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Demand Generation

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  • Establishing Your Demand Funnel: Having a Process from Click to Close
    Establishing Your Demand Funnel: Having a Process from Click to Close Dave Lewis, CEO & Founder, DemandGen International Recorded: Jul 24 2012 48 mins
    Traditionally, the mind of the marketer is on demand generation: filling the funnel for the sales force. Today, while that’s still a key first step toward customer acquisition, Marketing’s role now extends far beyond the top of the funnel: to establishing the “sales and marketing factory.”

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how to align sales and marketing by creating a demand funnel that provides the taxonomy, process, and metrics for effective demand generation.

    You'll learn:
    •How to start the process of aligning sales and marketing
    •Why a Demand Funnel is a critical first step for effective demand generation
    •Sample funnel models and case studies
    •How lead scoring and nurturing interact with the Demand Funnel
    •How the Demand Funnel should used to measure pipeline velocity

    David Lewis is a dynamic speaker, metrics-based marketer, and successful "Inc. 500" entrepreneur. As founder and CEO of DemandGen International, his team educates and works with sales and marketing teams on effective lead management, online marketing, marketing automation, and CRM systems. His speaking style is humorous and energetic; he keeps his audience continually engaged through interaction, sharing stories, and relating experiences.
    With 20+ years of sales and marketing experience, David and has team have helped 100's of the top sales and marketing teams improve their demand generation and customer acquisition programs. His extensive experience will provide you great insight into the challenges and opportunities of the sales/marketing relationship -- which is at the heart of every closed sale.
  • “Lead Nurturing in EMEA” – The Do’s and Don’t’s
    “Lead Nurturing in EMEA” – The Do’s and Don’t’s John Sweeney, DemandGen AG; Stan Woods, Velocity Partners; John Watton, Expedia; Teri O'Neal, NetApp Recorded: May 25 2011 65 mins
    Your potential customers are online right now learning about your products and services. How are you helping them in their buying journey from research to selection? The art and science of staying in front of buyers as they’re considering your product or service is called Lead Nurturing. Lead Nurturing brings a fundamental shift from how marketing and sales operate, by removing much of the qualification work that sales does and focusing them on closing. Today’s panel represent the expanding vanguard of marketers who have rolled up their sleeves and are making Lead Nurturing work in EMEA.

    Join this webcast and find out:

    · How to get around the complexity of implementing Lead Nurturing in multiple language and geographies

    · How to take your inventory of existing content and map it to roles and stages

    · How to build a roadmap to a successful Lead Nurturing program

    · How to gain sales buy-in across different markets

    · How to measure effectiveness and optimize regularly

    The Panel

    John Watton, Head of Global Marketing at Expedia Affiliate Network (Expedia). John is one of Europe’s Marketing Automation pioneers. He first implemented Marketing Automation at Shipserv in 2008. The results were truly impressive and John was named B2B Marketer of the Year in 2009.

    Teri O’Neal is Marketing Automation Manager EMEA at NetApp. She is responsible for integrating marketing automation into EMEA demand generation strategies.

    Stan Woods, Managing Director at Velocity, a B2B Marketing Agency specializing in technology. Authors of the B2B Marketing Manifesto Velocity work with companies to generate great content – the fuel that drives marketing automation platforms.

    John Sweeney (Host), Customer Success Director, DemandGen. DemandGen are Marketing Automation consultancy and help companies deploy Marketing Automation globally.
  • The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring
    The Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring Andrew Spoeth & Jon Miller, Marketo Recorded: Feb 23 2011 39 mins
    Join Jon Miller and Andrew Spoeth, two of the authors of the Definitive Guide to Lead Scoring, as they walk through the highlights of the new Definitive Guide and share the top things to consider when improving lead scoring at your company.

    This presentation will show you:
    * How to know when a lead is most likely to be sales ready
    * What is the difference between implicit, explicit, behavior and demographic scoring rules, and why it’s important to consider these
    * How to build an internal check-up process for continuous improvement
    * What questions to ask your team before getting started with lead scoring
    * What are so to tie lead scoring to your social media efforts
    * How to improve marketing’s credibility with sales through better lead qualification
  • Convert and Close—win more sales with great proposals
    Convert and Close—win more sales with great proposals Paul Burgo; Frost & Sullivan, Amit Davé salesElement Recorded: Nov 18 2010 44 mins
    Listen in on how Frost & Sullivan is using seProposals to increase sales, and then learn some tips and tricks for improving your proposal and quoting process.

    Paul Burgo of Frost & Sullivan will share how he was able to implement a new process for his world-wide sales team to clarify complex offerings across a wide range of research and consulting services.

    Immediately following, Amit Davé, president of salesElement, will review some proposal best practices and share 10 tips on creating great proposals and accurate quotes.
  • Utilizing Paid Search in the Context of the B2B Sale
    Utilizing Paid Search in the Context of the B2B Sale Jim McKinley; 360Partners, Principal Recorded: Nov 18 2010 46 mins
    Paid search isn't the same in B2B as it is for consumers. It's not about click-to-conversion, shopping carts, and instant gratification. But paid search can fit into your B2B sale. In this webcast, B2B paid search expert Jim McKinley of 360Partners explains some of the key challenges and how to overcome them in building a BtoB search campaign.
  • 5 Guidelines for Creating a Successful Content Strategy
    5 Guidelines for Creating a Successful Content Strategy Chris Chariton; GlobalSpec, Vice President, Supplier Marketing & Naylor Gray, Frost & Sullivan, Director, Global Marketing Recorded: Nov 18 2010 48 mins
    Content is one of the foundational pillars of a successful demand generation program. Companies can develop solid marketing plans and invest in leading technology to support demand generation, but they cannot achieve their goals without a strategy in place to deliver valuable, relevant content.

    Presented by B2B marketing experts Chris Chariton, vice president of supplier marketing and marketing services for GlobalSpec, and Naylor Gray, director of global marketing for Frost & Sullivan, this session will give you valuable insight and tips on how to create a successful content strategy. Get started with your 2011 strategy and content planning by attending and learning more about:

    •The importance of content in B2B marketing
    •Key questions to ask when creating a content strategy
    •Content: how much is too much?
    •Using content to drive action
    •How to conduct a content audit
  • Anatomy of a Sales Playbook:  Helping Sales Close the Deal
    Anatomy of a Sales Playbook: Helping Sales Close the Deal Christian Patrik; Account Director, Bulldog Solutions Recorded: Nov 18 2010 43 mins
    Playbooks are a key part of sales enablement. They make all the difference in the Sales team’s ability to run with the ball and close the deal after Marketing hands off a qualified lead. This presentation will review key steps to building playbooks that ensure Marketing is setting up Sales for success.
  • Using Rich Media to Drive Demand
    Using Rich Media to Drive Demand Michelle Megarry; Global Marketing, Intel & James Miller; BrightTALK Recorded: Nov 18 2010 41 mins
    Since rich media is increasingly being used by B2B buyers to inform their purchasing decisions, marketers are embracing rich media assets to drive demand for their products and services.

    In this webcast, James Miller from BrightTALK will interview Michelle Megarry, Global Marketing and Brand Manager at Intel. We will discuss what the most effective rich media assets used by B2B marketers are and how these assets help organizations grow their awareness, educate customers and prospects as well as generate qualified leads.
  • Best Practices for Speaking Your CMO’s Performance Language
    Best Practices for Speaking Your CMO’s Performance Language Terry Flaherty; Vice President of Strategy & Best Practices, Bulldog Solutions Recorded: Nov 18 2010 41 mins
    Your CMO has a scorecard: It’s the amount of revenue marketing generates, and the amount spent to do so. If you’re thinking click-throughs and top-of-funnel leads only, you’re not helping your CMO make a strong case for your team (or for yourself). This presentation will explain how to match your efforts with the metrics that matter to your marketing leadership.
  • He Shoots, He Scores! The Secret to Winning with Lead Scoring
    He Shoots, He Scores! The Secret to Winning with Lead Scoring Renee Himelhoch Chemel; ECI Telecom, Senior Marketing Manager Recorded: Nov 18 2010 46 mins
    Defining a lead scoring strategy and getting internal buy-in might seem like more than you’re ready to take on – but a slam dunk isn’t as far off as you think. Join Senior Marketing Manager, Renee Chemel from ECI Telecom as she shares proven moves from her playbook on how to:

    •Align with Sales: create definitions, processes and everything in between
    •Keep lead scoring simple: take the plunge
    •Share results: be transparent in reporting

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