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  • The Easy Way to Validate 10G Network Connectivity The Easy Way to Validate 10G Network Connectivity Mike Pennacchi, Network Protocol Specialists Recorded: Nov 16 2016 60 mins
    “I don’t always validate network connectivity… but when I do, it’s an enormous time sink.” -The Most Interesting IT Pro in the World
    If this sounds familiar, we have good news. You can now drastically reduce the time spent on network analysis and validation with the right tools and know-how.
    Join us for a guided walkthrough of the validation process and learn about:
    Understanding and navigating the Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model)
    Troubleshooting connectivity vs. network performance
    Determining availability of services
    Live Event Bonus: Two attendees of the live event will each receive a NETSCOUT cell phone power charger.
  • Enhancing the Patient Experience with IT Service Assurance Enhancing the Patient Experience with IT Service Assurance Brian Philips, Chief Solutions Architect, NETSCOUT Recorded: Nov 16 2016 61 mins
    CIO’s in healthcare organizations today are implementing innovative next generation technologies to improve the overall efficiency, quality, speed and security of patient care. Technology advancements into IP convergence, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN), Virtualization, Cloud, Mobility, WiFi, Web, and the evolving Internet are top of the list. Any disruption in that flow can mean delayed patient treatment, diagnostic test results, patient care approvals, medical image analysis, or e-prescription services.

    In this webinar, learn:

    • Challenges and impacts of performance issues involving EMR, Radiology imaging, HL7, other healthcare applications and their interdependencies
    • Better approach to achieving rapid triage and faster MTTR of patient care impacting services
    • How NETSCOUT’s solutions are providing healthcare IT organizations with greater effectiveness getting to root-cause in complex, multi-vendor wired and wireless environments
  • Managing Applications and Server Farm Performance Managing Applications and Server Farm Performance Ray Krug, Solutions Engineer, NETSCOUT Recorded: Nov 9 2016 48 mins
    IT must be able to respond to the business quickly and accurately with the real-time visibility and control that is necessary for Application and Server Farm Performance. This session will explore how the nGeniusONE Business Assurance Solution helps IT teams managing the rapid and continuous deployment needs of multiple critical Business Applications in today’s Server Farm, including:
    •How business needs are shaping IT Transformation
    •Identifying the root-causes of poor service performance
    •Taking a top down analysis approach
    •Playing offense when it comes to application performance, with real-life business case examples
  • Live Demo of OptiView XG Live Demo of OptiView XG Tony Fortunato, Senior Network Performance Specialist with The Technology Firm Recorded: Nov 1 2016 59 mins
    Troubleshooting performance problems in today’s networks is only getting more complex:

    • Growth of 10G links with limited visibility
    • Increasing demands on wireless networks
    • Complex infrastructure with outdated documentation

    Last thing you need are hard-to-use tools that are complex in themselves or require extensive training before you can effectively use them.

    Please join us for a free webinar where Tony Fortunato will talk about these issues and present a live demo of the OptiView® XG Network Analysis Tablet.

    XG expedites network performance problem solving by automating root cause analysis and providing guided troubleshooting to address problem areas - anywhere on the network – wired or wireless.
  • Improve Network Security Using a Wired and Wireless Portable Tool Improve Network Security Using a Wired and Wireless Portable Tool Mike Pennacchi – Owner, Network Protocol Specialists, LLC. Recorded: Oct 27 2016 57 mins
    Network security is on the top of every network administrator’s mind. While firewalls and intrusion detection devices do a good job of blocking threats from the outside, it is necessary to have a tool that can easily be moved around the network. Such a tool can be used to monitor the conversations to and from a device, as well as monitoring the wireless network.

    That is where the OptiView XG comes in. Join us for this webinar introducing this single, self-contained tablet, that provides the ability to monitor both wired and wireless networks, analyze the traffic, and provide visibility into potential threats. The OptiView XG has integrated tools and runs the Windows operating system, allowing additional security tools to be loaded.

    In this webinar, we will explore how you can use OptiView XG to:

    - Get in-line, monitor conversations to/from devices
    - Capture wired packets at full line rate
    - Export discovered device information to importable files
    - Monitor the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless frequencies, identifying devices such as wireless cameras
    - Perform site surveys, which may be used to identify rogue networks and access points
    - Compare actual wireless network with a predefined policy
    - Create reports, detailing the policy violations

    About the presenter:

    Mike Pennacchi is the founder and owner of Network Protocol Specialists, LLC. For the last 20 years, Mike has been traveling the world teaching classes on network troubleshooting and analysis. When he is not teaching classes on network troubleshooting, Mike is using the OptiView XG to troubleshooting critical network problems for his clients. The methods and procedures used to troubleshoot these problems is then brought back into the classroom, to ensure the students are getting timely and accurate information.
  • Ever Have Problems Validating Performances of Wired and Wi-Fi Networks, and Want Ever Have Problems Validating Performances of Wired and Wi-Fi Networks, and Want Bai Qing, Technical Director, SystemEngineer360 Pte Ltd Recorded: Oct 25 2016 45 mins
    Want to learn more about point-to-point performance testing of traffic streams across the network infrastructure by assessing its throughput, loss, latency, and jitter characteristics? Join our expert in this live webinar, who will introduce you to the OneTouch AT Analyzer's Wired & Wireless Performance Tests capabilities - a sure way to validate performances of wired and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Managing Your RF Spectrum... something nobody ever does, and absolutely should d Managing Your RF Spectrum... something nobody ever does, and absolutely should d Bai Qing, Technical Director, SystemEngineer360 Pte Ltd Recorded: Oct 25 2016 42 mins
    Many administrators will admit that they reactively manage their RF spectrum, waiting until client devices experience connectivity or performance problems before troubleshooting. Some administrators may incorrectly suppose that relying on Radio Resource Management (RRM) will solve their spectrum problems, but RRM algorithms simply react to RF interference sources. How then should we proactively manage our RF spectrum in order to lower OPEX, increase performance, and to get the expected ROI from our Wi-Fi systems? Join Wi-Fi expert Bai Qing as he teaches industry best practices for protecting and managing your most precious resource: airtime.
  • Atacando problemas de Power over Ethernet (PoE) Atacando problemas de Power over Ethernet (PoE) Pepe Bonilla, Gerente de Ventas – LATAM, Netscout Systems, Inc. Recorded: Oct 24 2016 66 mins
    PoE simplifica y reduce los costos de instalación gracias a que sólo es necesario un cable para proveer datos y energía. Puede ser de utilidad en edificios viejos en dónde no es fácil instalar tomas de corriente eléctrica para energizar dispositivos que podrán estar montados en el techo o en los muros. Los dispositivos que hoy frecuentemente utilizan PoE son cámaras para video vigilancia, puntos de acceso para WiFi, teléfonos VoIP, entre otros.

    Participe en esta sesión y aprenda sobre las mejores prácticas para configurar y poner en operación PoE, así como las prácticas recomendadas para atacar los problemas que con mayor frecuencia se pueden enfrentar.

    La agenda para este webinar es:

    •Beneficios de utilizar PoE
    •Principios de funcionamiento del PoE
    •Puntos de falla
    •Validación de desempeño del PoE
    •Instrumentos y métodos para atacar problemas en PoE
  • How to Measure Availability and Performance of Cloud Apps How to Measure Availability and Performance of Cloud Apps Jason Chaffee – Sr. Product Manager NETSCOUT Recorded: Oct 11 2016 32 mins
    Business users expect IT to be responsible for access to the apps they need to do their jobs, no matter how an application is deployed – in the cloud or on-premise, and no matter where it is accessed from - in the office or remotely.

    Now with nGeniusPULSE, you can easily measure the availability and performance of cloud apps and services, including hosted VoIP, from anywhere.”

    Join us and learn how nGeniusPULSE synthetic (active) testing which measures the layer-3ISP path from source to destination (DNS to app server), compliments nGeniusONE with:

    • Continuous Testing: Automatically and routinely test a service such as a website or application
    • Test-Now Options: Easily run on-demand tests for any specific website or application
    • SaaS and Web Tests: Perform HTTP and HTTPS tests to measure app availability and delay for DNS, server, client, network, SSL, and application server
    • VoIP Tests: Measure service availability and quality for external and internal peer-to-peer calls
    • Custom Tests: Specify metrics to test, with results delivered to nGeniusPULSE dashboards
    • Deployment Options: Use physical and/or software test agents
  • Addressing the Top WiFi Complaints. It just has to work! Addressing the Top WiFi Complaints. It just has to work! Devin Akin, CEO, Divergent Dynamics Recorded: Oct 6 2016 59 mins
    You've heard them. The all too common WiFi user complaints: Too slow, Can't connect, Get disconnected, Can't roam! Each of these complaints have a cause that can be resolved.

    Join this session to hear WiFi expert Devin Akin address the top WiFi issues. He'll dig into what to look for, the diagnosis, and best troubleshooting tips.