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IT Service Management

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  • In Unleashing the Enormous Power of Call Center KPIs, MetricNet provides an overview of the Best Practices in Call Center Performance Measurement. Our best practices help call centers lower costs and increase customer satisfaction!

    Viewers will learn:

    How the industry's top performing Call Centers track and trend their performance.

    How to use Call Center KPIs diagnostically to achieve World-Class Performance.

    How to apply Best Practices in Call Center Performance Measurement and Management.

    The key success factors in performance measurement from the industry's top performing Call Centers.
  • DevOps is the marriage between Agile, Lean and IT Service Management (ITSM). To begin your journey and be successful you need to adopt and adapt from all 3 movements.

    DevOps is best defined as the capability to cooperate, collaborate, communicate and continuously improve how an organisation uses and benefits from technology to satisfy the goals of a customer or help them remove a problem.

    In the webinar, we will discuss:
    •What are these 3 movements?
    •How are they different?
    •How are they similar?
    •How they get you to begin a DevOps journey?
    •Tips on the journey of idea to realisation?

    If you are thinking of how to benefit further from Agile, looking to remove the complexities of your ITSM processes or want to understand why lean is important to your success; listen to this interactive session.
  • Why you need to get in control now before it controls your destiny.

    What are the cloud technologies and management challenges that they present?
    What’s driving cloud adoption?
    Who is responsible for managing cloud services?
    What are the risks?
    What impact will this have on legacy IT service models?
    How do you harvest value without killing it?
    Where will you get the resources?

    This session is about updating your ITSM strategy and best practices to help the business manage cloud technologies. Understand the cloud components, how they fit together, governance mechanisms and underlying foundation required for successful IT Service Management.

    In 45 minutes we’ll cover: 
    What’s cloud computing all about
    Why are organization adopting it
    Traditional vs. Cloud (shared) responsibility model
    Cloud computing benefits and challenges
    Cloud Computing Reference Architecture model and terminology
    Why you need to get ready now
    How to learn more: training/ certifications available
    Tips on how to get started
  • Multi-sourced IT environments are often seen as complicated, hard-to-understand jungle of contradiction and oddities. All parties have their own expectations, rules, tools and of course people are jealously guarding their interests. Guess what? IT does not need to be so hard.

    This presentation will tell how to navigate successfully in the multi-sourced IT environments and actually manage it. We share our best practices and experience by telling a customer story about how Europe’s strongest bank executed unique IT service integration
  • As more organisations look to adopt Service Integration & Management (SIAM) Operating Models, there is a tendency to focus solely on the IT Service Management processes, and a fixation on Incident, Problem, Change and Configuration Management. Whilst these areas are important, SIAM offers us the opportunity to deliver greater benefits to the organisation, in areas such as project management, commercial governance, contractual structures, organisation design and overall IT eco-system culture and behaviour.

    This webinar will consider these opportunities, and how your SIAM programme can benefit from them.
  • When a company deploys new technology, success depends on effective user education and adoption. This means employees not only need to understand how the technology works, but they need to change their behaviors. This doesn’t happen through osmosis.

    From the earliest stages of planning new technology deployments, companies need to think about lines of business workflow. How do people currently work and what role will the new technology play in this work?

    In this webinar, you will learn fundamentals of building an adoption plan, including identifying use cases, internal marketing and collecting feedback to evaluate success.

    Amy Thacker is a marketing veteran with a graduate degree in teaching. Her experience allows her to meld internal marketing strategies with training best practices.
  • As the gateway to IT for most end users, service and support is the biggest driver of customer satisfaction and can generate a tremendous return on investment. IT leaders and managers who ignore these facts do so at their own peril, for the simple truth is this: the success and longevity of an IT management team are directly tied to the success of service and support. In this session, Jeff Rumburg will use benchmarking data and case studies to demonstrate the untapped value of all service and support organizations.
  • Learn about Lean ITSM tools used to make improvements quicker with less effort and with better results.

    Listen to real-world examples of how Lean ITSM tools were used to make a difference.
    - Better IT service delivery by reducing Muda (waste).
    - Prevent loss of customer loyalty by reducing Mura (variance).
    - Gain executive buy-in and commitment by creating better strategy & tactical plans.
    - Increase success using better change controls.
    - Reach end-of-job faster, with less resources and with better results.
    - Control outcomes by measuring, learning and adapting more quickly.

    This session is about how IT Managers used proven Lean ITSM tools to deliver and optimize quality to customers, identify waste and eliminate it, improve efficiency and the overall speed of execution of IT services.
  • In this session you will learn more about:

    •Why software asset management is critical to the delivery of enterprise IT
    •The business benefits SAM can deliver far beyond just licencing compliance
    •Why ITSM needs specialist SAM tools beyond what comes “out of the box”
    •How “Traditional SAM tools” can deliver data accuracy and data input integration into ITSM’s CMDB
    •How Future SAM tools can deliver even greater ROI throughout ITSM including:
    oIntegration with incident, problem, project and change management
    oAdvanced predictive analytics
    oTechnology scenario modelling
  • Here it is, all the tools you need beyond THE tool. In this co-hosted webinar, Richard Josey (Unisys) and Toby Moore (AXELOS) pair up again to discuss common pitfalls in ITSM implementations and the tools available to overcome them.

    From Continual Service Improvement through to Strategy, Design, Transition and Operations, there are process that regularly fall foul a common set of challenges. This often occurs due to the process we design not having the necessary tools available around them to support a healthy rate of adoption.

    This presentation will explore the adoption of each ITIL® Lifecycle and explain why certain ITSM processes often fail to gain traction, and then what simple tools and templates you can use to better your chances of success.

    What you will take away:
    · An understanding of the common pitfalls across the ITIL Lifecycle
    · Access to helpful tools such as; process maturity charts, CSI registers and Kanban boards
    · Explanations as to why certain processes struggle to gain adoption
    · A wider view of how tools, processes and management methods work together

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