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  • Content that Sticks: What We've Learned in the Past 15 Years
    Content that Sticks: What We've Learned in the Past 15 Years Scott Abel, President, The Content Wrangler; David Pitta, BrightTALK; Val-Pierre Genton, BrightTALK Recorded: Jul 10 2018 33 mins
    A lot has changed since webinars first became available over a decade ago. Scott Abel, the mastermind behind The Content Wrangler, has been at the forefront of using webinars for marketing success.

    During this talk, we will explore how webinars went from new technology in the early 2000s to the marketing must-have that they are today. Scott Abel will sit down with BrightTALK’s very own David Pitta, Chief Marketing Officer and Val-Pierre Genton, VP Product Marketing, to discuss trends, best practices and predictions for the future.
  • Building a Vibrant Network of Female Leaders
    Building a Vibrant Network of Female Leaders Megan Bozzuto,International Association of Women; Kelly Harris, BrightTALK Recorded: Jul 10 2018 31 mins
    Join us for this inspiring Q&A with Megan Bozzuto, Sr. Marketing Business Partner at the International Association of Women (IAW). IAW is a global in-person and online professional networking platform that provides nearly one million women with the forum, education, and services to thrive in an interconnected world.

    During this talk, Megan will highlight how webinars have become an integral component of IAW’s marketing efforts, as well as techniques and best practices for success. The last 15 minutes will be reserved for audience questions, so be sure to tune in live!
  • Experimental and Experiential: Pivotal's Content Marketing Secrets
    Experimental and Experiential: Pivotal's Content Marketing Secrets Pieter Humphrey, Rita Manachi, David Pitta Recorded: Jul 10 2018 31 mins
    B2B tech content marketing is hard, but when you have the right key strategic elements, a good team, and an iterative, experimental approach it can not only be impactful but fun.

    Join Rita Manachi and Pieter Humphrey to learn about how Pivotal's B2B content marketing evolved from humble beginnings to a core strategy and channel used by product marketing, our customers, users, partners, analysts - even our own consultants!
  • Driving Acquisition and Engagement in Financial Services
    Driving Acquisition and Engagement in Financial Services Ludivine Evra, Natasha Power, Stuart West Recorded: Jul 10 2018 31 mins
    Over the past couple of years, marketing in financial services has evolved greatly. There’s been a transition from text-heavy, long form content to engaging rich media that reaches potential and current customers at various stages of the sales journey.

    During this panel, we will hear from marketers at both Lombard Odier and Schroders Investment Management for an inside look at their marketing efforts. We will discuss:

    • Defining your goal and audience in financial services
    • How webinar engagement maps to the customer journey
    • Achieving success commercially through sales alignment
  • Introducing the 2018 BrightTALK Awards
    Introducing the 2018 BrightTALK Awards David Pitta, CMO, BrightTALK Recorded: Jul 10 2018 16 mins
    BrightTALK now has over 7+ million professionals who join 75,000 free talks and 1,000+ online summits to discover new ideas, technologies, and insights.

    For the first time, BrightTALK studied this data across over 1,000 businesses so we can honor marketers that have demonstrated excellence on BrightTALK. With ten total categories, including Most Prolific Channel, Highest Rated Talk, and Most Successful SMB, the BrightTALK Awards highlight success across BrightTALK's most popular communities: IT, Financial Services, and Line of Business.

    Join this session to learn more about the data we analyzed, key metrics for Channel and webinar success, and top performers from 2018.
  • How to Be Relevant in a World that Won't Stop Talking
    How to Be Relevant in a World that Won't Stop Talking Dawn Brock, NETSCOUT; Tim Garon, (ISC)²; Yuliya Shlychkova, Kapersky Lab; Val-Pierre Genton, BrightTALK Recorded: Jul 10 2018 34 mins
    Content marketing educates, engages and inspires. But how do you know what your audience wants to consume? With adults spending an average of 10 hours a day on screens, competition for your audiences’ attention is fiercer than ever.

    In this session, we will explore strategies for how marketers can keep their message relevant and enticing through webinar content. The marketing experts from NETSCOUT, (ISC)², Kaspersky Lab will highlight how a tactical rich media approach has helped them reach their demand and engagement goals.
  • How AI is transforming retail customer acquisition strategies
    How AI is transforming retail customer acquisition strategies Rob Roy, Chief Digital Officer, Sprint Recorded: Jun 28 2018 61 mins
    AI is rapidly reshaping how retailers reach and engage customers across channels and in real time. And because your success in retail is so deeply interconnected with customer experience, from browsing to decision, purchase to post-purchase pleasure, AI is increasingly going from nice-to-have to necessity for higher sales and bigger bottom lines.

    With billions of customer behavior data points, transactional histories in the trillions of dollars, and pinpoint segmenting, AI turns hazy ROI best-guess calculations into data-driven predictions. It helps you uncover new customers, and adds science to the art of targeting your audience.

    Learn more about how retail organizations can use AI to find and evaluate customers, seize tailored opportunities along your customer’s journey, offer hyper-personalized recommendations and more, when you join this VB Live event!

    Register now for free!

    Attend this webinar and learn:
    * How AI helps retailers curate content, offers, and experiences to revolutionize customer acquisition and engagement.
    * How companies can leverage AI to uncover new markets
    * The role of AI in data-powered email marketing (e.g. empowered segmentation), voice and visual search
    * The future of AI in retail: What's next?

    * Rob Roy, Chief Digital Officer, Sprint
    * Eugene Feygin, SEO Manager, SearsPartsDirect.com
    * Jaimy Szymanski, Industry Analyst & Founding Partner, Kaleido Insights
    * Rachael Brownell, Moderator, VentureBeat

    Sponsored by Drift
  • Selling Your Special Sauce
    Selling Your Special Sauce Scarlet Batchelor | Founder and CEO Recorded: Jun 12 2018 49 mins
    We all have strengths and qualities that make us unique. But in the hustle and bustle of life, and deliverables, and obligations, it’s easy to let our focus on that “special sauce” fall by the wayside.

    In this seminar we’ll isolate ways to identify what you uniquely bring to the table, Scarlet will share some personal stories that have been turning points in making her own career more authentic and therefore successful, and we’ll talk through techniques to stay mindful of these strengths when things get busy. By honoring what makes each of us so great it is possible to drive more career satisfaction, success and… have some fun along the way!
  • ABM and the Three R’s: Measuring What Matters Most
    ABM and the Three R’s: Measuring What Matters Most Rob Leavitt, Senior Vice President, ITSMA Recorded: Jun 7 2018 62 mins
    The rise of ABM has inspired an important rethink of how best to measure marketing impact. Rather than focus on activities, outputs, and marketing-qualified leads, ABM-ers are shifting to account-based revenue metrics, such as pipeline contribution, funnel velocity, win rates, and deal size. But not all revenue is created equal.

    Driving growth with new types of solutions, marquee accounts, and top priority markets can be especially significant to achieve strategic corporate objectives. To move ABM from revenue contributor to strategic growth driver, ABM-ers need to focus on all three R’s of strategic marketing: Reputation, Relationships, and Revenue.

    Join ITSMA SVP Rob Leavitt to explore how the most effective ABM programs are bringing the 3 R’s down to the account level and using them to drive long-term corporate innovation, growth, and success.
  • Deliver Your Message with Pinpoint Accuracy
    Deliver Your Message with Pinpoint Accuracy Ted McNulty, VP Sales, AdDaptive Recorded: Jun 6 2018 29 mins
    This Webinar will focus on leveraging the latest technology to effectively and efficiently reach niche B2B audiences at scale.

    By combining cutting-edge Digital Media technology with accurate offline data, participants will learn how to deliver their message to B2B decision makers with pinpoint accuracy to drive leads and increase revenue.

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