior to SAS/SATA SSDs?
    - Is NVMe Flash superior to proprietary PCIe flash drives?
    - How to get started with NVMe?
  • On average, the 58 United States companies participating in the 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime study lost $15 million due to cyber crime, an increase of 19 percent from $12.7 million in last year's study. And other countries are close behind. These are results from the recently completed Ponemon Institute 2015 Cost of Cyber Crime study. You know the risks, but you need the data to plan your defenses and demonstrate the cost of inaction.

    For a fuller look at these and other findings from the institute’s study, join Dr. Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute, to learn:

    -What cyber crimes are most common and most costly
    -The hidden internal and external costs you incur
    -What security defenses are most effective in reducing losses
    -How businesses with a strong security posture drive down costs
  • While virtualizing infrastructure is a method to help manage sprawl, it is not a solution by itself. Learn how and why a truly heterogeneous, software-defined storage approach is the key to reducing complexity, maximizing efficiency and lowering costs. It’s time for IT staff to stop reacting and gain back the freedom and flexibility to drive business.
  • User provisioning is one of those tasks that many administrators detest. Not only does it take a significant amount of time to setup a new user, but it also takes time to assign all the permissions a user needs, especially when multiple applications need to be configured as well. Once that’s all setup, then you have to email out confirmations, deal with exceptions, and hope that you’ve crossed every t and dotted all of your i’s.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    *How to avoid the common pitfalls of user provisioning.
    *How to optimize your user provisioning process.
    *How to work with error and exception handling.
    *How to automate common tasks and reduce number of emails sent.
  • How do YOU choose the ideal data storage solution for your virtual server environment? Do you need Flash/SSD?

    This webinar focuses on common questions that data storage buyers ask when they are looking to purchase storage to handle their virtualized server environment and solutions that can increase their productivity while saving on costs.
  • The "Practical Guide to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)" was written by the CSCC to provide a practical reference to help enterprise IT and business decision makers use the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud service category to solve business challenges. This webcast will share best practices for PaaS architecture, development processes, integration, deployment and operations.

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