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Storage and Server Virtualization Resources

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  • Join us for our Storage Update. Each update covers the latest news, provides technical education, gives our opinion on the latest trends in storage, updates you on the latest briefings we've attended, and, of course, take questions and comments from our audience. We'll cover everything you need to know in 30 minutes but we will leave the line open for an hour to take in questions. No registration is required, simply tune in to get your 30 minute storage update or hang around for the full hour for the interactive Q&A.
  • As Disaster Recovery pressures mount businesses of all sizes are looking to the cloud to solve their recovery challenges, but can the cloud be counted on when the business needs it most? Join George Crump, Lead Analyst with Storage Switzerland in this interactive webinar as he covers the different types of cloud backup solutions available, the types of disaster recovery solutions and provides an economic model to help businesses determine if the cloud is worth it. As always, we will leave plenty of time at the end of the webinar for Questions and Answers.

    All attendees will receive an exclusive copy of George’s latest white paper “Cloud DR Economics - Can You Cost Justify it?”. This paper is not available anywhere else; you must register to get your copy.
  • Backup, unless you are focused on it, is hard. Enterprises of all sizes are looking to outsource the problem child to someone that can babysit it. MSPs are in an excellent position to not only assist organizations but grow their businesses. But selecting a cloud backup solution on which to standardize on is a critical process for MSP decision makers. There are unique business and technology considerations to understand before selecting a product. In this webinar Storage Switzerland and Asigra will walk MSP executives through those decisions.

    1.The Importance of Selecting a Comprehensive Product to Lower TCO
    2.The Importance of Starting Fast, both as a business and technically
    3.The Importance of Adding Value, to achieve Trusted Advisor status

    The live event is on September 16th at 1 pm ET and 10 AM PT. It will be available on-demand to registrants anytime after that. Pre-register today and receive Storage Switzerland’s latest white paper “Technical Considerations for adding a Cloud Backup Service to your MSP Portfolio” and our product analysis on Asigra’s latest product “Asigra Converged Data Protection Appliance for Managed Service Providers”.
  • Up until the past year or two, High-Performance Compute (HPC) environments and the enterprise data center have been separate domains. But now the data-intensive demands of analytics, migrations to cloud infrastructures and ever growing numbers of users looking to store large quantities of data are making the enterprise data center demand high-performance and scalability previously common only in HPC and Web provider environments. Not only are companies implementing HPC specific jobs like Big Data Analytics and geographic data distribution but virtualized and database environments are being challenged to increase density to support more users at lower operational costs. Should the traditional data center look at HPC storage solutions to meet these demands?

    Join Storage Switzerland and Data Direct Networks (DDN) to learn five reasons HPC storage is ideal for enterprises. In this webinar we will compare the needs of the enterprise data center to the capabilities of HPC storage to see if HPC is the ideal fit for the enterprise.
  • Like virtualization before it, container technology will evolve from a DevOps initiative to an enterprise requirement. Docker is leading that evolution as it promises to bring greater efficiency to the data center than we ever thought possible with the virtual machine construct. However, companies implementing Docker in production will realize that persistent data storage is not easy. As a result, the development of Docker to an enterprise class solution drives new requirements on the storage infrastructure:

    1. Hyper-Scalability
    2. Advanced but Flexible Data Services
    3. Multiple Access Methods
    4. A Software Foundation

    Join Storage Switzerland and Hedvig for our live webinar and learn:

    1. What are Docker Containers and Microservices?
    2. Why Does Docker Require a New Storage Paradigm?
    3. What are the Requirements of a Docker Storage Infrastructure?
  • Container technologies are capturing the industry headlines right now, but they are seen mainly as a solution for Linux test-dev environments. In reality, container technology can pay big dividends for MS-SQL. Join Storage Switzerland’s George Crump and DH2i’s Carl Berglund for this interactive webinar as we explain how containers work in MS-SQL environments and detail the 3 reasons you should consider containers for your MS-SQL environment:

    1. Make any SQL Server instance mobile to any infrastructure
    2. Facilitate modernization of infrastructure, OS, &/or application version
    3. Get near-zero downtime with simple, flexible management
  • Leaping to Software Defined Storage? Make Sure You Can Answer These Questions:

    1. Is Software Defined Storage Right For You?
    2. What are the Hardware Requirements For Software Defined Storage?
    3. How do you Transition To Software Defined Storage?

    Join George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland and Gavin Mclaughlin, VP of Strategy and Communication with X-IO for this instructive webinar. In this webinar, you will learn the answers to the three key questions, you should ask when considering a software-defined storage strategy.

    All Attendees to this webinar will receive an advanced copy of Storage Switzerland's Latest White Paper, "The Hardware Requirements of Software Defined Storage".
  • Learn From Two Deduplication Veterans: George Crump, Founder Storage Switzerland and Tom Cook, CEO Permabit

    Are All Deduplication Methods the Same?

    Why is Dedupe so Valuable in the All-Flash Use Case?

    What Can Go Wrong Deduplication?

    Ask your deduplication questions to the dedupe panel
  • Join Storage Switzerland and Accelerite for a live webinar “How To Prepare for the Disasters that Will Actually Happen”. In this webinar we will discuss how these types of man-made disasters differ from natural disasters, why they’re more costly than natural disasters and what steps IT professionals must take, right now, to make sure their businesses can recover from them.

    All registrants attending the live webinar will also be entered into a drawing to win an Apple Watch given away after the webinar.
  • Software Defined Storage (SDS) has fundamentally changed the way storage hardware is purchased by abstracting storage services from the physical hardware. But to reach its full potential SDS needs to go back to school. Join us for this live webinar with George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland and Andrew Flint, VP of Marketing at ioFABRIC as they discuss why SDS has more to learn to deliver the next level of efficiency in the data center.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    •How SDS can drive better storage efficiency
    •How SDS solutions can become more automated
    •Why SDS does NOT need to be hyper-converged

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