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  • From Analytics to Alpha
    From Analytics to Alpha
    Bram Stalknecht, CEO of SemLab Recorded: May 3 2012 56 mins
    Join Rob Passarella, Vice President of Institutional Markets for Dow Jones, and Bram Stalknecht, CEO of SemLab, for a one-hour webinar, "From Analytics to Alpha" discussing how firms can add a layer to their trading models with the right tools for deriving sentiment signals to mitigate risk and maximize profits.
  • Forex Regulation - What's in Store?
    Forex Regulation - What's in Store?
    Felix Shipkevich - Shipkevich Law Firm, Gerald Segal - LeapRate, Gabriella Stern - DJ FX Trader Recorded: Jan 24 2012 57 mins
    Join the Forex Regulation webinar from Dow Jones to learn what changing regulations mean for brokerage firms and the online FX trading community in the U.S., Europe, Japan, China and elsewhere.

    Topics will include:
    - After Dodd-Frank, the jurisdictions welcoming Forex firms
    - What's happening in China and elsewhere in Asia
    - Principal vs. Agency model - where we are headed
    - Less leverage and/or more capital - which regulators may follow the U.S. and Japanese models
  • "Avoiding the PE Comp Squeeze"
    "Avoiding the PE Comp Squeeze"
    Laura Kreutzer, Managing Editor, Private Equity Analyst, Dow Jones and Brian Korb, Co-founder, Glocap Search LLC Recorded: Dec 8 2011 61 mins
    Private equity compensation is slowly recovering from the economic downturn. But how will the economy's global aftershocks impact your ability to hire talent in the year ahead?

    We'll examine the lingering challenges, including:

    - Difficult fund-raising environment and fee pressure
    - Capital overhang and poor performance
    - Co-investing/separate account trend
    - Smaller LP pool due to defined benefits

    Don't miss this opportunity. Sign up today for this timely discussion.
  • Using Stock Market Technical Analysis To Tell A Fundamental Story
    Using Stock Market Technical Analysis To Tell A Fundamental Story
    Tomi Kilgore, Columnist, Dow Jones Newswires Recorded: Jun 21 2011 44 mins
    The stock market is widely seen as a leading indicator for the economy which in turn influences longer-term equity trends. It’s important to track changes in the market to gain insight into the longer-term health of the economy. This session will provide an introduction to technical analysis, showing how to identify some key patterns that can foreshadow market moves. In addition, we will dive into how reading the charts of several different stock market segments, as well as other asset classes, can help predict movements in the broader stock market, as well as the economy.
  • What Motivates Affluent Investors?
    What Motivates Affluent Investors?
    Thomas Coyle, Meir Statman, Jason Zweig; Kevin Noblet, Moderator Recorded: Apr 19 2011 58 mins
    With the markets in slow recovery mode, how do you attract and retain more high-net-worth clients? Our panelists will discuss the latest concerns and interests of affluent investors, and how you can better serve their needs in the new climate of recovery.

    Topics we’ll discuss on the affluent include:
    *How to advise in a time of international turmoil
    *Banking rules and taxes affecting estates and retirement
    *Is there a distinct “Wealth” mindset?
    *Advising clients in an age of online investing

    Be sure to attend. All attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the latest “Dow Jones Affluent Investor Report.”
  • Three T’s of ETFs: Trading, Tracking and Taxes
    Three T’s of ETFs: Trading, Tracking and Taxes
    Ian Salisbury, Reporter, Dow Jones Newswires Recorded: Apr 1 2011 44 mins
    Ian Salisbury will discuss how the mechanics of exchange-traded funds shed light on controversies surrounding the funds’ performance during the flash crash and the recent municipal bond melt down. He will also speak about how those mechanics make ETFs sometimes more tax efficient than mutual funds.
  • Dow Jones - Emerging Markets Audio Webcast
    Dow Jones - Emerging Markets Audio Webcast
    Michael Casey, Managing Editor, Dow Jones and Charles Roth, Assistant Managing Editor, Dow Jones Recorded: Feb 9 2011 45 mins
    With emerging markets in the spotlight, you need to know how they’re reshaping today’s investment strategies. Join us for this Audio Webcast where we will discuss the global paradigm shift that’s now impacting investors, especially in the BRIC markets—Brazil, Russia, India, China—and analyze why these emerging markets are overturning some long-held assumptions. You’ll learn where the demand is the strongest and what’s driving it, how emerging markets are forcing investors to rethink risk, what the performance of emerging markets say about developed markets, and what is the place of emerging markets in allocation models.

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