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Straight talk from Intel IT’s experts on data center best practices

Learn about Intel IT’s data center strategy, best practices and experiences in the areas of facilities, storage, compute and networking. From cloud computing, virtualization and server sizing, to the latest cooling techniques, understand how Intel IT is addressing today’s data center trends and challenges.

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Intel IT Down to Earth Kim Stevenson, Bill Guyon, Brad Ellison, Joe Thompson, Guillermo Rueda, Ajay Chandramouly Learn how Intel IT has built a model to measure and monitor our IT environment. This model includes data center, office and client computing. Come hear how our results have helped Intel to lower our carbon footprint.

Kim Stevenson, Vice President Information Technology and General Manager, IT Global Operations and Services and Bill Guyon, IT Sustainability Program Manager, discuss the strong business case for managing our footprint and IT’s continued commitment to IT Sustainability.
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Apr 20 2011
43 mins
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