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Storage and Server Virtualization Resources

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  • Ransomware: Strategies for Protecting Your Weakest Link - Endpoints
    Ransomware: Strategies for Protecting Your Weakest Link - Endpoints
    George Crump, Storage Switzerland and W. Curtis Preston, Druva Recorded: Nov 15 2018 55 mins
    Ransomware, when it infiltrates an organization, causes most of its damage to user endpoints (laptops, tablets, and smartphones). Endpoints typically make up more than 60% of impacted data. The problem is those endpoints are often the most exposed because they are the least likely to be consistently protected. Those endpoints have an increasing amount of unique data on them that is not adequately backed up. Ransomware is just part of the problem, user error and malicious insiders account for a considerable amount of data loss.

    External and internal threats to data combined with the increasing amount of unprotected unique data on endpoints mean that organizations need to reconsider their endpoint data protection strategy. The problem is that in many organizations, endpoint data protection is an ad-hoc process and is not adequately defined by IT. The reason? Most endpoint backup solutions start as consumer solutions and treat the enterprise as an afterthought. IT needs a solution that is designed from the ground up to provide enterprise-class endpoint data protection.

    Join George Crump, Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland, and W. Curtis Preston (a.k.a. Mr. Backup), Chief Technical Architect at Druva for a live webinar to learn the latest strategies for protecting your organization from a Ransomware Attack.
  • Application Explosion - Rediscovering the Lost Art of Protection Service Levels
    Application Explosion - Rediscovering the Lost Art of Protection Service Levels
    Storage Switzerland, Micro Focus Recorded: Nov 15 2018 57 mins
    The number of applications in organization’s data centers is growing rapidly. No longer does IT need to worry about a few mission and business critical applications, it needs to worry about dozens. While all these applications are important to the organization, some are more critical than others.

    Establishing service levels greatly improves the organization's ability to meet application recovery expectations. Selecting a service level driven backup application enables IT to manage to those service levels instead of managing jobs. The problem is most backup applications provide little help in enabling IT to maintain service level consistency.

    By attending this webinar you’ll learn how to:
    * Implement service levels like RPO and RTO throughout the data center
    * Establish NEW service levels for copy management and recovered performance
    * Fix the disconnect between service levels and data protection applications
  • The Software Matters in Open Networking
    The Software Matters in Open Networking
    Storage Switzerland and Pluribus Networks Recorded: Nov 13 2018 61 mins
    Open networking offers the ability to break free of vendor lock-in and achieve white box economics. SDN promises automation, reduced OpEx and increased agility. However, the open networking and SDN landscape can be confusing, and migrating away from legacy infrastructure can seem fraught with peril. Is the journey worth it?

    Join Storage Switzerland and Pluribus Networks where we will answer the following questions:
    • What are the benefits of open networking and SDN in the data center?
    • How can I safely migrate to a disaggregated white box architecture when I have incumbent vendors deployed throughout my network?
    • How do I deploy SDN in my data center and do I need a full hardware refresh to do it?

    Register before November 9th and receive an exclusive copy of Storage Switzerland's newest eBook "Virtualizing and Automating the Network - A Guide to White Box Switches, Network Operating Systems and Software-Defined Networking."
  • Holistic Disaster Recovery; from Data Center to Endpoint
    Holistic Disaster Recovery; from Data Center to Endpoint
    Storage Switzerland, KeepItSafe, Veeam Recorded: Nov 8 2018 62 mins
    Most disaster recovery strategies focus exclusively on the data center but most users use laptops and other endpoints to get their work done. And those endpoints often have unique, business critical data on them. Data center servers and storage as well as endpoint need inclusion into the organization’s disaster recovery plan.

    Today disasters like ransomware and other cyber-threats can impact both data center servers and user endpoint. And, both endpoints and data center servers are susceptible to “minor” disasters like hardware failure and software bugs, which at the time seem major to those impacted. Endpoints, unlike servers also face another type of disaster loss or theft.

    Register now for our upcoming webinar where experts from Storage Switzerland, Veeam and KeepItSafe discuss how to create a disaster recovery plan that covers all of the organizations digital assets.
  • The Elephant in the Datacenter - Protect, Manage, & Leverage Unstructured Data
    The Elephant in the Datacenter - Protect, Manage, & Leverage Unstructured Data
    Storage Switzerland and Igneous Recorded: Oct 29 2018 60 mins
    IT is facing new challenges in managing unstructured data. Organizations want to store more unstructured data and keep it longer for future analysis. However, the protection and retention methods of traditional backup and archive solutions are not keeping pace with new volumes of unstructured data, nor are they able to meet new business expectations. Given the growth in terms of quantity, total capacity, and criticality of unstructured data, IT needs to fundamentally change how it protects, manages, and leverages unstructured data.

    Join Storage Switzerland and Igneous for a live webinar, where we will dive into the results of a recent survey on the impact of unstructured data management and its challenges on organizations. During the webinar, we will discuss best practices that organizations like yours can implement to effectively manage the unstructured data elephant.

    Key Webinar Takeaways - The True Value of Unstructured Data - The Challenges Unstructured Data Creates - Best Practices for Protection, Management, and Monetization
  • Evolving Data Protection from Backup to Copy Data Management
    Evolving Data Protection from Backup to Copy Data Management
    Storage Switzerland and Hitachi Recorded: Oct 24 2018 50 mins
    Copy Data Management promises to not only improve the data protection process, it promises to provide value to the organization even without a looming disaster. It can reduce storage costs by presenting virtual copies of data to test/dev, analytics and reporting. It also can make sure those copies are refreshed so those use cases are always dealing with the latest copy of data.

    Join Storage Switzerland and Hitachi Vantara for our live panel discussion where we will show how copy data management better protects the organization and makes protection more than an insurance policy by adding value to the organization. We’ll show how Copy Data Management can reduce the cost of storage throughout the data center while at the same time improving processes like test/dev, analytics and reporting. Finally we’ll also explain why copy data management solutions may actually be better at protection since they store data in its native form, enabling it to be recovered more quickly.

    The webinar will also include a live demo of Hitachi’s Data Instance Director. See Copy Data Management in action!
  • Data Management vs GDPR and Data Privacy-Solve the Right to Be Forgotten Problem
    Data Management vs GDPR and Data Privacy-Solve the Right to Be Forgotten Problem
    Storage Switzerland and Aparavi Recorded: Oct 18 2018 56 mins
    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) makes specific demands on organizations based in and doing business in the European Union (EU). Now several US states are considering similar legislation and California has already passed a GDPR-like law. Clearly this is not solely an EU problem.

    From a data management standpoint, GDPR presents IT with two challenges. First it has to ensure the on-going protection of data which given the growth of unstructured data is increasingly a challenge. The size and number of files is an ongoing data management problem but meeting the specific demands on retention of discrete files within the data set is a bigger problem.

    An even bigger challenge comes from the right to be forgotten aspect of these regulations where a user can request the removal of all their data from a backup set. Vendors are working on several potential solutions like delete on restore and isolated recovery zones but each of these creates their own challenges.

    In this live webinar, join Storage Switzerland and Aparavi as we dive deep into the impact of GDPR and similar regulations to data management and the data protection process. The time is now to get prepared to meet the ever-increasing demands on data retention and data privacy.
  • How to Design a 92TB, 500K IOPS AFA for less than $95,000!
    How to Design a 92TB, 500K IOPS AFA for less than $95,000!
    Storage Switzerland and StorONE Recorded: Oct 4 2018 60 mins
    All-Flash Arrays are the model of inefficiency and as flash media increases in density and performance, the cost of this inefficiency becomes more obvious. Enterprise solid-state drives (SSD) deliver 70,000 IOPS per drive but most AFAs need 24 drives or more to achieve 70,000 IOPS. Those same systems also need high-end processors to move IO through them at those speeds. The cost of these systems is hundreds of thousands of dollars when in reality they should cost less than $100,000.

    In this webinar we will discuss why their software bottlenecks current all-flash arrays. We will explain how inefficient storage software requires vendors to use more powerful and more expensive CPUs, as well as a greater quantity of flash drives. We'll also explain why technology advancements like NVMe and increasing flash density will only make the situation worse.

    Registrants for the webinar will receive a copy of Storage Switzerland's eBook "Why Does Storage Cost So Much - How to Dramatically Lower the Cost of Storage".
  • Overcoming the Storage Roadblock to Data Center Modernization
    Overcoming the Storage Roadblock to Data Center Modernization
    Storage Switzerland and Datera Recorded: Sep 27 2018 61 mins
    Organizations have tried a variety of solutions to regain control of their data storage infrastructure. They’ve invested in monolithic storage systems, software defined storage (SDS) and hyper-converged systems. While each approach may have brought some value, each failed in its primary task: consolidating storage resources. Each of these consolidation efforts is unable to consistently guarantee performance, scale capacity and drive down storage costs.

    As a result, most organizations end up buying workload specific solutions for both legacy and modern applications. Most data centers today have a mixture of multiple all-flash storage systems, hyper-converged environments and high capacity data archives. They also have storage software for each use case. IT ends up dealing with a data management nightmare, which limits organizational efficiency and productivity.

    Don’t give up! Join Storage Switzerland and Datera to learn how monolithic, software defined and hyper-converged architectures have let IT down and why the problem gets worse as data centers modernize. Attendees will learn how storage solutions need to change in order to eliminate primary storage silos while guaranteeing specific application performance, scaling to meet capacity demands and lower storage TCO.
  • The Future Data Center - Live from Hitachi Next!
    The Future Data Center - Live from Hitachi Next!
    Storage Switzerland and Hitachi Recorded: Sep 26 2018 62 mins
    What comes after Data Center Modernization? The future data center is smart. But what is a smart data center, how do you create a smart data center and why would you want to? We'll answer all of these questions on our live webinar roundtable discussion LIVE from Hitachi NEXT2018. Join us as we talk about solutions that can answer questions like:

    •What are the largest cost drivers in my data center?
    •How can IT accelerate my time to market?
    •How do I optimize costs like power and cooling?
    •How can I proactively identify inherent threats and issues?

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