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The leading thinkers in the Windpower sector answer your key questions

Windpower Monthly have launched their new webcast offering to feature the leading speakers in the marketplace on an international stage covering your key issues and challenges.

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Getting back to business - what are YOU doing? Ahead of EWEA 2014 in Barcelona next month, Windpower TV brings you an exclusive preview webcast featuring leading figures in the wind industry.

While some 2030 renewable energy targets across the EU are in disarray, wind energy industry companies cannot put business on hold. With early signs of the end of the decline in economic conditions, they must plan for the future now. So what are they doing to get back to business?

Exclusively previewing the content of the opening panel debate, industry experts share insider insight on:

- how has the company adapted to survive in Europe during the economic downturn?

- What lessons have been learned that can continue to be used?

- What regions are now being considered?

- How are they dealing with local content requirements?

Expert speakers include:
Jan Rabe, Head of Strategy, Siemens Wind Power
Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)
Pierre Tardieu, Regulatory Affairs Advisor, EWEA
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Mar 3 2014
60 mins

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