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  • Generating Sustainable Revenue is key to long term success
    Generating Sustainable Revenue is key to long term success
    Elliot Zissman, Director, Phase 2. Recorded: Jul 11 2019 33 mins
    Join this 30 minute webinar and learn how scaling a business needs an ongoing stream of consistent sales opportunities. Attendees will hear how to achieve this, along with the processes, people and technologies that are required, along with the common mistakes made when implementing.

    This session will also address:

    ● What is sustainable revenue all about?

    ● How do outbound “cold” efforts sit alongside inbound marketing - what are the differences and benefits of each?

    ● The ideal sales team: as you grow, who do you need and when?

    ● Start with data and end with data, and repeat

    ● Using technology: CRMs, automation, LinkedIn: which tools are best?

    ● Cold calling 2.0: there’s still a place for the phone

    ● Carouselling for success: never give up

    About the presenter:
    Elliot Zissman brings 20 years of success of taking technology companies from a low base to a strong number. For the last decade, his focus has been working directly with international companies, to launch into Europe, and with founders of businesses, to commercialise their sales operations and take them to the next level. Prior to this, he was a consultant for global enterprises advising on how the internet would disrupt their business.

    He started his career at HSBC and holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Cambridge. Elliot is the founder of Phase 2, a growth accelerator. https://www.linkedin.com/in/elliotz/
  • Creating a Winning Content Strategy for Your Business Using Tech Platforms
    Creating a Winning Content Strategy for Your Business Using Tech Platforms
    Jean Ginzburg, Founder & CEO, JeanGinzburg.com Recorded: Jun 19 2019 42 mins
    Content is now the way that businesses should be selling their products and services. Creating a consistent content strategy will set you up for success. The presentation will cover ideal target market, marketing messaging, content creation, content hack to create a month worth of content with just one source and creating a content calendar.

    The presentation will go deeper into the types of content and using a Content Hach where you can create ONE piece of content and repurpose it for the entire month. And lastly, the presentation will get into how to create a content calendar and distribute content, using tech platforms and social media platforms.
  • Building Strategic Customer Assessments
    Building Strategic Customer Assessments
    Thomas Cross, CEO, TECHtionary.com Recorded: Jun 19 2019 35 mins
    In this webinar, we will explore how selling practices whether traditional or ABM-account based marketing need to see the world through the eyes and "moccasins" of customers. Selling must embrace who their customers sell to and help them "pull their products off the shelf" of their customers.
  • Optimizing Marketing and Sales for Greater Value and Profitability
    Optimizing Marketing and Sales for Greater Value and Profitability
    Christopher Ryan, CEO & Founder, Fusion Marketing Partners Recorded: Jun 19 2019 45 mins
    When properly aligned, the marketing and sales teams can generate enormous value for
    prospects and customers as well as profitable revenue for their organizations. In this
    informative session, revenue growth and B2B marketing expert Chris Ryan will share actionable
    strategies for utilizing your people, processes and technologies to create an unstoppable
    revenue machine. Specifically, Chris will cover:
    1. How marketing can help your sales reps move up the value chain.
    2. The essential elements of an effective lead-to-revenue framework.
    3. How to use a service level agreement to boost performance.
    4. Why marketing needs to prove its contribution to revenue.
    5. How to quickly assess performance and stop marketing and sales leakage
  • Linking Sales and Marketing to Boost Bottom Line Impact
    Linking Sales and Marketing to Boost Bottom Line Impact
    Christa Tuttle, CEO, Launch Marketing Recorded: Jun 19 2019 38 mins
    Laying the groundwork for sales and marketing alignment is vital to success. According to MarketingProfs, alignment leads to 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales win rates. Even though alignment is proven to be critical to success, it can be difficult to get teams on the same page with processes that facilitate synchronicity.

    In this webinar, Launch Founder and CEO Christa Tuttle will help sales and marketing teams build the LINK to lock down criteria, identify standard processes, normalize regular communication and keep track of progress. By creating a shared language, processes and measures of success, B2B teams walk away from this webinar ready to establish a more efficient and united task force within the company.
  • The Definitive Guide to the Ambiguous Role of Product Marketing
    The Definitive Guide to the Ambiguous Role of Product Marketing
    Elisabeth Cullivan Thomas, Founder, Launch Product Marketing Recorded: Jun 19 2019 37 mins
    Product marketers are not building a product, nor are they selling a product, so what do they do? Most often, they find themselves at the intersection of product development, sales, and marketing. The role is ambiguous - sometimes strategic with persona development, pricing, and messaging responsibilities or tactically focused on collateral, webinars, and research. Great product marketers thrive on the role’s ambiguity and cross-functionality. Attend this webinar for an inside look at the high-demand role of product marketing.
  • How to align marketing content with audience buying behaviour…and sales goals
    How to align marketing content with audience buying behaviour…and sales goals
    Rene Power, Founder, Vision B2B Marketing and Training Ltd Recorded: Jun 19 2019 64 mins
    In all new BrightTalk webinar, regular contributor René Power from Vision B2B Marketing
    and Training will share powerful strategies to help B2B product and service businesses
    maximise their expertise and marketing resources to drive the right kind of inbound inquiry.
    In this session you’ll learn how to
    - Reverse engineer a sales funnel and align marketing activity to it
    - Identify and understand the needs of target audiences
    - Creatively create multi-use content and powerful integrated marketing programmes
    including lead magnets, article syndication, email, PR, social and more.

    Webinar attendees can get access to a bonus workbook for the webinar by emailingrene@visionb2b.co.uk ahead of live broadcast.
  • 5 LinkedIn Marketing Moves Your Sales Force Will Love You For
    5 LinkedIn Marketing Moves Your Sales Force Will Love You For
    Sarah Hughes, “The LinkedIn Lead Generation Expert” & Founder, Boost Business Growth Recorded: Jun 19 2019 61 mins
    Is there sometimes a mismatch between your sales and marketing teams around social selling?

    Perhaps all’s good, but you want great?

    Either way, get the inside track on the 5 KEY ACTIONS marketers can take to raise brand awareness that generates a pipeline for their sales colleagues.

    Access your FREE BONUS WORKBOOK for the webinar by emailing sarah@boostbusinessgrowth.co.uk ahead of the live broadcast.
  • E-Commerce Content ROI
    E-Commerce Content ROI
    Clarice Lin, Content marketing & Analytics Strategist | ROI Doctor, BaselineLabs Recorded: Jun 19 2019 53 mins
    Everyone can do content marketing, but not everyone knows how to turn articles into cold hard cash.

    In this masterclass you'll learn how to create a laser focused content strategy for your targeted focus group and how to use tracking and attribution data to create a content sales feedback loop to maximize the ROI of your content marketing strategy.
  • Transforming teams to a Revenue Marketing Centre of Excellence:  10 key tips
    Transforming teams to a Revenue Marketing Centre of Excellence: 10 key tips
    Philippe Ruttens, B2B Marketing & Sales Transformation Consultant & Coach Recorded: Jun 19 2019 61 mins
    B2B marketing used to be simple, now we live in a post-big data world, surrounded by information, reports and dashboards. Since 2010, B2B CMOs and their teams have been transforming too slowly from Marcom functions to demand gen and revenue marketing models... but few have been able to use and optimise data analysis at the right level yet. From personas & pain points to channels & content, you will learn the key steps, tools and tips to save your and team’s career by becoming a more data- and ROI-based marketing growth engine.

    CMOs and their teams can then face the ultimate battle with the CEO of proving their value, strategy, campaigns and measuring their efforts ROI at best. Transforming from a traditional branding & marcom to a Revenue Marketing Center of Excellence is a must to WOW your internal & external stakeholder. Focusing on the 20-80 in terms of campaigns and operation is vital to make it beyond 2020. We will shortlist the main phases, KPIs and tactics to increase acquisition, retention, engagement, revenue or referral, to ensure that your ingredients will become a recipe for success. Key issues for the marketing teams usually reside in (1)the lack of commercial focus strategy-wise, (2) unreliable data, (3) wrong KPIs focus, but also (4) mis-use of tools, (5) lack of human analysis skills/process and (6) mismanaged expectations with sales and board

    Speaker Biography:
    Bringing over 25 years of experience as a B2B marketer, Philippe coaches CMOs and helps sales & marketing teams transform faster into ROI-driven revenue marketing centres of excellence. Leveraging his multi-sector consultant/interim manager skills and operational expertise developed at firms like Accenture, EY, MasterCard and Iron Mountain, he combines his strategic demand generation vision and quick wins on campaigns & channels with a pragmatic, people- and data-focused approach to help teams achieve their commercial objectives faster.

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