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  • Information Security continues to evolve, with cybercriminals busier than ever. Targeted attacks like the recent TalkTalk breach continue to make headlines and increase the fear factor among senior executives at organisations.

    As executives keep asking new questions of their teams, so those teams continue to ask new questions of Dell SecureWorks.

    In this webcast Chris Yule, Senior Principal Consultant at Dell SecureWorks, will discuss the top 5 trends identified over the past few months which we have identified from these discussion and expect to continue throughout 2016.

    These are the topics security professionals should be prepared to talk about this year, and will include 5 different perspectives on security:

    1. Organisation: How are enterprises organising and preparing themselves to respond to the latest threats?

    2. Intelligence: What’s being done to utilise Threat Intelligence effectively?

    3. Expansion: Key areas to focus on as information security expands to cover suppliers and cloud services

    4. Control: What new technologies and services are emerging to better control your information and environment?

    5. Testing: How can all of the above be combined to effectively test the security you have in place?
  • The increased complexity and frequency of attacks, combined with reduced effectiveness of detective or preventative control frameworks, elevate the need for organisations to roll out enterprise wide incident response initiatives to ensure rapid containment and eradication of threats.

    In this webcast, Don Smith, Technology Director at Dell SecureWorks, describes three organisation’s experience with “APT” actors, examining techniques deployed for intrusion, persistence, lateral expansion and exfiltration.

    Don will highlight where changes to the detective or preventative control frameworks could have prevented the attackers from achieving their objectives and outline key steps to building a robust incident response plan.

    Webcast takeaways include:

    · Real-world examples of APT attacks from the coalface

    · The latest tools and techniques that advanced threat actors are using

    · Recommendations for preventing and responding to APTs
  • Every day your organisation is under attack. External adversaries are probing your defences, malicious insiders are looking to exploit their trusted positions and users are fighting to correctly identify the latest phishing attack.

    Your adversaries are not going to play by the rules. They will use whatever methods are available to compromise your security and hit you where it hurts the most. Red Team testing can identify gaps in your defences, show how minor vulnerabilities can result in large compromises and demonstrate the need for solid planning and preparation.

    Red Team testing simulates a real-world attack by combining intelligence gathering, network and physical testing with social engineering to target your organisation’s critical assets. This goal-based testing provides a depth of findings that vulnerability scanning and conventional penetration testing can’t achieve.

    Attendees will:
    1.Learn How Red Team testing complements your existing security program.
    2.Hear real-world examples of Red Team engagements.
    3.Find out if a Red Team test is right for your organisation.
  • How Targeted Threat Hunting Inspects Your Network for Cyber Attacker Presence.

    Many organisations have some form of information security protection in place but also wonder "Have I already been compromised?" A cyber threat such as malware or even a large scale Advanced Persistent Threat could be hiding in file systems and several other areas of your network that may go unnoticed by the untrained eye. A deep inspection of your networks is an excellent way to identify the presence of compromises and entrenched threat actors operating in your environment.

    During this interactive webinar, Justin Turner, Delivery Team Manager from the Targeted Threat Hunting & Response Team, will share why it is critical to identify targeted threat indicators of attacker presence and leverage threat intelligence to provide context to determine how to engage and resist the adversary.

    In addition you will:

    - Learn what Targeted Threat Hunting is and why it is important.
    - Hear real-world examples of previous incidents and how targeted threat hunting was used to remove entrenched adversaries.
    - Receive a standard list of questions that should be answered during an engagement.
  • How prepared are you for a data breach?

    With the threat environment growing more complex, and the rise in advanced and targeted attacks, how does your response plan hold up? Threat actors have changed their tactics; so must you.

    During this webcast, Rafe Pilling, Senior Security Researcher for Dell SecureWorrks Counter Threat Unit (CTU), will share advice based on real-world examples to help ensure your organisation is infinitely better prepared to respond to a security breach.

    Key topics covered include:

    · A view of the evolving threat landscape and how this could impact you

    · Examples of critical mistakes Dell SecureWorks has viewed in real-world cases

    · Developing a robust incident response plan

    · Maximising the value of current controls and improving your overall security posture
  • Information security is becoming more and more vital to organisations in an ever changing landscape with the role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) growing in magnitude with hacker based activity, cloud computing, and work-from-anywhere initiative adding to the complexity. New privacy regulations, social media and BYOD have added further challenges and put additional strains on compliance…

    In this webcast, Hadi Hosn, Managing Principal Consultant at Dell SecureWorks, will discuss the five key areas we believe a CISO should focus today to help shape and drive a security programme. Hadi will focus on the most important areas that are applicable in all market sectors and centre in on those activities that, in his experience, deliver the most value, security improvement and return on investment.

    Key topics covered include:

    •Understanding your organisation’s extended enterprise

    •How to improve visibility into what’s going on in your environment

    •Building a culture of security in your organisation
  • Information is a business critical asset, forming the backbone of organisation globally, and driving growth. However, the security of information is often overlooked, which is why most security breaches actually come from within the organisation – a result of poor policy, procedures, staff training and their awareness of security risks.

    In response, organisations are now exploring the benefits of certifying to ISO27001 – the industry standard for information security.

    In this latest webcast, Hadi Hosn, Managing Principal consultant at Dell Secureworks, will discuss how certifying to ISO27001 provides a framework for implementing security controls and resolving security issues and can offer the business a competitive advantage and business enablement.

    This webcast will cover the following key topics:

    •Benefits of ISO27001 – Information Security Management System (ISMS)

    •Defining the ISMS scope

    •ISMS implementation and certification process overview
  • The webcast will take you on a journey through the threat landscape, taking in sights such as the latest activity on trojans and viruses, how the ‘bad guys’ are stealing intellectual property through the use of malware and the future of cyber warfare.

    During this webcast, Technology Director, Don Smith, will present intelligence gleaned from the Dell SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit (CTU). He will discuss the rise of advanced persistent threats, and how the security threat landscape is evolving and what you can do to keep pace.

    What are the motives of the threat actors, and what could make your organisation a target? Don will provide pragmatic advice on what you can do to protect your critical information assets and reduce the risk.

    Key webcast topics include:

    •Evolution and revolution in the cyber landscape

    •War stories and examples from the coalface - An analysis of threat intelligence we have gathered

    •Inferences, conclusions, and the road ahead: what are the qualitative outcomes of our findings and how can these help inform your security strategy

    Dell SecureWorks processes more than 70 billion security events across thousands of networks around the globe on a daily basis, leveraging the Counter Threat Unit (CTU) research team who perform in-depth analysis of emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

    This global visibility and unmatched expertise enables early warnings and actionable security intelligence to customers to protect against threats and vulnerabilities before they impact their organisation.

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