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IT Service Management

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  • How We Approached Evaluation of ALM Octane and Now Run Agile Testing
    How We Approached Evaluation of ALM Octane and Now Run Agile Testing
    Gerd Fladrich, Risang Sidik Recorded: May 16 2019 60 mins
    This webinar is brought to you by the Vivit Testing Quality ALM Special Interest Group (SIG).

    Join this webinar that will demonstrate how BNP Paribas started and performed evaluation of ALM Octane and is now using the tool to run complete agile testing lifecycles. The testing lifecycle will be presented as a live demo that follows Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) methodology and uses Gherkin notation for defining test suites.

    The testing lifecycle starts with definition of requirements and user stories, heavily builds on test automation and advanced reporting, manages and synchronizes defects across tools, and feeds learnings from testing back into the requirements. It uses an integrated development and testing infrastructure including products like Confluence, Jira, Micro Focus ALM, Micro Focus ALM Octane, Jenkins, GIT, Cucumber, IntelliJ, TestCafe, and others.

    BNP Paribas’s journey with agile test automation using ALM Octane started in 2017. The webinar presents in a nutshell how evaluation of ALM Octane was approached and conducted. It explains how new methods were introduced with the objective to leverage full tool functionality. The initiative has soon helped to increase testing efficiency and created important business value.

    Webinar participants will learn:

    • How BNP Paribas has conducted evaluation of ALM Octane
    • Why ALM Octane is much more than just a successor of ALM/Quality Center
    • How ALM Octane eases flexible management of its entire surrounding tool chain
    • Why methodology like BDD shall precede tools, and not vice versa
    • How Gherkin establishes a common language for the entire agile development lifecycle that helps integrating business, development, and testing
    • How to use ALM Octane for pipeline management, reporting, defect synchronization, import of performance testing and BPT results, integration of in-sprint testing etc.
  • Turning a Service Management Support Engineer Effortlessly into Learning Content
    Turning a Service Management Support Engineer Effortlessly into Learning Content
    Anna Marie Jupp Recorded: May 9 2019 50 mins
    There are many challenges facing those who work in the ITSM field. It seems the most significant challenge is the constant changes, whether they are within the tools and customers you are supporting, the on-and-off boarding of employees, or the changes in your ITSM solution from upgrades or total replacement. The Micro Focus Adoption Readiness Tool can help you guard against these changes affecting your business.

    • How to stop your knowledge leaving the building when the SME’s move on
    • How to put together a knowledge repository and maintain your content efficiently
    • How to create new content on the fly
    • How to make this knowledge available for everyone at the point of need
  • DevOps Adoption in The Real World – 3 Ways to Drive Test Centric Continuous Deli
    DevOps Adoption in The Real World – 3 Ways to Drive Test Centric Continuous Deli
    Julian Fish, Wes Godard Recorded: Apr 30 2019 59 mins
    As Enterprise DevOps adoption hits the mainstream, organizations are looking to streamline and simplify their Development and Testing practices through the use of Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD). Whilst CI and CD practices can provide significant benefits, such transformations are often led by Development teams, where little thought is given about the impact that the process and technology changes will have upon testing organizations, and the need to fully align all areas of the application delivery pipeline.
    In this live webinar, join Micro Focus to understand:
    • How development, test and release processes and pipelines can be easily and simply aligned
    • How test automation can be a core component of your CD pipeline and why an orchestrated DevOps toolchain is key to successful DevOps transformation
  • IT Service Management Community Update
    IT Service Management Community Update
    Harriet Jamieson, BrightTALK and Elisabeth Thomas, Launch Product Marketing Recorded: Apr 24 2019 19 mins
    Join BrightTALK's Harriet Jamieson and Launch Product Marketing's Elisabeth Thomas as they review the latest developments in IT Service Management.

    From automation to ITIL 4, Harriet and Elisabeth will be covering where ITSM is headed in the coming months.
  • The Four Levels of Thinking as a Geek Leader
    The Four Levels of Thinking as a Geek Leader
    Tom Cooper, Principal Geek, Bright Hill Group Recorded: Apr 23 2019 52 mins
    As a highly technical expert, you have been successful because of your expert skills. People hire and promote you because of your talent and ability to solve hard problems. This is true. It's also not enough.
    What no one tells you is that you're only looking at one of the three factors that lead to career success.
    In this session, you will:
    - Learn the other two factors (and what you should do about them)
    - Learn the four levels of thinking needed to be an expert who leads
    - Assess where you are in each of the areas
    - Identify at least 2 practical things that you can do to improve your influence, get more support for your ideas and projects and gain more respect as a professional.
  • Delivering ITSM For Business Maturity: A Practical Framework
    Delivering ITSM For Business Maturity: A Practical Framework
    Beverly Weed-Schertzer - Executive ITSM Consultant, edifyIT Recorded: Apr 11 2019 43 mins
    ​We are in confusing times when it comes to adopting ITSM to deliver functional technology services to the business. ITSM seems to be out-dating itself with ever-changing operating models. This can negatively impact strategies to mature IT and the Business together. The role of IT provider over the last three decades of rapid technological advancement hasn’t adapted nearly enough to mature the company.

    You may of heard this many times - "IT must focus on aligning to the business and have a primary focus on service integration". Is your ITSM program working to achieve this focus? Most likely you are among the growing population that is failing or missing the target in order to achieve results with ITSM that ensures business quality and maturity. Listen to Beverly Weed-Schertzer as she explains a fresh perspective on ITSM from practical experiences spanning over three decades.

    Take back control of your ITSM program!
  • How to Drive Customer Experience by Changing Your Metrics
    How to Drive Customer Experience by Changing Your Metrics
    Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord, President, TOPdesk USA Recorded: Apr 11 2019 41 mins
    Much is being said on how ITSM’s ultimate goal is a high customer satisfaction and great employee experience. Historically, ITSM teams have been using specific performance-based metrics that tend to be internally focused. Even though these metrics are important and remain relevant, they do not really give any insight into the customer experience. So to gain actual insight into customer satisfaction, you need to change your metrics. The question becomes: How do I change my metrics in an efficient way?

    In this presentation, Nancy shares some insights about why shifting your focus to measuring customer satisfaction is so important and what’s in it for your ITSM team. She discusses various approaches you can take to accomplish these goals and walks you through which metrics to focus on and how to implement this new strategy.

    Nancy Van Elsacker Louisnord is the President TOPdesk USA. She’s also a public speaker, a service management expert and a contributor to numerous leading industry publications and the TOPdesk Blog.
  • The Advantages of ITIL 4 in the Modern World
    The Advantages of ITIL 4 in the Modern World
    Marcel Foederer - Lead Architect Team in Axelos and ITIL Trainer at ITpreneuers Recorded: Apr 10 2019 48 mins
    What are the advantages of ITIL 4 in the modern world?

    Find out from Marcel Foederer - Lead Architect Team in Axelos and ITIL Trainer at ITpreneuers in this Future of ITSM session.
  • Should we still be optimising ITIL for today’s digital services?
    Should we still be optimising ITIL for today’s digital services?
    Steve Morgan - Director, Syniaid IT Recorded: Apr 10 2019 34 mins
    ITIL has long been established as the de-facto framework for the management of IT services. However, the world has moved on. Our IT services are delivered differently and the tools we use to deliver them are commonly cloud-based or delivered by complex multi-vendor models.

    Like a prize-fighter, ITIL is being dusted-off for one last crack of the title, whilst new younger fighters enter the ring. Should we still be looking to optimise our processes using ITIL as a reference point? What other alternatives are available?

    This presentation will look at how to use ITIL as the basis for an effective IT operating model, and what else you ought to be looking at to successful deliver today’s complex digital IT services.
  • Is ITIL 4 DevOps Ready?
    Is ITIL 4 DevOps Ready?
    Rob Akershoek, IT Architect, Fruition Partners Recorded: Apr 10 2019 56 mins
    Most IT organizations are currently working on transforming their existing IT delivery processes, with increasing use of Agile development methods (such as SCRUM), Continuous Delivery and DevOps. As a result of this transformation, traditional ITIL service management processes are being challenged for their relevance. ITIL processes are considered to be bureaucratic, slow and not relevant for the new digital ecosystem consisting. ITIL v3 also have some significant gaps as it didn’t cover the actual design and development of IT services (or products).

    But now in the beginning of 2019, Axelos introduced ITIL 4.

    Does this new version fill in these gaps?
    How to combine ITIL and DevOps?
    Does the digital enterprise still need ITIL 4?
    Or will your DevOps journey fail without a solid service management practice?

    This presentation will show how DevOps and ITIL should be combined in order to optimally manage the new digital ecosystem while at the same time being able to meet the increasingly stringent requirements imposed on IT service delivery.

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