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Authentication 2.0 - Emerging Trends in Payment Security A lot has changed in the banking industry since introduction of technology helped create the 1st ATM machines in 1960's. However, one largely unchanged aspect of all tech powered payments platforms is authentication. Uid/PW, have served the industry for a long time and the attractiveness of this mechanism's intrinsic property - "something you know', has enjoyed people's unwavering support for a long time. However, the time has come for this technology to rest in peace. The technology, the attacks, and the processes using challenge-response gate have all evolved to a point where there can be a much stronger and secure solution without compromising on the user experience or cost.

In this seminar we will introduce you to the FIDO Alliance and the frameworks created by this industry consortium to help bring online authentication, especially in payments into the current century and beyond.
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Feb 26 2015
61 mins
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