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Symantec Information Security EMEA

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  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) v15 - The Information Centric Security Generation
    Data Loss Prevention (DLP) v15 - The Information Centric Security Generation Salah Nassar, Director Product Marketing, Symantec and Ben Yang, Director of Product Management, Symantec Recorded: Nov 17 2017 47 mins
    Symantec launched a major release for DLP, version 15, that focuses on expanding core DLP technology and Information Centric Security.

    In today’s cloud generation, data is shared through personal email, created and shared on cloud apps, and accessed via BYO devices by employees, partners, and vendors. With the persistent threat of a breach looming, maintaining visibility, protection, and control over your sensitive data is key for business and maintaining compliance.

    Join us on this webinar to review what’s new with Symantec DLP 15 and get first-hand view of the revolutionary Information Centric Security approach.

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  • Learn how Proxy Plays a Critical Role in Protecting Your Enterprise
    Learn how Proxy Plays a Critical Role in Protecting Your Enterprise Timothy Chiu - Senior Director of Product Marketing, Symantec Recorded: Nov 16 2017 32 mins
    Solving the most sophisticated security challenges requires an advanced approach that is built upon a proxy-based architecture. This approach allows you to leverage best of breed security technologies to provide a safe and confident cloud and network experience.

    Symantec secure web gateway solutions deliver strong proxy-based security in the form factor your organization needs: on-premises appliance, virtual appliance, in the cloud, or in a unified hybrid combination of these solutions.

    The solution’s unique proxy architecture allows it to effectively monitor, control, and secure traffic to ensure a safe web and cloud experience.

    In this webinar learn:
    • Why Proxy architecture is more important than ever as a critical security component of your network
    • How a web proxy can serve as a platform for advanced threat detection and data protection
    • Why pre-filtering your sandbox with proxy architecture is a smart move for both your SOC and your bottom line.

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  • The Threat Landscape – Cybersecurity Trends in 2017 and Beyond
    The Threat Landscape – Cybersecurity Trends in 2017 and Beyond Orla Cox, Director Development Symantec Recorded: Nov 15 2017 59 mins
    The last year has been dominated by costly attacks, newsworthy breaches ransomware and economic espionage. Cybercrime has gotten bigger and bolder and the financial rewards have gotten much bigger. Cyber attacks have started to become a regular occurrence in the news,. This webcast will review

    • Review the threat landscape of 2017
    • Who or what has been to blame in these ransomware and cyber attacks
    • What lessons can you the security professionals take from the year
    • What solutions can help secure you as we move into 2018.

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  • Adapter la sécurité aux nouveaux besoins de conformité GDPR
    Adapter la sécurité aux nouveaux besoins de conformité GDPR Laurent Heslault, Symantec Recorded: Nov 14 2017 21 mins
    Dans la lutte contre les fuites d’informations, l’émergence de règlementations telles que le RGPD renforce le besoin de gestion de conformité centré sur les données (Data-Centric Compliance). Qu’il s’agisse, en amont, de mettre en place les mesures nécessaires à la réduction des risques, ou, après la détection d’un incident, de la capacité de gestion de crise et du retour rapide en conditions opérationnelles, une gestion globale de la conformité permettra d’atteindre un niveau de cyber-résilience optimal. Pour en savoir plus, retrouvez l’intervention de Laurent Heslault lors de la conférence IDC ‘ Le compte à rebours GDPR 5 étapes pour gérer vos données (et en tirer parti !)’ du 14 septembre dernier.
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.1 (Product Tour Video)
    Symantec Endpoint Protection 14.1 (Product Tour Video) Symantec Recorded: Nov 8 2017 4 mins
    Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 14.1 Product Tour Video (3 mins)
  • Want to drive your SEP/Cloud business? Join our sales and marketing webinar
    Want to drive your SEP/Cloud business? Join our sales and marketing webinar Robert Arandjelovic, Ildiko Joo Recorded: Nov 7 2017 49 mins
    Just last week we announced Symantec’s Endpoint Security for the Cloud Generation, building on the market-leading SEP Platform to combine protection, detection & response, deception, hardening and mobile threat defense in a single agent architecture. Symantec is first in the industry to deliver this technology! We have received tremendous feedback from industry analysts and the press, and we want to invite you, our partner community, for a special webinar to provide an overview of the major endpoint security innovations that make up our Cloud Generation Endpoint Security solution. We’ll also share competitive positioning to demonstrate how we can win together in the market. Finally, we’ll walk through our new SEP partner kit, which contains comprehensive information, updated assets, and ready-to-launch campaign material.
  • Security Operations Center (SOC): Aufbau eines SOC oder SOC als Service
    Security Operations Center (SOC): Aufbau eines SOC oder SOC als Service Patrick Kuttruff, CISM, Symantec (Deutschland) GmbH Recorded: Nov 6 2017 53 mins
    In diesem Seminar zum Thema SOC, wird der SOC grundlegend erläutert und diese Grundsäulen eines schlanken SOC beschrieben. Außerdem gibt das Webinar einen Ausblick darauf, was auf die Unternehmen zukommt und welche Herausforderungen die einzelnen (n>1) Phasen begleiten und welche Services man outsourcen kann.

    Wer sich mit der Frage beschäftigt, wie man ein effektives und effizientes Security Operation Center (SOC) aufbauen sollte, steht vor einer großen Herausforderung, denn neben den Investitionen der physischen Sicherheitsmaßnahmen, Hard- und Software ist besonderes Augenmerk auf die Analysten zu setzen, die hochkonzentriert – einem Mitarbeiter der Flugüberwachung ähnlich – das Geschehen beobachten und auf den „Ernstfall“ eines Angriffs vorbereitet sind.
    Diese Mitarbeiter befinden sich persönlich als auch technisch kontinuierlich im "Alarmzustand", denn jede Anomalie ist für geübte IT-Sicherheitsspezialisten bereits eine potenzielle Cyberbedrohung, die es zu analysieren und abzuwehren gilt. Damit ein SOC wirksam sein kann, bedarf es eines soliden Fundaments aus:
    • Schlanke Prozessabläufe und eindeutig festgelegte und vernünftige Befugnisse der Beteiligten
    • Hocheffiziente und moderne Technologien und Technologiepartnerschaften mit eingespielten Eskalationsstufen
    • Hochmotivierte und vertrauensvolle Mitarbeiter und vertraute Partner, die in Engpässen das eigene SOC Team unterstützen können
  • Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats
    Protecting Critical Infrastructure from Cyber Threats Kunal Agarwal, GM Internet of Things, Symantec Recorded: Nov 2 2017 31 mins
    The systems that connect our lives like financial institutions, and transportation - are all dependent upon the internet. Building resilience in critical infrastructure is crucial to our national security. Join us as we examine cyber security in relation to keeping our traffic lights, running water, phone lines, and other critical infrastructure secure. It also facilitates the transition to November's Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month (CISR), highlighting the tie between cybersecurity and our nation's critical infrastructure.
  • Secure Web y Cloud Gateway
    Secure Web y Cloud Gateway Ramses Gallego, Symantec Strategist Recorded: Nov 2 2017 31 mins
    Seguridad y Protección frente a amenazas para la Empresa
    Para los negocios, Internet es tanto esencial como peligrosa. En tiempos en los que los empleados utilizan cada vez más dispositivos móviles y más procesos se mueven a la nube, la dependencia -y el peligro- en Internet no va hacer más que aumentar. Se precisa visibilidad de todo el tráfico Internet para que se pueda proteger a las organizaciones y empleados de todas las amenazas que el modelo introduce.

    Secure web gateways (SWGs) aportan visibilidad y control necesarios para mitigar los riesgos de Internet. El punto de partida es donde los cortafuegos de próxima generación (NGFWs, Next-Generation Firewalls) acaban, aportando terminación sobre la capa 7 e inspección profunda del tráfico web (puertos 80 y 443) necesaria para descubrir y poder proteger de las constantes y sofisticadas amenazas para su negocio.

    En este webinar aprenderá cómo una arquitectura basada en proxy proporciona seguridad unificada y protección frente a amenazas para una entidad en esta época de usuarios remotos, oficinas móviles, aplicaciones en la nube, dispositivos móviles, etc.

    ● Una arquitectura basada en proxy es ESENCIAL para cubrir las necesidades de la Generación Cloud.
    ● Symantec BC Proxy SG es la mejor defensa de seguridad.
    ● Symantec Proxy SG mejora sustancialmente la protección frente a amenazas a la vez que reduce los costes de otra infraestructura de seguridad.

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