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Cloud Computing

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  • There is a great adoption of cloud technologies by companies, and there is an exponential growing demand for digital services. What are the greatest challenges (that aren't solved yet) that come along with this and how will they change the future cloud? In this two minute interview David is going to share his thoughts in regards to cloud, IoT and what challenges dominate these two areas.
  • The Cloud Standards Customer Council will define hybrid cloud computing, explain why this deployment model is essential for addressing business requirements, and outline the key considerations that customers must take into account as they start their transition. The presentation will include strategic and tactical activities for decision makers implementing hybrid cloud solutions. It will cover all the essential technical considerations for hybrid cloud deployment including integration, connectivity, governance, management, security and privacy.
  • Enterprise wide area networks span tens, hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of branch offices resulting in a large hardware footprint, high power consumption, and significant cooling demands. It is no wonder that these networks can have a substantially negative impact on expenses, time and the environment.

    Join this webinar to learn how a cloud-delivered software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is green, lowers carbon footprints and is good for the environment and Earth. Gain a better understanding of how reducing cooling and power requirements in the branch, lower carbon emissions and fewer devices is helping businesses do more for the environment while at the same time saving money.
  • Most of you have started your journey to the cloud and for those farther along, you're probably using multi or hybrid cloud platforms and likely Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, VMware or OpenStack – the most common today.

    What are some of the challenges in getting a clear, holistic view across all cloud? How can you best manage usage and spend to optimize those investments? Can you show the business and finance teams exact spend today and clear forecast? Find out the tools, techniques, and capabilities you must have to do Cloud Analytics with hybrid cloud.
  • The cloud concept originated with the dot.com phenomenon in the early 2000s, but was brought to reality by the large web-based and social media companies in the last half dozen years. However, the requirements companies like Google and Amazon had for their clouds were beyond what traditional IT infrastructures could deliver - so they designed their own. These hyper-scale companies used software-defined, scale-out architectures and commodity hardware to build flexible, yet cost effective cloud infrastructures.
    Enterprises are moving towards a cloud-based model to deliver IT services. They see the potential of the hyper-scalers’ approach to creating cloud infrastructures but don’t have the resources or expertise to make that do-it-yourself model work. The Open Storage Platform (OSP) provides these companies with a solution that leverages commercial, off-the-shelf components and a “roll your own” approach to building private clouds.
    Join Evaluator Group Sr. Analyst, Eric Slack and learn how companies are using the Open Storage Platform to build private clouds. In this informative webinar you will get the information to:

     Understand the OSP model and its origin

     Understand where OSP is being used

     Understand the benefits OSP can provide

     Understand how to implement OSP
  • Introduction to the 'Cloud Native' architecture: transforming to microservices and DevOps.

    IoT and Next Generation ERP: How microservices will transform legacy ERP applications such as SAP, speeding integration with IoT sensor networks.
  • The explosion of data sources is driving an exponential boom in the volume of data today, therefore it becomes critical for organizations to quickly learn how to unlock value from their data.
    Join this session to learn about the cutting edge capabilities of SQL Server:
    •Real-time operational analytics: up to 30x faster transactions
    •Always Encrypted Data protection: at rest and in motion
    •Stretch database into Azure: cost effective data availability
    •Develop Highly Visual Reports including Mobile
  • Everyone’s heard of Cloud technology. But what does this overused term actually mean in reality for businesses today? And for the future? How is it really solving business problems and challenges?

    In reality ‘moving to the Cloud’ isn’t really about adopting a new technology, its about changing your business. But how does this impact your IT team? What does it drive in terms of change both within the IT function and across the wider business?

    This is not about traditional ‘lift and shift’: it’s about transforming businesses, moving from a server centric to a service centric approach. The IT function needs to define its service catalogue: what do you offer, how do you deliver your services, what is enabled via the cloud.

    Attend our 30 minute webinar to gain insight into the steps you will need to take and what you and your business will need to think about to achieve this business transformation. All based on real-life customers examples.

    Both of our presenters have a wealth of experience in understanding customer’s business needs, then identifying solutions that will ensure these needs are met both today and into the future.
  • Like peanut butter and chocolate or bacon and eggs, Chef and Microsoft Azure just go better together. Join Corey Wagehoft of 10th Magnitude and Andre Elizondo of Chef for this live webinar to learn how Chef and Azure can help your organization accelerate its adoption of DevOps practices. Combining Azure’s cloud services with Chef’s automation capabilities can make you faster, more flexible and better able to deliver value to customers.

    Join the webinar to learn:
    • What makes Chef and Azure a powerful combo, and how to decide whether they’re the right fit for your organization
    • How Chef and Azure enable DevOps practices and benefits
    • A real-world example of how one company uses Chef and Azure to automate the configuration and maintenance of hundreds of servers
    • How to get started with Chef on Azure
  • This webinar will focus on how the enterprise perceives and is using cloud computing based on a distillation of survey data. Topics discussed will include private cloud usage and what defines a private cloud in the eyes of the enterprise IT administrator, the growing use of multiple public clouds and how enterprise IT is involved, as well as an exploration of security in the cloud.

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