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Contact Center & Customer Care Best Practices

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  • Contact Center Journey - From Here to Where?
    Contact Center Journey - From Here to Where? Frank Tersigni, Chief Customer Officer, Altivon Recorded: Dec 12 2017 60 mins
    Join us for a deep dive into 3 top trends in the contact center. Each trend will be explored on its own and then brought together at the end in a picture of what is actually happening in contact centers today.

    Chatbots seem synonymous with artificial intelligence and are certainly sparking the imagination. We will explore the reach of AI in the contact center, both obvious and subtle.

    OmniChannel success is in the eye of the beholder. From a customer experience perspective, it requires more than channel choices. Learn about the implications for your center.

    Cloud is the favorite child today, but does it make sense for your organization? Learn some of the questions you need to ask to determine your best deployment strategy (cloud, premise, hybrid).
  • Understanding Digital Transformation
    Understanding Digital Transformation Tim Gogal, Director US East Digital Engagement, Avaya Recorded: Nov 29 2017 60 mins
    As customer service professionals, we sit in the midst of the most important paradigm shift within the industry today – the Digital Transformation. This shift has brought more focus on and relevance of the business potential of contact centers than ever before. In this session, we’ll take a look at why Digital Transformation matters, what it means, and how organizations are successfully redefining their contact centers for extended reach and impact. No longer can we hide behind old technological limitations that may have prevented responsive, personal interactions. Today customers are demanding great experiences and are driving change. Either we give them the TLC they are looking for…. or our competitors do it for us.
  • Exploring the CX Dichotomy: Improve the Customer Experience While Reducing Costs
    Exploring the CX Dichotomy: Improve the Customer Experience While Reducing Costs Chris du Toit, Chief Marketing Officer, Jacada Recorded: Nov 8 2017 57 mins
    Delivering an outstanding Customer Experience while maintaining or reducing costs is a dichotomy – On the one hand you’re under pressure to improve both self-service and contact center efficiency, and on the other hand you have a mandate to improve the customer experience across a number of metrics such as NPS and more. These goals are seemingly at odds and makes your role as a CX practitioner all the more difficult.

    Join this webinar to explore the CX challenges organizations are facing today and how to most effectively accelerate your CX initiatives. The discussion will cover three primary topic areas that are hot in the industry: (1) How to improve self-service utilizing Visual IVR, Natural Language and chatbots, (2) Techniques for improving contact center efficiency while removing the digital to voice disconnect, and (3) How to optimize your back office processes with Robotic Process Automation.

    This is an interactive session and participants are encouraged to submit questions.
  • CX Transformation: Six Essential Competencies
    CX Transformation: Six Essential Competencies Jamie Coutts, VP Client Relationships; and Noel Roberts, CTO, Aria Solutions Recorded: Oct 24 2017 59 mins
    Forrester research shows that CX-driven organizations grow revenue much faster than direct competitors with lower quality CX. What this means is that fixing broken experiences and making some transactional improvements is not enough. Join Noel Roberts (CTO) and Jamie Coutts (VP, Client Relationships) from Aria Solutions as they lead this interactive webinar discussing the six essential competencies businesses must establish and optimize to deliver the right CX time after time.
  • Greater Phoenix Rising from the Desert
    Greater Phoenix Rising from the Desert Brad Smidt, Senior Vice President, Greater Phoenix Economic Council Recorded: Aug 1 2017 60 mins
    Over the past two decades, the Greater Phoenix region has become a dynamic hub for contact center operations. Industry titans such as USAA, American Express, State Farm, and Charles Schwab all call the region home and have significant business here. Not only are these operations still growing, others are following and ultimately finding success. From the business-friendly tax and regulatory environment, to a unique and vibrant quality of life for employees, find out how the history of Greater Phoenix has created the perfect environment for customer care operations to thrive.
  • “Game On!”: Using Gamification to Increase Performance and Employee Retention
    “Game On!”: Using Gamification to Increase Performance and Employee Retention Casey Kostecka, Chief Business Development Officer, Convergent Recorded: Jul 13 2017 56 mins
    Gamification has been the hot new topic within the contact center world for the past year or two. Most all contact center leaders understand the appeal of incorporating game mechanics into their operations, and can visualize the excitement and subsequent employee engagement the games will promote. Yet most contact centers still haven't implemented gamification, due to the limited, real world ROI information available. Convergent Outsourcing has been utilizing games tied to key performance metrics for the past two years. During this webinar, Casey Kostecka, Convergent Outsourcing's CBDO, will share Convergent's gamification experience, actual metric improvement results, and ROI data.
  • Contact Center Deployment Models - Is Cloud the Right Choice for Everybody?
    Contact Center Deployment Models - Is Cloud the Right Choice for Everybody? Michael Wiesblatt, VP Sales, Altivon Recorded: Jul 10 2017 36 mins
    In today’s market, in almost every buying process, companies are struggling to choose which way to deploy new technologies to support their customer service strategy. Moving applications to the cloud is no longer just a fad or buzzword. Large enterprises are building their entire IT strategy around the cloud. The problem is that there are some significant factors that cannot be ignored when considering deploying a customer facing, mission critical solution like the contact center technology in the cloud. In today’s discussion, we will explore some of the market trends, recommended steps to take to assess what is the right path forward, and key things to consider when deciding on a deployment strategy.
  • Stop Sending Bad Surveys
    Stop Sending Bad Surveys Roger Lee, Solutions Marketing Director, OpenText Recorded: Jun 20 2017 51 mins
    When your mother told you to “listen twice as much as you speak” she was right! With survey fatigue at an all-time record high, common sense will prevail to stop asking for feedback in bad surveys and start to listen more to what our customers are saying with the right survey techniques. Join Roger “Dr. WFO” Lee from OpenText Qfiniti and CCNG President David Hadobas as they discuss the alarming upsurge in bad surveys and best practices for collecting feedback that requires more “listening” than “asking”.
  • The Hidden Costs of Employee Attrition
    The Hidden Costs of Employee Attrition Ron Davis, CEO, Tenacity Recorded: Jun 1 2017 59 mins
    CCNG, in partnership with Tenacity, conducted a survey of CCNG members to see how they measure the cost of attrition. The findings surprised us! Participate in this webinar to learn from your peers how to properly measure attrition costs, and discover what steps you should take to prepare your organization to address this chronic problem.

    During this webinar with Ron Davis, CEO of Tenacity, we will discuss:
    *What your peers are doing to measure the costs of attrition
    *Key errors to watch out for when you calculate your costs
    *A framework that any executive can use in order to comprehensively measure the costs of attrition
  • Five Tips to Maximize Your Online Customer Community
    Five Tips to Maximize Your Online Customer Community Roger Woolley, CCNG Member and Independent Consultant Recorded: Mar 1 2017 52 mins
    In the fast pace world we live in today, customers are looking for quick, easy and effortless experiences to solve their problems. Companies, on the other hand, are striving to engage with their customers more often and build stronger relationships.

    Online communities are well suited for these ongoing conversations where companies can strengthen their brand, lower support costs, and provide an easy way for customers to learn from each other.

    Online communities are one of the fastest growing destinations for asking product questions, requesting product enhancements, and obtaining technical support. Learn how these five tips will maximize your online customer community and elevate your customer’s experiences.

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