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Business IT Alignment

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  • CobiT 4.1 to CobiT 5 - How Has It Changed?
    CobiT 4.1 to CobiT 5 - How Has It Changed?
    Manta Consulting - Peter Kingsman Recorded: Sep 27 2012 44 mins
    Are you currently using CobiT 4.1 and want to determine whether to adopt CobiT 5?

    Register now to join Manta Consultant, Peter Kingsman, as he takes at look at the changes and improvements in CobiT and how this affects Manta's approach to governance assessments.

    In this 45 minute webinar you will learn about the following key aspects of CobiT 5:
    - Understand the significant changes in CobiT 5
    - Obtain some idea whether using CobiT 5 would be advantageous, depending on your role and your organization
    - See how Manta will utilize CobiT 5
  • CSI: A Practical Perspective
    CSI: A Practical Perspective
    Manta Consulting - Derrick Hazel Recorded: Jul 24 2012 45 mins
    Have you been using ITIL for years and want to understand how to optimize your practices? Or are you just beginning with ITIL and want to know more about CSI?

    Register now to join Manta Director, Derrick Hazel, as he takes at look at ways to leverage CSI to drive operational efficiency, sustainment and customer satisfaction.

    Continual Service Improvement (CSI) supports changing business objectives by providing a consistently-applied set of processes, procedures and tools to measure, analyze and report on improvement opportunities ensuring maximum benefit and minimum risk to the business.

    In this 45 minute webinar we will explore how to integrate CSI into your organization to:
    - Improve business operations and staff productivity
    - Improve customer satisfaction and relationships
    - Optimize costs and industry best practices
  • Making Best Practice Learning Easy
    Making Best Practice Learning Easy
    The Manta Group Recorded: Jun 26 2012 44 mins
    When it comes to certified training, the Manta Group focuses on certain best practices - Service Management, Governance, Project Management and Emerging Technologies.

    Attend this webinar to find out why we focus on these best practice areas, and the different training delivery methods available - with a particular focus on why self-paced eLearning is a great learning option.

    As a special bonus, you will get a sneak peak into what the new CobiT 5 training will include.
  • Optimizing Delivery in Project & Program Management
    Optimizing Delivery in Project & Program Management
    Manta Consulting - Gary Grandin Recorded: May 22 2012 34 mins
    Everything you've always wanted to know about improving efficiencies and throughput with your PMO, but were afraid to ask.

    Using a Lean Six Sigma Project approach, Manta Director Gary Grandin provides insight to identify the gaps and increase efficiencies by using IT best practices.

    Attend this webinar to:
    - Learn about techniques used to drive efficiences, decrease cost and increase throughput
    - Increase the effectiveness of your team through the use of analysis tools
    - Develop the appropriate process controls, risk management and ensure the right people are in the right roles
  • Maximizing Your ITIL Investment Using CobiT, Lean Six Sigma or ISO
    Maximizing Your ITIL Investment Using CobiT, Lean Six Sigma or ISO
    Manta Consulting Recorded: Apr 17 2012 45 mins
    Do you find your IT organization in one of the following situations?
    - “I tried to implement ITIL, but it’s fallen apart every time”
    - “I thought implementing ITIL would solve all of my problems”
    - “ITIL solved some of my problems, where do I go from here?”

    Register now to join Manta Consultants Peter Kingsman, Eden Roberts and Craig Dewey as they present three key approaches to ensure your investment in ITIL and SM initiatives are addressing your key problems.

    In this 45 minute webcast you will learn how to incorporate 3 key approaches to maximize ITIL:
    - Risk based approach
    - Management system approach
    - Process optimization approach
  • The Sponsor Perspective: Project Strategies for Success
    The Sponsor Perspective: Project Strategies for Success
    The Manta Group - Peter Rode Recorded: Mar 20 2012 46 mins
    Project managers have long faced the triple constraints of scope, schedule and cost. Yet too often when these hurdles have been overcome, the project might STILL be deemed a failure. Or the project might not add to the project manager'€™s reputation. Why not?

    Project managers deal with delivery, procurement, and people puzzles, to name a few. While real, these are not necessarily aligned with the pain points of a Project Sponsor. The project is merely the cross section where the project manager's and sponsor'€™s interests are temporarily aligned.

    We will explore the perspectives of the Project Sponsor, and assist project managers with strategies for working with sponsors of varying aptitude. This sometimes unwritten world may well hold the keys to project success, and the real results the PM is expected to deliver.

    In this 45 minute webcast you will learn:
    • The traits of a good Sponsor
    • Types of Sponsors and how to work with each
    • What Project Managers can do to line up Sponsor success

    Attendees can also collect a PMI PDU credit for attending this webcast through a Category B entry. Contact info@mantagroup.com for more information.
  • Optimize Your Service Desk
    Optimize Your Service Desk
    Russ Conwath and Will O'Brien Recorded: Feb 15 2012 44 mins
    Join Russ Conwath, Manta Consultant and Will O'Brien, CEO of The Manta Group, as they discuss the best way to create an efficient and effective service desk.

    Manta's assessment methodology is centered around four lenses: Services, Organization, Process and Technology. You will see proof of this methodology in the results from a case study where a service desk was improved at a financial institution.

    In this 45 minute webcast you will take away:
    • Why it is important to look at more than just people, process, tools - The four lenses approach to assessment
    • Common areas to look for service desk optimization opportunities
    • Case study examples of service desk optimizations

    “Optimize Your Service Desk” is co-sponsored by The Manta Group (www.mantagroup.com) and MSI Inc (www.msysintegration.com).
  • Lean Thinking and Principles: Turning Waste into Work
    Lean Thinking and Principles: Turning Waste into Work
    The Manta Group - Eden Roberts Recorded: Jan 24 2012 36 mins
    Are you looking for ways to improve the efficiency of IT services in your organization? Attend this webinar to see an example of Lean principles and how it can help your organization become more efficient and effective.

    This webcast provides an example of how Lean Thinking and Lean Principles were not only used to reduce waste and improve efficiency, but also as an approach to effective organizational change within a financial services company.
  • Achieving Green Data Centres Through Better Process
    Achieving Green Data Centres Through Better Process
    The Manta Group - Daniel Skutelsky Recorded: Dec 13 2011 44 mins
    As the amount of power consumed by IT continues to rise, the associated cost and environmental impact is becoming increasingly alarming. Power is already the single biggest operating expense in the data centre. However, much of this power is wasted, resulting in unnecessary heat, expense, and upstream carbon emissions.

    In this 45 minute webcast, learn about specific steps you can take to help combat this problem. Learn why having efficient equipment and facilities is not enough and why a holistic program which also encompasses good processes and governance produces the best results. Attendees will review:
    - The problem of power consumption in the data centre, and why a holistic approach is important for achieving the best results
    - Some key elements of process and governance critical to a successful Green IT program and how they impact power consumption
    - Specific steps you can take to help start a Green IT program or advance an existing one
  • Clouds are Fluffy & Safe? Get Better Cloud Governance
    Clouds are Fluffy & Safe? Get Better Cloud Governance
    The Manta Group Recorded: Nov 22 2011 39 mins
    More and more companies are turning to the Cloud to host their confidential data, but are they taking the time to ensure the correct level of governance is in place?

    In this 45 minute presentation, learn about Cloud governance for success and risk reduction. In addition to any questions raised by participants, you will take away the following:
    Market trends and Model shifts
    Know what SAS 70 really means when selecting a cloud provider
    The need for effective cloud governance
    How to build an effective governance framework using ITIL or COBIT

    Get answers to your questions about Cloud governance in this interactive webcast.

    "Clouds are Fluffy and Safe?" is co-sponsored by The Manta Group and MSI.

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