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Windpower Monthly Webcast Channel

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  • The cost of wind energy generation has fallen dramatically since the introduction of commercial wind turbines in the 1980s, largely through innovation and technology development. But in many cases, we have still not reached grid parity, when it can produce electricity at the same price as traditional technologies.

    Ahead of WindEnergy in Hamburg*, join us for this live Windpower Monthly webcast where our expert speakers will discuss:
    - Wind energy generation costs in different global markets
    - New technologies that have helped to reduce generation costs so far and future developments
    - How wind energy costs compare with other energy sources, what a fair comparison would look like and the factors that contribute to a true cost of wind energy

    Moderated by Jacki Buist, editor of Windpower Monthly
    Speakers include:
    Dr. Christoph Neemann, Head of Strategic Customers & Competitors at Siemens Wind Power
    Tom Kiernan, CEO, AWEA
    Norbert Giese, Head of Offshore Development, Senvion

    *WindEnergy Hamburg, 23-26 September 2014
  • Historically, gearboxes and main bearings have been a headache for wind farm operators and owners. They have failed to meet service expectations within such a dynamic operating environment.

    So how do your main bearings measure up? Is your bearing system reliable? How can you reduce costs without compromising reliability?

    In this live Windpower Monthly webcast, we take a detailed look at the material issues and the true wear and tear of bearings.

    Tune in live to learn:
    - How to get the best from inspections and existing data
    - How to classify bearing damage
    - Strategies to address the root problem of failed bearings and extend their life
    - When you should replace bearings
    - The secrets to increase drivetrain performance

    Don’t miss this opportunity to hear our expert speakers discuss how software and services can help you increase drivetrain performance, increase reliability, reduce costs and solve existing issues.

    Speakers include
    Richard Smith, Fleet Engineering Manager, Romax
    George Pooley, Head of Loss Adjusting, Re-Loss Adjusters
    Paul Judge, Product Management Leader, GE
    Moderated by Nadia Weekes, Editor at Large, Energy & Environment

    Sponsored by Romax
    Romax Technology is a global leader in providing consulting, engineering and software solutions for end-to-end driveline, bearings and gearboxes across the wind energy, automotive, aerospace, rail, off road, marine and bearings industries.
  • Ahead of RenewableUK Global Offshore Wind 2014 in Glasgow next month, Windpower TV brings you an exclusive preview webcast featuring leading figures in the wind industry.

    With offshore around Europe expected to grow significantly over the next ten years, demand on the supply chain is becoming a major issue for the industry. Industry experts share insider insight on:

    - The demands on the supply chain, and timings: UK, Germany, Scandinavia and later France
    - Potential products and components that will create bottlenecks
    - The deadlines required for resolving the bottlenecks
    - The policy drivers required to ease these bottlenecks
    - Predictions of the countries that will be able to deliver the supply chain
  • Ahead of RenewableUK Global Offshore Wind 2014 in Glasgow next month, Windpower TV brings you an exclusive preview webcast featuring leading figures in the wind industry.

    While the offshore wind sector currently represents little over 2% of wind’s worldwide total, at under 7GW, and focused almost entirely in one spot on the planet’s vast oceans, global plans are afoot. The US, India, Japan and even Brazil appear to be serious in their plans to start offshore, mostly by 2020. And China, having run demonstration offshore turbines for some years now, have ambitious plans to build up to 30GW by 2020. Exclusively previewing the content for the conference, industry experts share insider insight on:

    - Policy drivers in each country
    - Market potential
    - Project progress
    - Business opportunities
  • Ahead of EWEA 2014 in Barcelona next month, Windpower TV brings you an exclusive preview webcast featuring leading figures in the wind industry.

    While some 2030 renewable energy targets across the EU are in disarray, wind energy industry companies cannot put business on hold. With early signs of the end of the decline in economic conditions, they must plan for the future now. So what are they doing to get back to business?

    Exclusively previewing the content of the opening panel debate, industry experts share insider insight on:

    - how has the company adapted to survive in Europe during the economic downturn?

    - What lessons have been learned that can continue to be used?

    - What regions are now being considered?

    - How are they dealing with local content requirements?

    Expert speakers include:
    Jan Rabe, Head of Strategy, Siemens Wind Power
    Steve Sawyer, Secretary General, Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)
    Pierre Tardieu, Regulatory Affairs Advisor, EWEA
  • Ahead of EWEA Offshore 2013 in Frankfurt next month, Windpower TV brings you an exclusive preview webcast featuring leading figures in the wind industry.

    Offshore wind brings with it a capital outlay of over £1bn for large-scale developments* and high ongoing maintenance costs. Which begs the question: should we push for more offshore growth to fast-track the economies of scale, or is it more financially responsible to take a different path?

    Exclusively previewing the content for the conference, industry experts share insider insights on:
    - How does offshore wind compare to the cost of other forms of energy? Is the differential as high as some media reports would have us believe?
    - What are the other factors at play here? How do we put a value on job creation and environmental benefits?
    - What will be the major factors that will bring down the costs of offshore wind and when will they come into play?
    - How do the alternative energy forms compare if we are to meet the EU’s 2020 and 2050 targets?

    Speakers include:
    Michael Hannibal, Head of Siemens Wind Power Offshore
    Jacopo Moccia, Head of Politicial Affairs, EWEA
    Albert Jochems, Green Giraffe Energy Bankers
  • Testing the turbines that will make up the backbone of offshore round three has begun in earnest. The scale of these machines, such as the Samsung 7MW prototype*, only works to highlight the engineering and logistical challenge surrounding installing and maintaining these machines far out to sea.

    Many are voicing concerns around the lack of O&M capacity in the offshore fleet, and the need to reduce the cost of energy faster than currently, but what are the other challenges receiving less attention?

    Tune in to this Windpower Monthly webcast to hear experts discuss:

    · Trends in the offshore market: Deeper waters and further offshore.
    · State of the art vessel design: How fit for purpose specialised vessels are impacting cost of energy.
    · Solving the future challenges for offshore O&M

    This webcast is essential viewing for anyone with a vested interest in the offshore wind industry now, or in the coming years.

  • o Turbine and foundation concepts for R3: which concepts are emerging as winners and why?
    o How is the industry planning for cables and grid infrastructure for far from shore wind farms?
    o What are the unresolved issues and requirements and how can we move them forward?
  • Preview webinar for the upcoming Windpower Monthly Low Wind Forum taking place on October 30th & 31st - to find out more head to: www.lowwindforum.com.

    High-wind sites available for development onshore are becoming fewer and as a result developers must look to low-wind sites (IEC II & III) instead. The viability of these sites depends on the ability to maximise energy yields for optimum ROI.

    This webinar will give a snapshot of some of the leading issues which affect the commercial outlook of the low wind sector and the development potential of low-wind sites across Europe.

    Hear from leading experts in the field, our panel includes:

    Peter Spengemann, Director - Repowering, wpd windmanager GmbH & Co KG
    - Assessing the cost drivers in developing low-wind sites

    Erkka Saario, Project Development Manager, Ilmatar Windpower
    - What are the criticalities in selecting a low-wind site?

    Alessandro Bracco, Director - Marketing Execution, Vestas
    - Evaluating the ability of your low-wind platform to maximise energy yield

    For players in the onshore wind industry, this webcast will provide a valuable introduction to understanding the economic potential of low-wind sites in the future.
  • The future of wind power lies offshore, certainly if global targets for renewables have any chance of being met. Absolutely key to development of the industry is reduction in cost of energy.

    A primary focus of RenewableUK Offshore 2013 was cost reduction. This webcast looks where everyone involved in offshore wind should turn their focus now.

    Tune into this webcast to hear from:
    * Maf Smith, Deputy Director, RenewableUK giving an overview of the state of the industry and identifying what needs to happen from the industry and politicians to drive offshore wind forward
    * Matthew Knight, Development Director UK R3 at Siemens highlighting the new technologies in the pipeline, from turbines to grid, required for the successful implementation of round three
    * Oscar Fitch-Roy, Senior Consultant at GL Garrad Hassan presenting the findings from the new report 'A Guide to Offshore Wind Operations and Maintenance'
    *Alastair Dutton, Programme Manager (Wind Development), The Crown Estate discussing the work of the offshore programme board to bring down down the cost of energy to £100/MWh by 2020.

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