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  • Capsule Networks -- A Boon for Deep Learning or Distraction?
    Capsule Networks -- A Boon for Deep Learning or Distraction?
    Tarry Singh & Huadong Liao | Amsterdam & Chongqing Recorded: Dec 7 2017 63 mins
    Geoffrey Hinton et al introduced Capsules Theory a couple of years ago in his lectures and finally, a few weeks back their first research paper got published on arXiV.

    The king of the hill lately is Convolutional Neural Networks but a simple "pixel attack" can throw it in complete disarray. This may not be much of a problem in you aren't able to identify a cat or a dog but doing deep medical image scanning -- if manipulated, can lead to disastrous results.

    Furthermore, Convolutional Neural Networks, while great improvements upon older models fail in their "cognitive" capabilities of associationism when it comes to orientation and spatial relationships.

    This is where Capsule Networks or CapsNET comes in, that doa a better job in understanding spatial hierarchies between simple and complex objects, much in the same way we think we understand how our visual cortex computes / understands objects.

    This webcast will give you a gentle introduction on Capsule Networks and our work in building a rich and robust library of CapsLayer, which we will further develop in the coming months!
  • Deep Learning is Back!
    Deep Learning is Back!
    Tarry Singh, AI/Neuroscience Researcher and Enthusiast Recorded: Nov 21 2017 33 mins
    Deep Learning has been going through ups and downs since the 1800s, but in the last decade Deep Learning is has found inroads thanks to Geoffrey Hinton's relentless efforts to find meaning of how our brain works and improve upon the methods has given us innovation at scale in the field of Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.

    My talk will give you a 3 part overview:
    - Introduction into the history of Mathematics and Mathematicians to whom we (probably) owe everything
    - A practical case that Deep Learning is really working and is not a hype or fad
    and finally,
    - How Enterprises can and must leverage this and even if your company is struggling to grasp this revolution, how YOU can advance your career and learn skills for the future.
  • Cloud Computing Float Point Index
    Cloud Computing Float Point Index
    Tarry Singh Recorded: Feb 9 2009 33 mins
    FPI, or "Float Point Index" is a simple analytical calculation of some variables that companies keep, enlarge and contract as their market position strengthens or weakens. While investment during a downturn might look foolish, during an upturn a poor FPI score can undermine a company's competitive position.
    We will see and do a quick SWOT on the winner and quickly see some 70 firms, Telcos and IT firms and try to understand why their survival depends on keeping that score closer to 1.0.

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