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Application Development and Management

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  • Resilient software design to handle unexpected situations Resilient software design to handle unexpected situations Dr Ganesh Neelakanta Iyer, QA Architect Recorded: Oct 12 2016 45 mins
    Is your software resilient to unexpected failures of some of its components? When certain components of your software is down, can the other components give a seamless user experience to your customers? How do you ensure that resiliency features added into your software work as expected? Come and attend this session to get answers for all these questions.
  • Intro to Containers, Container Storage Challenges and Docker Intro to Containers, Container Storage Challenges and Docker Chad Thibodeau, Principal Product Manager, Veritas, Keith Hudgins, Tech Alliances, Docker, Alex McDonald, Chair SNIA-CSI Recorded: Oct 6 2016 67 mins
    Containers are the latest in what are new and innovative ways of packaging, managing and deploying distributed applications. In this webcast, we’ll introduce the concept of containers; what they are and the advantages they bring illustrated by use cases, why you might want to consider them as an app deployment model, and how they differ from VMs or bare metal deployments.

    We’ll follow up with a look at what is required from a storage perspective when using Docker, one of the leading systems that provides a lightweight, open and secure environment for the deployment of containers. Finally, we’ll round out our Docker introduction by presenting the takeaways from DockerCon, an industry event for makers and operators of distributed applications built on Docker, that took place in Seattle in June of this year.

    Join us for this discussion on:
    •Application deployment history
    •Containers vs. virtual machines vs. bare metal
    • Factors driving containers and common use cases
    • Storage ecosystem and features
    • Container storage table stakes
    •Introduction to Docker
    •Key takeaways from DockerCon 2016
  • What’s New in HPE Mobile Center What’s New in HPE Mobile Center Evgeny Karasik, David Landsberg HPE Recorded: Oct 6 2016 56 mins
    It’s an open secret that a good mobile user experience is essential to achieving business goals. Delivering an exceptional experience can be a daunting task, from user interface design to development, testing and production release.

    HPE Mobile Center, mobile application lifecycle software, helps you test, monitor and optimize your apps on real devices and emulators. Whether you are doing development or testing at the manual, functional, network, security or performance level, this is one session not to miss.

    We will share what’s new since the release of Mobile Center 2.0, and take a closer look at selective stages of the mobile application lifecycle such as:

    How to run parallel Appium and Selenium tests through coding or continuous integration tools such as Jenkins
    SDK and crowd testing capabilities in Mobile Center and more
    Note: If you missed the recent introductory webinar of HPE Mobile Center2.0, you can access the recording here
  • Become a Cloud Master with the HPE Helion Cloud Suite - Part 2 Become a Cloud Master with the HPE Helion Cloud Suite - Part 2 Neil Miles, Kiran Makarla, HPE Recorded: Sep 28 2016 59 mins
    In our first Helion Cloud Suite webinar, we introduced you to the new software suite from HPE that brings together a full range of hybrid cloud capabilities, enabling you to deliver and manage the full spectrum of applications and technologies -- from traditional, virtualized, cloud native and containers -- across a broad range of infrastructure environments. In the second webinar, you got to see the new suite in action for a few key use cases: hybrid, multi-cloud and container management, cloud-native deployment, and cloud analytics.

    This webinar will focus on application use cases.

    Transform traditional applications to offer them as cloud services
    Bridge traditional and cloud-native applications
    Automate the application release pipeline
    Helion Cloud Suite software is a DevOps-driven cloud management solution that enables you to provide what your development and testing teams need to accelerate application release.
  • Essential Practices on Seamless User Experience Across Platforms Essential Practices on Seamless User Experience Across Platforms George Groshkov, UX Designer Recorded: Sep 22 2016 28 mins
    We will be covering good examples of coherent UX across desktop, tablet and mobile. No matter the screen, user journeys have to be simple and work accordingly in regards of the device. In addition, we will discuss some insights of how important it is to create design manifesto in order to keep stakeholders on one page.
  • How To Design a Great B2B UX Which Makes Users and Developers Happy How To Design a Great B2B UX Which Makes Users and Developers Happy Mascha van Oosterhout, User Experience Consultant, eProseed Recorded: Sep 21 2016 27 mins
    As UX consultant at eProseed, partner of Oracle, I currently design UXs of B2B apps to be used on an Oracle platform. For a B2B application to be a successful User Experience, it needs to fulfil requirements from different angles. Users want the app to be useful and usable. Developers need the app to be easy to develop and the customer wants the app to provide business value.

    Asa UX designer I'm always in the middle. I know the different requirements and of course I put the user first and foremost. At the same time I make sure that all stakeholders know the users by defining personas and usage scenarios.

    I design the app for a user to use in any required context (at home, at work, in public transport etc.) By applying the "glance, scan, commit" design philosophy, I make sure that the UX helps the user to fulfil all required work related tasks.

    At the same time i use standard (user tested) Oracle UX patterns to design the app in a way that it's easy for developers to build the UX. By applying these patterns and the Oracle guidelines, the time to develop the uX is reduced, which also makes the customer happy.

    How I do all this, I will explain in this webinar.
  • Are you ahead or behind? Research findings on Application Security in DevOps Are you ahead or behind? Research findings on Application Security in DevOps Cindy Blake Recorded: Sep 20 2016 53 mins
    DevOps is an immensely popular topic. And there is frequent debate over whether practicing DevOps makes your applications more secure or less secure. So we conducted a blind study to research the state of Secure DevOps. We will share our findings such as:

    What tools and processes are mature DevOps shops using?
    How mature is the average DevOps shop?
    How is application security thought of in DevOps methodology?
    Common misunderstandings around application security and the resulting risk.
    See how we incorporated these findings to help you integrate application security into an Agile or DevOps methodology. You need not compromise.
  • Five Major Benefits of Rapid Prototyping and How to Do It Right Five Major Benefits of Rapid Prototyping and How to Do It Right Dr Philip Bonhad, Design Director Newt Idea Recorded: Sep 20 2016 35 mins
    We often talk about rapid prototyping mainly in terms of cost benefits. Despite this being one of the reasons for the technique’s increasing popularity , rapid prototyping has many other benefits for design teams and clients who need quick and effective results.

    At first, rapid prototyping was mainly used within the engineering process of manufacturing and required specialist technical knowledge. However, its versatility and benefits made it spread to other fields. Prototyping is not a matter solely for engineers anymore; UX Designers have turned it into a powerful and, most of all, more accessible technique.

    We'll show you some key benefits of rapid prototyping and some tips and tricks to integrate it efficiently into your development process.

    My bio

    Driven by curiosity about how people and technology interact, Phil has designed ultra-friendly tech for more than 10 years. A true technologist with a passion for inspirational design, Phil previously led the UX client engagements for multi-million pound projects at Accenture. He loves rapid prototyping.
  • Agile Load Testing using StormRunner Load Agile Load Testing using StormRunner Load Kristina Avrionova, Oded Keret HPE Recorded: Sep 15 2016 56 mins
    In between scrum meetings, user stories and ever shortening sprints, have you penciled in load testing? How do you detect performance degradation and shorten time spent finding and fixing problems in production? Join us and learn how StormRunner can help you deliver high quality projects faster and make load testing a natural fit into your agile development. Your admission also secures you a live demo of the product.
  • How to Capitalize on IoT with the Right UX/UI approach How to Capitalize on IoT with the Right UX/UI approach Jerome Rota, Chief Scientist of Usability Recorded: Sep 14 2016 47 mins
    The IoT market is growing at an exponential rate, enticing companies to produce new innovations that will capitalize on this hot trend. However, technologists are often so focused on building the most advanced capabilities that they overlook the usability and user experience, having to clear these hurdles once the product is developed.

    While state-of- the-art products also drive UX developments, the current wave Voice-based products are a good example, theses product success depends solely on whether they are of value to the end user and are also user-friendly.

    Does the product simplify, automate, or enhance consumers’ lives? And, does the consumer need an engineering degree to use it?

    The dream of IoT is to automate and simplify our lives. Therefore, IoT products should integrate seamlessly into our world and require as little user management as possible. Reducing the friction between people and their technology, will open the door to mass consumer adoption of useful IoT products.

    As the Chief Scientist of Usability at Greenwave Systems, Jerome Rota will provide expert UX/UI insights and share his perspective on the best UX mix to achieve one's objective.

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