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  • Digital Strategy: How to succeed where so many fail
    Digital Strategy: How to succeed where so many fail
    Charlotte McEleny, News Editor on NMA Recorded: Oct 3 2012 50 mins
    With the constant advancement of technology and increasing success of digital channels such as mobile and social media, the digital landscape we once knew is becoming more and more fragmented. As a result, organisations are investing heavily in order to stay on top of their digital activity.

    The problem is, if you don’t think about who you are targeting and why you are targeting them, much of your effort and investment is wasted.
    Don’t let your digital activity join the thousands more on the growing mountain of digital waste.

    Rick Curtis, Chief Strategy Officer at Amaze, will show you why a lot of digital strategies fail and what you need to do to ensure your digital strategy is a success.
  • Behavioural Marketing; beyond email marketing
    Behavioural Marketing; beyond email marketing
    Charlotte McEleny, News Editor on NMA Recorded: Sep 6 2012 70 mins
    What if you could communicate with your customers and prospects as real individuals, holding hundreds, thousands, even millions of unique online dialogues with each and every one? Speak to them in a way that would cut through the noise and talk to their personal interests, actions and preferences? And do it in a way that was scalable and within reasonable budgetary constraints?

    With insight from an industry expert speaker, this session will look to overcome the issue of how to tie together the many marketing channels - Social, Email, Mobile, Website, and CRM and look at how they might be integrated and automated to better drive marketing and sales results.

    We will get a behind the scenes look at how some of our customers can move beyond “audiences” and “segments” as we’ve traditionally known them to behavioural marketing.

    From this free webinar, you will take away -
    •An explanation of behavioural marketing and how it fits into your industry/organisation using customer case studies to demonstrate
    •How to combine buyer behaviours and automation to engage your customer and prospects
    •How to move beyond the traditional ‘email list’ to an integrated marketing system, that enables you to recognise an individual and tie his or her behaviours across a range of channels
    •How you can tie together a multitude of marketing channels and platforms including Email, Social, Website, Mobile/ Location, CRM and Relational table data.

    Speaker: Richard Austin, eMarketing Strategy Consultant, Silverpop

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