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Panel: Securing Documents and Data In A Mobile World Once upon a time, a knowledge worker accessed proprietary
documents on a company-owned desktop computer within the corporate
firewall. Today's work environment is dramatically different - sensitive
data and proprietary documents are increasingly produced and accessed
outside the firewall, on employee-owned devices. Virtual collaboration is
growing, and the cloud is redefining security paradigms even further. Yet,
some things remain the same. Intellectual property must be protected,
regulations must be complied with, and individual identities,
authentication and privileges must be dynamically managed. This panel will
look at how changing use cases and scenarios are changing the threat
landscape for corporate IP, and how leading vendors are rising to the
occasion to help enterprises meet these challenges. It will also discuss
best practices in developing and executing a forward-looking IP protection
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Apr 22 2014 3:00 pm
60 mins

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