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Information Security

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  • LIVE Interactive Q&A: Steve Durbin on the Yahoo Data Breach LIVE Interactive Q&A: Steve Durbin on the Yahoo Data Breach Steve Durbin, Managing Director, ISF Ltd Recorded: Sep 30 2016 49 mins
    Last week Yahoo was hit with the biggest data breach of all time; with an estimated 500 million customer accounts compromised by hackers. The attack will have significant rippling effects on consumer trust, data protection standards and information security practices. The legal battle is now also only just beginning, with two key cases being heard in California, as Yahoo is sued for data-protection negligence.

    But what will does all this mean to your business? Do you feel compromised professionally or personally? Were key mistakes made that you can avoid? How can you best prepare (in terms of incident response) to such a breach? Will the attack have lasting effects or will it disappear into the annuls of history alongside the Ashley Maddison, Target and Linkedin hacks. All these questions and more will be answered live, over webcam by Security expert and Managing Director of the ISF Steve Durbin.

    Tune in, ask your burning questions and join the conversation on BrightTALK.
  • How Can the Concept of Secure Content Management Help You Align Information Gove How Can the Concept of Secure Content Management Help You Align Information Gove Rich Lauwers, HPE Recorded: Sep 29 2016 41 mins
    Join this interactive webinar to see how you can leverage the concept of secure content management to support privacy and information security transparently within your information governance program. You will also learn how the need for security, business continuity and data protection be balanced with collaboration and productivity expectations to successfully deliver the desired business outcomes for your stakeholders and customers. There will be opportunity throughout the session to share your thoughts, experiences and answer any questions.
  • What You Need To Know about the Yahoo! Breach: Steps To Take Today What You Need To Know about the Yahoo! Breach: Steps To Take Today John Bambenek, Manager, Threat Systems at Fidelis Cybersecurity Recorded: Sep 28 2016 27 mins
    With the news Yahoo! was breached in 2014 and 500 million user accounts were potentially compromised, this breach became the biggest in history to date. However, the damage extends far beyond Yahoo! properties where the digital identities of users could be compromised on other sites, business documents leaked and other harm could come for users who don’t take immediate steps.

    This talk will cover not only the breach, but the aftermath in what users and enterprises should do to protect themselves over breaches affecting other companies.
  • Are you ready for the notification requirements of upcoming EU Legislation? Are you ready for the notification requirements of upcoming EU Legislation? Danielle Kriz, Sr Director, Global Policy at Palo Alto Networks and Emily Tabatabai, Privacy Counsel at Orrick Recorded: Sep 23 2016 49 mins
    Doing business in the European Union is changing. By May 2018, companies must comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation’s (GDPR) data breach notification requirements and the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive’s security incident notification requirements.

    Notification requirements make it imperative to prevent incidents before they happen. To help you prepare for these new requirements, Palo Alto Networks is hosting a webinar with cybersecurity and data privacy lawyers from Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe to discuss:

    · What are the requirements and the deadlines under each law?
    · What are the thresholds for notification, and who needs to be notified?
    · How should companies prepare for their oncoming obligations? What strategies should be in place? What have other international companies done to prepare and communicate?
    · What might be the legal consequences of non-compliance?
  • HPE ART - Protect your Business now HPE ART - Protect your Business now Pedro Miguel Jeronimo Mendes, Datasmart Recorded: Sep 22 2016 48 mins
    In this session, you will gain understanding on how data is growing faster and is shared every day across the business world. It looks that company’s today won’t survive without their Data, and it’s not only a matter of lose everything, could be a matter of unavailability and you are out of Business. This session will cover how to protect your data and secure it for sharing
  • State-of-the-Art Security Framework for Breach Prevention Response Strategy State-of-the-Art Security Framework for Breach Prevention Response Strategy Gregory Albertyn, Sr Director Cybersecurity & Privacy at PwC, Simon Mullis, Global Technical Lead GSIs at Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Sep 22 2016 49 mins
    Traditional approaches of detecting and remediating threats are becoming increasingly inadequate to effectively manage risk in today’s increasingly regulated, cyber threat landscape.

    Join a live webinar and Q&A to learn how PwC and Palo Alto Networks have formed a strategic partnership to help more customers achieve cyber resilience.

    The webinar will introduce

    •The emerging regulatory landscape that is driving the need for organizations to redesign their incident response and data compliance programs
    •A state-of-the-art security framework that serves as a guide for organizations to assess, develop, and implement a breach prevention security posture.
    •Recommended security architectures, organizational structures, and computing processes that enable breach prevention.
    •Live Q&A with cybersecurity experts from PwC and Palo Alto Networks, for practical insights and real world experiences.
  • Are you secure against threats with cyberinsurance? Are you secure against threats with cyberinsurance? Fred Streefland, Leaseweb Global and Dharminder Debisarun, Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Sep 22 2016 15 mins
    The cynical would suggest that cyber insurance is growing as some look for a cheaper route to manage risk. However many see the cyber insurance industry as potentially the new enforcer of good security practices.

    Palo Alto Networks customer Leaseweb is an organization that recently purchased cyber insurance. We invite you to join us on Thursday September 22 for an interview with Fred Streefland, IT Security Manager at Leaseweb Global. Palo Alto Network’s Dharminder Debisarun interviews him to learn more their decision to purchase cyberinsurance. You will hear what is generally covered and how it can be part of a prevention strategy. There will also be a chance to answer questions at the end of the session.
  • Threat Prevention on Your Terms Threat Prevention on Your Terms Joerg Sieber, Director, Product Marketing, Palo Alto Networks Recorded: Sep 22 2016 38 mins
    A cloud-based community-driven approach for advanced threat detection and prevention is paramount to successfully combatting attackers. The scale, speed of enhancements, community leverage, and automated prevention that WildFire provides is unparalleled. At the same time, some organizations are concerned about data privacy and protection when dealing with cloud-based threat analysis.

    Palo Alto Networks is proud to introduce the WildFire EU cloud. Customers now have the option to submit unknown files and e-links to the WildFire EU cloud for analysis, where data is fully analyzed without ever leaving European borders. This is of particular interest to companies within the European Union and international organizations looking for localized clouds combined with the power of global cloud threat analytics.

    At this valuable and information webinar we will explore how WildFire EU cloud helps you:

    1. Address data privacy needs – Data analyzed by WildFire EU cloud remains within the boundaries of the EU. This alleviates data transfer concerns shared by some of our customers and addresses the needs of many international organizations.

    2. Leverage global threat intelligence – WildFire EU cloud leverages access to the largest threat analysis tool in the World used by more than 10,000 customers as part of the Palo Alto Networks next generation security platform, providing complete prevention capabilities.

    3. Take advantage of groundbreaking Threat Analytics and Correlation – Security teams can accelerate threat hunting, analytics and response efforts with globally correlated intelligence from the entire WildFire community, made directly accessible through the AutoFocus service.
  • 5 Steps to Building Your Data Governance Plan 5 Steps to Building Your Data Governance Plan Chris Slovak & Maltie Maraj, Tealium Recorded: Sep 21 2016 45 mins
    Three-quarters of Americans believe that control over their personal data is very important, but only 9% believe they have this control. Up until now, data governance and protection have been a low priority for brands, but the long-term impact of a data breach can lead to a loss of consumer confidence – not to mention massive financial implications. How do you balance the opportunity to provide the best customer experience with the increasing responsibilities in data privacy and security?

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss five industry best practices for building an effective data governance plan. From the vendors you choose to work with, to the policies and practices in place today, learn how to make sense of the current legal landscape and how Tealium’s solutions allow you to provide these safeguards to your customers.
  • Data-Centric Security: Staying Ahead of the Threat Curve Data-Centric Security: Staying Ahead of the Threat Curve Dr Branden Williams; Robert Shields, Informatica; Steve Durbin, VP of the ISF; Farshad Ghazi, HPE Security - Data Security Recorded: Sep 21 2016 60 mins
    Over recent years, several organizations have suffered damaging data breaches where sensitive data was stolen.Alarmingly, things seem to be getting worse, and the results can be devastating. With the expanding threat landscape and the rise of the data-centric enterprise, companies must have parallel development of their security architecture to protect their sensitive data. But in the time it’s taken for data security to catch up with the changing environment, organizations have found their compliance and data protection programs vulnerable.

    CISOs must take steps to protect data that is expanding in volume, variety and velocity, and adopt security perimeters around identity attributes and data-centric security. Sensitive data must be continuously monitored for situational awareness and risk management, and CISOs should follow policies that encompass all data silos if they are to avoid security chaos. Enterprises must have an understanding of where sensitive data resides, who has access to it, and how it is impacted by new types of threats and vulnerabilities. Armed with these capabilities, CISOs can enhance sensitive data security to stay ahead of the threats, maintain regulatory compliance, and improve operational efficiency.

    Attend this panel discussion as we discuss the key issues which CISOs should be addressing today.

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