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Digital Transformation

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  • This briefing will analyze the reigning trends in the European data center services market, providing an overview of the go-to-market strategies of various providers. We will also be joined by Matthew Finnie, chief technology officer at Interoute, who will provide his perspective on the growth of the data center services market.

    Why You Must Attend:
    • Find out how cloud is impacting traditional data center services
    • Learn about the major trends in data center and cloud services
    • Discover how providers are catering to hybrid IT requirements
    • Understand competing strategies adopted by data center services providers
  • Asia Pacific’s data center services market is currently undergoing significant traction, with a healthy growth of 15.4% over 2015 to reach revenues in excess of US$14 billion in 2016. With exceptional growth in emerging markets, Frost & Sullivan expects the strong pace of growth to continue within the Asia Pacific markets. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7% between the period of 2015 - 2022 to reach US$32.8 billion at the end of 2022.

    If you have any client that has an interest in gaining an in depth understanding of the data center services landscape in Asia Pacific this study will help, addressing questions such as:

    What is the size of the Data Centre Services market at an APAC regional and at country level (10 markets)
    Who are the major players in the fast moving and growing area
    What are the key drivers for growth?
    What are the market challenges?

    This will interest:

    Large enterprises who are procuring data center services in APAC (eg banks)
    Any company looking at making a data centre investment, partnership or acquisition in APAC
    Providers of power and cooling solutions who are selling into the APAC market
    Property owners/developers who are planning to build data center facilities in the region
    Other data centre providers who are interested to understand in detail what the market looks from an independent, trusted third party
  • This webinar will offer a comprehensive perspective of the highlights and trends discussed at the Mobile World Congress based on the feedback received on meetings held at MWC.
  • Blockchains are a new solution to a fundamental question in the digital world: How do you establish trust between parties over the Internet’s untrusted network? More specifically, how do you get perfect, simultaneous, shared data between a number of different people, devices or businesses? It is the technology that supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, but it can support the transfer of any data or digital asset. Bitcoin is the tip of the blockchain iceberg. Decision makers across industries are beginning to ask: "What does blockchain technology mean for our future?" This webinar will equip attendees with the foundation to understand its huge potential.
  • The explosion of fraud in payment is a major concern for financial institutions as global business is based on trust. Fraudsters are clever and are able to quickly target unknown security breaches to succeed. In this webinar, we will focus on innovative ways to fight against fraud and discuss the latest trends in payment fraud.
  • It’s increasingly clear that improving the customer experience and reducing customer effort are critical in today’s competitive environment. It’s also clear that businesses and solution providers are embracing omnichannel customer care with the goal of seamless customer engagement. Is omnichannel realistic?

    Why you should attend:
    • Learn where companies are in providing omnichannel customer care
    • Identify the drivers and restraints in omnichannel delivery
    • Hear a key global systems integrator and solutions provider talk about the challenges and successes of omnichannel delivery
  • The connected (or smart) home market is attracting widespread attention from companies across numerous sectors. Connected homes depend on a rich ecosystem of network infrastructure, content delivery, and home automation technologies. Growth opportunities exist for companies spanning communications, energy, healthcare and security, to name a few.

    This webinar will draw on this insight to provide a pragmatic view of current consumer perspectives. In particular, this presentation will:

    • Identify consumer demands for a connected lifestyle
    • Understand consumer challenges and expectations in a smart home environment
    • Define the functions that consumers see most value in connecting
    • Outline the level of functional integration expected by consumers
  • This briefing will interest ICT vendors seeking to understand how cities are investing in open and big data, and how they plan to invest beyond the proof-of-concept stage. Participants from cities will gain an overview of activities and best practices in Europe.

    During this webinar we will:

    · Share results of the Real-time Cities Survey
    · Discuss implications for future commercialization
    · Identify the leading cities
    · Point to the emerging ICT opportunities
  • Mobile money is paving the way for greater financial inclusion throughout Africa and transforming the way consumers transact with one other. The mobile money industry has been shaped by a robust ecosystem of network operators, technology partners and merchants. Recent innovations are leading the trend toward more transactional services, moving beyond basic peer-to-peer transfers.

    Why You Should Attend:

    - Learn about the growth of mobile money
    - Understand the innovation driving service uptake
    - Hear from one of the leading mobile money technology partners
  • Hybrid IT is fast becoming the new normal across organizations in Asia-Pacific. With the increasing utilization of data centers and cloud services across the Asia Pacific region, companies have gradually updated or upgraded their existing IT systems, giving rise to the Hybrid IT environment. Besides helping enterprises to drive digital disruption, the latest Hybrid IT environment is also enhancing the customer experience and encouraging business model innovation. As a result, there is greater acceleration in the adoption of a multi-vendor multi-cloud environment or Hybrid IT.Together with the Cloud, Hybrid IT is enabling the accelerated adoption of new technologies such as Big Data, the Internet of Things and Connected Industries. 

    Mayank Kapoor, Industry Principal, ICT - Data Center and Cloud Computing, Frost & Sullivan, Asia Pacific discusses these and key insights on how these new technologies are driving industry transformation not just across the ICT industry but also the Manufacturing, Automotive and Healthcare industries.

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