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IT Service Management

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  • [Ep.1] Ask the Expert: ITSM and DevOps 101 with Daniel Breston
    [Ep.1] Ask the Expert: ITSM and DevOps 101 with Daniel Breston Daniel Breston, Virtual Clarity and Harriet Jamieson, Content Manager at BrightTALK Recorded: Feb 14 2018 49 mins
    This webinar is the first in BrightTALK's Ask the Expert Series.

    Join ITSM-DevOps expert Daniel Breston of Virtual Clarity to learn more about:
    - Basic introduction to ITSM and DevOps
    - The future of ITSM and DevOps
    - Audience Questions

    Audience members are encouraged to send questions to the experts, which will be answered during the live session.
  • SIG Talk: Quality & Testing 3 - Testing Tools
    SIG Talk: Quality & Testing 3 - Testing Tools Scott Moore,Chris Trimper Recorded: Feb 13 2018 62 mins
    For this Vivit SIG Talk session, 2 Performance Testing thought leaders will be featured. They will share their knowledge and expertise with you.

    Below is a quick outline of the agenda and topics for you:

    Speaker: Scott Moore - Performance Testing Internet of Things:

    • An overview of IoT architecture and protocols
    • A deeper look into the MQTT and CoAP protocols specifically
    • A demonstration of how to test the performance of IoT applications using LoadRunner 12.55

    Speaker: Chris Trimper - Using Splunk to Analyze Performance Metrics:

    • Introduction to Splunk
    • Process of preparing LR data for Splunk consumption
    • Building dashboards and performing analytics in Splunk

    Join us for the next upcoming SIG Talk on Tuesday, March 13, 2018: http://www.vivit-worldwide.org/events/EventDetails.aspx?id=1073255&group=.
  • Project & Portfolio Management: What is new v9.42
    Project & Portfolio Management: What is new v9.42 Jay Krackeler, Sylvia Davis Recorded: Feb 6 2018 62 mins
    Project and Portfolio Management, PPM, is continuously evolving, especially with the Agile adoption in the Enterprise. Portfolio managers are now asked to manage integrated portfolios with hybrid projects (Waterfall & Agile).

    PPM version 9.42 brings a new portfolio management module, including Epic and seamless integration with Agile tools. You can now create your own KPIs to measure success of the various portfolios and integrated programs and projects. These new features bring agility and more insight data, so that you can focus on what is most important for the business.

    In this webinar, you will learn about:

    New integrated PPM Portfolio management
    How to create unlimited portfolio scenarios
    How to create Epics in PPM and integrate with Agile tools
    New KPIs to monitor and measure portfolio strategy
  • Implementing a Test Automation UFT Framework in a DevOps World
    Implementing a Test Automation UFT Framework in a DevOps World Bob Crews Recorded: Jan 30 2018 59 mins
    Brought to you by the Vivit DevOps Special Interest Group.
    DevOps is setting the pace as numerous organizations struggle to keep up…especially with test automation. It's imperative to have an automation test strategy allowing fast automation script development, solid data management, minimal maintenance, and scalability. This presentation will provide an overview of implementing a strategic test automation framework in a DevOps environment, and is completely tool agnostic. So, whether your team is utilizing UFT, UFT Pro, LeanFT, Selenium, or any other automation solution, you’ll benefit from this presentation.

    Audience will learn:

    • Essential components of a test automation framework
    • Strategies to effectively implement an automation framework
    • Effective approach to meet Agile and CI/CD test automation objectives
  • Less ITIL, More Business Awareness
    Less ITIL, More Business Awareness Beverly Weed-Schertzer, edifyIT, LLC, Executive ITSM Consultant Recorded: Jan 17 2018 48 mins
    We Will Cover:

    - Lack of business awareness creates chaos and damages IT reputation
    - What's the problem?
    -How do we change? What do we change?
    - Using change to scope managed services
    - Configuration Management is a puzzle of assets, be sure the pieces fit and align properly
    -Problem, Change and Configuration Management for your business is not the same as its done for IT
  • Powering Proactive Problem Management
    Powering Proactive Problem Management James Finister, Tata Consultancy Services Recorded: Jan 17 2018 40 mins
    The concept of proactive problem management has been integral to ITIL for over 25 years. In practice it is rarely implemented, despite claims to the contrary.

    James Finister explores what it really means to be proactive by decoupling problem management from incident management, and integrating it with wider IT capabilities including knowledge management, continuous service improvement, test management and DevOps.
  • How to Integrate ITSM and Infrastructure Configuration Management
    How to Integrate ITSM and Infrastructure Configuration Management David Cuthbertson, Square Mile Systems Recorded: Jan 17 2018 60 mins
    The key to integrating ITSM and Infrastructure Configuration Management is awareness, expectation setting and communication. But with many CMDB/CMS implementations failing to deliver the value expected, organisations are realising how tough this can be and how complex and wide-ranging infrastructure asset and configuration management is. In this webinar David Cuthbertson looks at how to avoid de-scoped or failed Configuration Management implementations and how to put in place effective risk management processes.
  • 5 Ways DevOps can cure “Bad ITSM”
    5 Ways DevOps can cure “Bad ITSM” Doug Tedder, Tedder Consulting LLC Recorded: Jan 16 2018 38 mins
    Is your business suffering from “Bad ITSM”? You know, where every request for change goes before a
    CAB. Or an SLA is whatever is configured in the ITSM tool. Or “services” are defined as things that IT
    does, not what IT delivers in terms of business outcomes and value. Sound familiar?
    Meanwhile, you’re reading and hearing a lot about DevOps.
    Maybe DevOps is just what your ITSM implementation needs!
    Get some pragmatic insight and advice from Doug Tedder in this informative webinar and learn five
    ways that DevOps can fix a “bad” ITSM implementation.
  • DevOps and ITSM – Essential Ingredients to a Modern Hybrid IT Management System
    DevOps and ITSM – Essential Ingredients to a Modern Hybrid IT Management System John F McDermott, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Recorded: Jan 16 2018 58 mins
    In 2018, we use Hybrid IT to deliver, enable and facilitate organisational and business-driven outcomes. Yet organisations differ over whether they prefer ITIL or DevOps to support their fast-changing IT environments.

    The amount of focus applied to each will depend on several factors, not least “what are the business or organisational outcomes you are trying to achieve?” In reality, you should consider both to be practical parts of your IT Management System and IT Operating Model.

    This webinar will look at ITIL, DevOps and other compontments, and why it’s time to embrace multiple tools and methodologies in Hybrid IT.
  • DevOps and the Oldest Profession
    DevOps and the Oldest Profession Mark Smalley, The IT Paradigmologist Recorded: Jan 16 2018 47 mins
    Yes, I admit it: the title is a cheap trick to grab your attention. But this is not just clickbait: this webinar is about ITSM as one of the oldest professions in IT. Ever since the development of the first information systems, there has been a need to manage them. This webinar explores the emergence of the ITSM discipline, its shortcomings in the digital era, and how DevOps fills one of the gaps.

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