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Symantec Website Security Solutions

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Everything you need to know about website security and online threats

Symantec Website Security Solutions take SSL protection and trust to a whole new level. Secure your website, increase customers' confidence, and reach the full online potential of your business. You can learn about the threat landscape and Symantec product updates by subscribing to this channel.

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Protecting Your Business Against Common Attacks Brook Chelmo & Karina Stiller, Symantec Learn about some of the most common attacks launched against networks and their resources and how to easily overcome them. Learn how to mitigate the risks that result from vulnerabilities, like Heartbleed and POODLE, and how you can future-proof your environment from exploitation. With the growth of attack outsourcing and hacktivism, look for 2015 to be a year fill with InfoSec headlines. Read more >
Mar 18 2015
45 mins
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