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Browse our insightful webinars around lead management, demand generation, and using marketing automation technology most effectively to drive revenue for your organization.
Topics Include:
- Lead Scoring
- Lead Nurturing
- Data Funnel Reporting
- Data Governance
- Managed Services
- Product Spotlights

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How to Build a Marketing Metrics and Analytics Dashboard Gaea Connary, Director of Consulting Services, DemandGen, David Lewis, CEO, DemandGen Every B2B marketing team faces the challenge of establishing a marketing dashboard to enable them to measure marketing’s impact on the business and communicate it to VP and C-level executives. For many, this initiative feels like a journey to find the Holy Grail.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about each of the 5 stages for defining and building your marketing dashboard and how to approach some of the more challenging aspects such as data capture, campaign attribution, demand funnel models, measuring return on investment and sorting through the various reporting tools and systems.
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Oct 6 2015
60 mins
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