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Five Guidelines for Supporting Secure Employee Mobility Mor Ahuvia - Product Marketing Manager, DP Product Marketing From their first cup of coffee, to meetings in the field and late night conference calls—today’s workers expect a seamless continuum of access to enterprise resources. And while remote network access, virtual desktops and cloud applications are invaluable assets for these employees, the increasingly splintered data ecosystem is wreaking havoc among the unprepared—be they IT, security or compliance professionals. So how can IT administrators service 100s, 1000s or even 10,000s of users while keeping management overhead low? Can security staff support mobility and remain unruffled in the face of a data breach? And exactly how can compliance stewards ensure they have the visibility they need to smoothly undergo audits? This webinar will provide the answers. Read more >
May 19 2015
38 mins
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