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Global Opportunities in Income and Smaller Companies Kevin Troup & Alan Rowsell Since launching in January 2012, both the Standard Life Investments Global Equity Income Fund and Standard Life Investments Global Smaller Companies Fund rank in the top decile of their respective peer groups.

Hear directly from Income Fund Manager Kevin Troup, on how he has been able to build a Global Income Fund that has managed to add value in both rising and falling markets.

Alan Rowsell will discuss the case for investing in Global Smaller Companies, and how Standard Life Investments' award winning smaller companies process has now proven itself in a global context.
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Oct 7 2015 1:00 pm
45 mins
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  • Global equity markets have been affected by numerous worries in 2015. These have hit many UK large-cap sectors, which are typically more exposed to overseas markets. Despite these international concerns, the UK remains one of the stronger developed-world economies - a situation that has helped more domestically focused smaller companies to outperform.

    In this environment, the UK Smaller Companies Fund’s significant exposure to lower-risk, UK-focused growth stocks has contributed significantly to the resilience of its performance. Indeed, small-cap stocks exhibiting financial quality are a key focus and, here, our Matrix screening tool indicates this factor has become a notable driver of returns. This is reflected in the portfolio which has experienced the highest proportion of positive trading updates that manager, Harry Nimmo, can remember in recent times.

    Against a volatile market backdrop, Harry continues to believe that a consistent bottom-up stock-picking process, seasoned over numerous business cycles, is vital. Together with a focus on sustainable long-term growth stocks, this should provide comfort at a time when top-down considerations are dominating investor sentiment.
  • Head of Global Strategy, Andrew Milligan, considers the global economic backdrop and current market developments.

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  • Sebastian Mackay and David Ennett discuss their initial reaction to the Fed's decision to leave US rates unchanged, the accompanying comments, and bond market responses.
  • As we approach the 5 year anniversary of the MyFolio range, Head of Fund Solutions Bambos Hambi and Investment Director James Millard discuss recent Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocations changes and update on recent performance.
  • Investors are increasingly preoccupied by looming interest policy changes in the US and UK, concerned about the impact on higher-yielding assets. Kevin and the team feel it is right to be wary of mature large-cap stocks with lower-growth businesses and little-to-no earnings and dividend growth. These ‘bond proxies’, typically boasting high absolute dividend yields but minimal dividend growth, are likely to come under pressure when interest rates eventually rise. They believe that faster-growth companies with the earnings and cashflow generation to implement material dividend increases year after year should continue to outperform. Rather than target a narrower subset of the market, Kevin’s style-agnostic approach means he is not restricted to those areas of the market that may be influenced by such macroeconomic drivers and events.

    Hear from Kevin Troup, manager of the Standard Life Investments Global Equity Income Fund, as he discusses why he feels his portfolio construction and effective use of a large and collaborative research resource, leave him well placed to continue to generated alpha for clients.

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  • The Standard Life Investments' Strategic Bond Fund invests across the broad fixed income spectrum with the aim of delivering investors attractive risk-adjusted returns throughout the economic cycle. Our experienced team takes active allocation decisions, moving between different types of bond, to maximise the investment opportunity.

    Join us to hear members of the Strategic Bond team discuss developments in global fixed income markets so far in 2015 and how they have impacted the portfolio. With interest rate increases on the horizon in both the UK and US, the team will provide an update on our current outlook and some of the opportunities that we are currently exploiting within the portfolio.

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  • Managers of the Strategic Bond Fund provide a brief update on their current thoughts about fixed income markets and consequent portfolio positioning.

    In this latest session, David Ennett and Mark Munro, managers of the Strategic Bond Fund, look at how fixed income markets have reacted to events in Greece and China, and how the portfolio has performed during this summer of heightened volatility. They also consider how these events, and developments in commodity and currency markets, are influencing inflation and interest rate expectations.
  • Week by week, headline indices are finding it increasingly difficult to make progress. Macroeconomic factors and regulatory pressures continue to weigh heavily on a variety of industries. As a result, Thomas believes many traditional high-yield names and associated ‘bond-proxy’ stocks exhibit growing downside risk for income investors. Despite these concerns, our 13-strong UK equity team and five-strong Smaller Companies team continue to unearth opportunities with robust fundamentals and strong prospects for dividend growth.

    Hear directly from Thomas, manager of the Standard Life Investments UK Equity Income Unconstrained Fund, as he discusses side-stepping firms with dividends under pressure and the diversification benefits that arise from a carefully constructed, high conviction approach to income.
  • Alix Chossan, Responsible Investment Analyst, and Alison Kennedy, Governance & Stewardship Director, will discuss our quarterly environmental, social and governance activity.

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  • During the call we will discuss our Global Absolute Return Strategy. Covering key themes within the portfolio and a summary of our current portfolio positions and outlook

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