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Into the breach: Lessons learned from targeted attacks Stuart Davis, Director, Mandiant This presentation will highlight lessons learned from many years of responding to targeted attacks by nation state actors and other groups. We will highlight why adversaries continue to successfully compromise their targets at-will, and provide insight to the investigative techniques and security controls that can keep-pace with attacker methodologies. (Hint: there are no silver bullets, and buying more security widgets is not always the answer to these challenges!) We’ll discuss the benefits, and potential pitfalls, of the emerging market for “threat intelligence”. Finally, we'll take the risk of predicting the future and provide some thoughts on how targeted attacks and state-sponsored threats may continue to evolve.

- Identify frequently-missed blind-spots and operational failures that help attackers persist in a compromise environment
- Discover how to better utilise existing resources and technologies to reduce the time gaps between successful compromise, detection, and remediation
- Identify which approaches to remediation have been most successful at driving attackers out of a compromised environment and limiting the likelihood of re-compromise
- Understand how targeted and state-sponsored attackers are evolving their methodologies in response to increased exposure and analysis
- Learn practical ways in which threat intelligence can be utilised to detect and respond to attackers
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Jul 7 2015 10:00 am
45 mins
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