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  • Digital Marketing: Now, New, Next
    Digital Marketing: Now, New, Next
    Leigh George, PhD Recorded: Apr 6 2011 36 mins
    What are the tools you can't ignore now? What tools should you not worry about? What developments in digital marketing are on the horizon that you need to be mindful of? What's the next big thing that could be a game changer?

    From websites to eMarketing, social networks to geo-location-based networks and mobile marketing, Leigh George, PhD, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at R2i will show you:

    - Which online marketing initiatives are the best investment for your company
    - A strategic comparison the value of SEO vs. search marketing campaigns
    - The untapped potential in online communities

    Leigh George, Senior Digital Marketing Strategist at R2integrated, helps clients develop, implement and track strategic plans for brand awareness, customer and member acquisition, relationship management, online engagement and community management using a combination of tactics.

    Leigh has a Ph.D. in branding history and theory from Binghamton University - one of only a handful of people in the country with that distinction. She is a regular speaker on digital marketing and social media topics, and her insights have been published online and in print.
  • Unlocking Geo-Locating
    Unlocking Geo-Locating
    Lynn Morton Recorded: Oct 20 2010 48 mins
    Unless you live in cave in the middle of nowhere, then you’ve probably heard of Foursquare, the geo-location social gaming platform. Millions of people around the world have signed up for services like FourSquare and Gowalla to keep track of their friends' whereabouts or search for nearby merchants and deals using their mobile phones, while customers are cashing in on deals through Groupon and LivingSocial.
    Why are these services so popular? What do these services have in common and how are they different? Why should you care?
    Through a free, comprehensive webinar, R2integrated will discuss:
    •The basics behind geo-location
    •The do’s and don’ts of geo-location
    •How brands are leveraging these tools and pitfalls some have stepped in
  • Generating Leads with Webinars
    Generating Leads with Webinars
    Megan Bozman, Marketing Director, R2integrated Recorded: Sep 30 2010 36 mins
    Achieving marketing goals with this low-cost vehicle

    Webinars are an excellent component of a content marketing strategy. This low cost platform can be used to establish thought-leadership, drive website traffic, and generate leads. The trick is… connecting the dots between content, technology, and promotion.

    R2i will share the benefit of our experience and walk you through using this tool to achieve your marketing goals. We’ll also provide tips and checklists to manage the many components of a successful webinar campaign.

    Key Takeaways:
    • Identifying webinar topics and speakers that draw crowds
    • Selecting the right webinar platform to suit your marketing needs
    • Promotional tips to drive attendance
  • How to Run Diagnostics on Your Website without Being a Geek
    How to Run Diagnostics on Your Website without Being a Geek
    Lori Ulloa, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist, R2integrated Recorded: Jul 14 2010 37 mins
    Your site looks great, but did you know that what’s going on behind the scenes is crucial to search engine optimization? In addition to numerous elements such as in-links, Google and other search engines recently began factoring Web page speed into their search result algorithm.
    But how can you begin to diagnose issues and find areas for improvement as a non-technical person?

    Through this comprehensive webcast, R2i will teach you how to identify website challenges, how to test them, and how to convey technical requirements and changes to your development team in order to improve your organizations’ site.

    R2i will share tools that will assist you in assessing challenges and compiling a list of issues for your web development team so you can increase the speed, performance, and searchability of your site.

    Learn how to:
    • Identity website challenges without being a programmer or developer
    • Compile a list of issues for your development team
    • Monitor progress
  • The Mobile Development On-Ramp: Getting up to speed
    The Mobile Development On-Ramp: Getting up to speed
    Cuong Dang, Social Media Technology Manager, R2integrated Recorded: Jun 16 2010 36 mins
    Getting up to speed on the forces shaping mobile development decisions

    In this webinar R2i will present a look at the current state of the mobile market by analyzing the factors that are driving development decisions. Developers as well as technical decision makers will learn key functional facts on leading mobile platforms to help guide their decision-making process. This session includes a comparison of WAP vs. native platform solutions, including areas to consider upon initial deployment as well as post launch.
    This webinar will provide:
    • Help optimizing ROI by selecting the right mobile platform for development
    • Key figures on device adoption in the US and trends for leading mobile OS
    • Technical considerations when developing native apps vs. web apps
  • Getting the Most from your Digital Agency
    Getting the Most from your Digital Agency
    Eric Jones, Director of Digital Marketing, R2i, Jennifer Schleman, Director, Public Outreach & Online Communications, IFIC Recorded: Jun 10 2010 42 mins
    Getting the Most from your Digital Agency
    A Guide to Maximizing your Investment

    Rather than presenting a lengthy self promotion, in this webinar R2i, along with co-presenter IFIC, will provide insights and tactics to help you manage your digital marketing agency for maximum return. Whether you’ve already engaged an agency or are considering one in your future, this webinar will provide practical information including:
    • The specific type of assistance to seek throughout the course of your engagement
    • What information you should bring to the table at the onset of your relationship
    • How to make sure your agency is “working themselves out of a job” (seriously)
  • Creating Order from Chaos in Communities: Curating User Content
    Creating Order from Chaos in Communities: Curating User Content
    Matt Goddard, CEO, R2integrated, Brian Reed, CMO, BoxTone Recorded: May 20 2010 43 mins
    Organizations have realized the powerful influence that results from creating engaging social spaces for their constituents that might be standalone or reach across multiple outlets. However creation of such spaces represents a major marketing and IT application project with unique challenges and pitfalls that must be addressed:

    • Making content navigable by establishing effective hierarchy and search
    • Establishing rules of participation for an orderly exchange of information
    • Managing contributors through moderation schemes and credential requirements
    • Ensuring relevance by rating content on timeliness, level of activity, and member feedback

    Join us for this Webinar as R2i and BoxTone present best practices along with a case study of the success of the BoxTone Lounge.
  • The Mobile App Conundrum: To Build or Not to Build
    The Mobile App Conundrum: To Build or Not to Build
    Matt Goddard, CEO, R2integrated Recorded: Mar 18 2010 45 mins
    A recent R2i survey revealed that mobile marketing is an important component of 2010 marketing strategies, and that mobile app development is one of the most critical components of mobile marketing campaigns. Mobile applications constitute a channel for brand-consumer interaction that cannot be ignored. Brands must seize every available opportunity to invest in and enter the mobile app marketplace – or must they?

    In this webinar, R2i CEO, Matt Goddard, will show you:
    • Data on mobile marketing and application trends for 2010
    • What types of mobile apps exist and which may be right for your brand
    • How to determine the likely success of your proposed mobile app
    • Whether or not the development of a mobile app is worth the investment
  • Social Media for Profit: Creating content that people will share
    Social Media for Profit: Creating content that people will share
    Ken Chow, VP Marketing, R2integrated Recorded: Mar 4 2010 35 mins
    Social media represents a powerful opportunity for marketers to multiply their messages amongst self-expanding pools of prospects. But specific sharing behavior can be difficult to generate and sustain.

    Next in our “Social Media for Profit” webinar series, we’ll discuss how to generate the right type of content, deliver it to the right people, and combine it with the right sharing mechanisms.

    * Intersecting customers’ buying behavior at the right place and time
    * Creating valuable content that encourages word-of-mouth and sharing
    * Implementing technology that facilitates the sharing process
    * Developing pathways into other existing outside communities

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