Recruiting, Selecting and Training in Web 2.0

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Recruit, screen, select, train and coach high performing self managers

Monthly webinars that focus on the use of psychometric assessment tools for recruiting and coaching and unique "self-management" training. Learn about the latest, state-of-the-art techniques used by world leading companies to attract, screen, select, and ultimately develop high performing self managed people. Get your recruitment and selection system on-line. Learn to identify training needs and coach for self management. Learn how to get employees to take responsibility for their own performance while holding themselves accountable for results. Learn how to get your coaches to coach. A unique , proven approach to developing high performance organizational cultures.

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Training & Coaching, Installing a Self Management System Bob McHardy, Managing Partner & Jason Kipps, VP of Marketing Training and Coaching, How to install a self-management system to increase accountability and responsibility in your organization. How to get employees to do what they are being paid to do and get managers to be more effective coaches. How to coach high performers and how to coach under performers. How to get commitment. Read more >
Apr 13 2010
28 mins
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