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  • What Keeps you up at Night as a Small or Medium Business IT manager?
    What Keeps you up at Night as a Small or Medium Business IT manager?
    David Ditzenberger – Vice President, Savitz, Jeff Savitz – Founder and CEO, Savitz, and Don Lewis, Product Marketing, ESET Recorded: Jul 11 2012 44 mins
    What areas of security risks concern you the most? What possible damages from a cybercrime attack keep you up at night? What are the most important aspects of endpoint security?

    Learn what concerns IT managers have when it comes to the security of your business and how to get a peace of mind by getting the right security solution for you.

    Join Savitz Research Insights Team as they present their findings on the latest cybersecurity issues facing the SMB IT Manager.
  • Announcing ESET Endpoint Solutions
    Announcing ESET Endpoint Solutions
    Brandon Stigers, Director of Learning Development, ESET, ESET Product Marketing Team Recorded: Jun 27 2012 47 mins
    Learn how ESET’s next generation of endpoint security products make protecting and controlling your business systems easier and more cost-effective. Built using the award-winning ESET NOD32® technology. ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security aren’t just updates to existing products, but entirely new ways of approaching your endpoint security.

    Feature highlights:

    - Web control
    - Data access control
    - Remote management and reporting
  • 10 Ways to Tell If It's Time to Change Your Anti-Virus Software
    10 Ways to Tell If It's Time to Change Your Anti-Virus Software
    Pete Streips, President, Network Security Group, ESET Research Team Recorded: Jun 6 2012 59 mins
    If you are like most small businesses you have probably experienced issues with anti-malware software in the past. Do any of the issues below ring true when thinking about your current antivirus solution?

    • When it performs scans it slows our systems to a crawl

    • It creates too many alerts on files that aren’t malicious

    • It is hard to manage across all our platforms and devices

    • Our users want to turn it off because it is so annoying

    If so, join Peter Streips, Network Security Group (ESET’s Gold Partner) President and ESET researchers for a panel discussion and learn why it’s time to change your antivirus solution.
  • Truth or Spin in AV Testing?
    Truth or Spin in AV Testing?
    Jon Friedman, Tech Target Aryeh Goretsky, ESET,Righard Zwienenberg , ESET Recorded: May 30 2012 59 mins
    Third-party tests can be extremely caluable for evaluating anti-malware products. In-fact, more tests are available than most people realize, covering not only detection rates and scanning speeds, but also factors like number of false positives and ability to block zero-day attacks. But an educated evaluator can both avoid the snares of misleading tests and find a surprising number of useful third party tests.
  • Are SMB’s targets for Cyber Criminals?
    Are SMB’s targets for Cyber Criminals?
    Charles Kolodgy, IDC Security Products Research Vice President Recorded: Apr 11 2012 60 mins
    The Internet is a force multiplier, allowing businesses of all sizes to reach more customers, better service those customers and ultimately be more competitive. By utilizing the Internet, many small and medium businesses can be much more successful. However technological advances cut both ways.
    While improved connectivity, communication, and Web presence provide benefits to small and medium businesses (SMBs), it can also resulted in an increase of Internet based security threats and expose the business to criminal elements that they wouldn't normally encounter. If customers can find you so can cybercriminals. The most damaging cyber attack against small and medium businesses is when cybercriminals implant malware on a company's computers, and use that malware to gain access to the company's bank accounts via online-banking.
    This webcast is designed to bring the growing cyberthreats and protection strategies to the attention of executives and employees of small and medium enterprises. In this webcast, IDC's analyst, using survey data, recent threat data, and insight, will provide the following information:
    * Highlight threats and successful attacks directed towards SMBs
    * Identify the special needs for SMB cybersecurity
    * Explain companies' existing attitudes around cybersecurity
    * Discuss the key security technologies SMBs should consider
    * Highlight what features and support companies should look for from their security vendors
  • Creating and Managing a Cyber Security Policy: Tips for the SMB
    Creating and Managing a Cyber Security Policy: Tips for the SMB
    Stephen Cobb, Security Evangelist, ESET Recorded: Mar 21 2012 56 mins
    Join Stephen Cobb, Security Evangelist at ESET to discover how:
    - Vunerable SMB's like yours really are
    - You can establish a cyber security policy for your organization
    - You can defend your company-and it's employees partners and customers against online attacks
    Many small and medium-size businesses (SMB) operate under the mistaken impression that their size, or the minimal security steps that they have already taken, will protect them from cyber attacks.
  • Security at the Sharp End: Strategies to Repel Relentless Attackers
    Security at the Sharp End: Strategies to Repel Relentless Attackers
    Stephen Cobb, CISSP, Security Evangelist, Recorded: Feb 8 2012 60 mins
    Targeting of corporate and consumer data and devices by criminals and rogue states is well-funded and likely to persist for some time. Hardened operating systems, firewalls, IDS, and secure application coding are leading attackers to target endpoints, defined as people with devices, not devices alone. Analyzing large amounts of endpoint data we map current and emerging threats, both digital and analog, to provide a set of best practices for defeating attackers.
  • IT's Role in a Changing Threat Landscape
    IT's Role in a Changing Threat Landscape
    Forrester Analyst, Chenxi Wang, Ph.D. and ESET's Research team Recorded: Jan 18 2012 62 mins
    How can IT security adapt to fight constantly mutating cyber threats?

    As the adversarial relationship between information security professionals and malicious cyberactors intensifies, the security gap between new attack methods and traditional controls will grow in favor of the attackers.

    Cyberattacks have become multidimensional in their complexity and sophistication.

    Join Forrester Analyst, Chenxi Wang, Ph.D. to:
    - Look at the new threats that corporate IT will face in 2012
    - Discuss the role of IT in the face of such threats
    - Review effective investment and risk management strategies to get ahead of the cyberattacks
    - Explore strategies to invest in preventative technologies, not just on reactive controls

    More specifically, we will dive into strategies to build a solid layered defense, not just patch-work products. For example, going from firewalls and IDS to log management, building DLP capabilities in your network, and investing in strong host-based controls would help you raise the bar significantly and give you advanced capabilities to identify malicious behaviors before they wreak havoc.

    Panel Discussion Points with Forrester and ESET's Research team:
    - What sort of new threats (or increase of existing threats) can be expected in 2012?
    - What role does the commoditization of IT have, if any, in those threats?
    - What role does the social media have, if any, in those threats?
    - What can IT departments do to reduce their threat surface profile?

    Followed by Q&A session
  • Surviving the Mobile Device Invasion – When Mobile Tries to Connect to IT
    Surviving the Mobile Device Invasion – When Mobile Tries to Connect to IT
    Cameron Camp, ESET Recorded: Dec 7 2011 50 mins
    With the deluge of new mobile smartphones like Android, iPhone, and others hitting the streets, there are thousands of new attack vectors against a company's IT infrastructure that create potential security nightmares. When users download apps by the droves and then want to connect to core critical infrastructure, how should IT handle it? While there is a drive for increased off-hours and/or offsite productivity using mobiles, can we stomach the changes that are coming, and can our organizations remain (or become) secure?
  • Antivirus Software: Understand the Detection Methods Before You Buy
    Antivirus Software: Understand the Detection Methods Before You Buy
    Sean Michael Kerner, Sr. Editor, InternetNews.com & Brandon Stigers, Director of Learning & Development, ESET Recorded: Nov 15 2011 56 mins
    Before you choose an antivirus solution it is important to understand how it goes about detecting malware in the first place.

    Join us as we discuss:
    - Security in the news
    - Modern threat categories and attack vectors
    - Endpoint risks, infection methods, payloads
    - Detection with signatures and heuristics
    - Zero day risk
    - Technologies that protect removable storage devices
    - Best practices

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