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International Stress Management Association

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  • START Living - STOP Stressing
    START Living - STOP Stressing
    Annie Lawler, MISMA Recorded: Nov 3 2010 32 mins
    To celebrate ISMA's 12th National Stress Awareness Day, Stress Management Expert and ISMA Member, Annie Lawler gives insights, hints and top tips on 4 keys to stress-free living: Sleeping Well, Prioritising, Becoming Active and Valuing yourself. There'll be a chance to vote and to ask questions, plus a Special Offer. Don't miss it! Resgiter now.
  • Superhuman to Superhumane
    Superhuman to Superhumane
    Annie Lawler MISMA Recorded: Jun 29 2010 33 mins
    A webcast scheduled to run in conjunction with the 2010 ISMA Conference & Exhibition for delegates who would like to take part but who are unable to attend in person. Entitled “SUPERHUMAN TO SUPERHUMANE” the webcast is presented by ISMAUK member ANNIE LAWLER who will address how we can become more effective, perform better and enjoy every aspect of our lives more through mindset, exercise and relaxation.

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