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Enterprise Architecture

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  • Panel Discussion: Impact of Cloud and Digital on Future of the IT Organisation Panel Discussion: Impact of Cloud and Digital on Future of the IT Organisation Rob Pritchard (Moderator) Recorded: Mar 8 2017 59 mins
    The organisational impact of “cloud” adoption (in all its guises), as well as other modern enterprise technologies, is a topic of relevance to IT and business leaders in all industry sectors.
    The much vaunted shift to "everything-as-a-service" will have major implications not only on the tasks and services that IT departments traditionally perform, but the skills required in the organisation and the nature of the relationship that “IT” has with the “business”. Shadow IT is now a fact of life in most organisations. Business customers expect IT to take more of a leadership role in defining and enabling business strategy.
    Or will it? Is it? Do they?
    Join our panel of CxOs sharing real world experience as they debate the key factors impacting the performance of IT and how it evolves to meet the challenges
    Mark Dermody, IT Director Costa Coffee
    Nick Skelsey - IT Director Europe, Harding Retail (a member of Flemingo Duty Free)
    Rob Pritchard - ex-CIO Britvic and visiting professor at Birmingham City University (moderator)
    Nick Good - Director of Performance & Metrics, Office of the CIO Liberty Global/Virgin Media
  • IT Trends for 2017 IT Trends for 2017 Hu Yoshida, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Data Systems Recorded: Feb 1 2017 57 mins
    A recent Forbes survey shows that Digital Transformation will be the highest priority for both IT and line-of-business executives in 2017. Business outcomes will drive IT, and IT will shift its focus from infrastructure to application development and analytics. Some of the major trends for 2017 will redefine the data center and focus on a number of key technologies that will enable the transition from legacy systems to systems of innovation. Operational Technology (OT) from sensors will begin to integrate with IT, and the foundation will be established for Internet of Things (IoT) developments that are currently in the proof-of-concept stage.
  • Staying Ahead of Digital Disruption with On-Demand Apps & Cloud Scalability Staying Ahead of Digital Disruption with On-Demand Apps & Cloud Scalability Bob Politi, SAP Practice Director & Alex Froyo, Workload & Cloud Director, HPE, with Dr. Katy Ring, Director, 451 Research Recorded: Jan 31 2017 46 mins
    Imagine having your SAP® applications on demand—with the scalability and responsiveness of the cloud with the security of traditional IT. It’s not only possible—it’s a terrific way to accelerate your path to digital. Did you know that in the past 15 years, digital business disruption has knocked 50% of Fortune 500 companies off the list? Don’t be next.

    IT is constantly challenged to accelerate time-to-value, reduce TCO, and deliver continuous business process improvement by making business more digital, scalable, and resilient. This can’t be done in a traditional IT environment. With business applications, it can’t be done from a typical cloud environment either. To accelerate the journey to a digital business future, organizations can now transform to a true SAP “on demand” application platform as a service (APaaS) solution.

    Join 451 Research and HPE Enterprise Services to learn:

    •Why successful digital strategies require cloud-based core business services
    •How to determine if your organization is ready to start digitizing core business applications
    •The business and IT benefits that an on demand SAP environment can provide
    •The attributes and characteristics you want in a true on demand SAP environment
  • How to Create Next-Generation Applications & Deploy Big Data Technology Faster How to Create Next-Generation Applications & Deploy Big Data Technology Faster Ashim Bose, Director, Analytics & Data Management Portfolio and Jan Jonak, Offering Manager, Analytics Platform Services, HPE Recorded: Jan 26 2017 46 mins
    While the proliferation of analytic technologies has created exciting new ways to harness Big Data like never before, for many it has also created a quagmire of complexity that is slow to deploy, runs inefficiently, isn’t integrated with other systems, and cannot be scaled. There is a solution; it is possible to create next-generation applications with ease and efficiency.

    Join us for this presentation to learn:

    • How to jump start Big Data technologies deployments by using a standard analytic platform
    • How to implement an analytics platform that can scale based on your needs and simplifies your user experience
    • Where analytics deployments have failed to deliver ROI
    • Lessons learned from other companies on the journey to enterprise-grade analytics
    • What consumption models are available and which are most advantageous
  • Black & Veatch partners with HPE and Microsoft: Be an inspiration Black & Veatch partners with HPE and Microsoft: Be an inspiration Dan Kieny, CIO of Black & Veatch Recorded: Dec 14 2016 3 mins
    Listen to Dan Kieny, CIO of Black & Veatch, speak about their critical need to partner with global innovators such as HPE and Microsoft to accelerate digital transformation in their enterprise.
  • How to Cut Your Network Troubleshooting Time in Half How to Cut Your Network Troubleshooting Time in Half Nick Brackney & Jim Sullivan Recorded: Dec 14 2016 36 mins
    Are you stuck sifting through large volumes of data on your network to find answers? There's a better way.

    See how ExtraHop can help you solve problems faster by making sense of the data in motion through your network and delivering visibility across the application delivery chain.

    This webinar is perfect for any network or security professionals who are keen to maintain optimum visibility across their entire network, allowing them to get a full view of the traffic on their network, neutralise threats, reduce vulnerabilities and improve their network infrastructure.
  • Data Center Migration: The Difference Between Anxiety and Success Data Center Migration: The Difference Between Anxiety and Success Nick Brackney - Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Dec 9 2016 22 mins
    It is critical for organizations to onboard new technologies and improve processes to remain competitive. Yet, safely navigating a migration or consolidation project can be challenging.
    The ExtraHop platform takes the guesswork out of application and data center migration by providing complete visibility and performance metrics that make clear the risks, but also support the success, of projects at any scale. By knowing before going, you can avoid unnecessary downtime and be sure that your user experiences remain consistent.
    In this webinar, ExtraHop' Nick Brackney explains how the ExtraHop platform helps to ensure successful migrations and consolidations.
  • The End of Proprietary Software The End of Proprietary Software Merav Yuravlivker, Co-founder and CEO, Data Society Recorded: Dec 8 2016 49 mins
    Is it worth it for companies to spend millions of dollars a year on software that can't keep up with constantly evolving open source software? What are the advantages and disadvantages to keeping enterprise licenses and how secure is open source software really?

    Join Data Society CEO, Merav Yuravlivker, as she goes over the software trends in the data science space and where big companies are headed in 2017 and beyond.

    About the speaker: Merav Yuravlivker is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Data Society. She has over 10 years of experience in instructional design, training, and teaching. Merav has helped bring new insights to businesses and move their organizations forward through implementing data analytics strategies and training. Merav manages all product development and instructional design for Data Society and heads all consulting projects related to the education sector. She is passionate about increasing data science knowledge from the executive level to the analyst level.
  • The Transformative trends of modern EA The Transformative trends of modern EA Andrew Bird, Consulting CTO & EA Visionary Recorded: Dec 6 2016 46 mins
    Technology companies are taking over. The thinking, design and language are now different. This presentation will focus on the trends of modern EA from the context of survival in a real sense. It is no longer about aligning Technology with the business, Technology is the business.
    BIO: Andrew Bird wants to live in a world where business and IT work as one, and he’s on a mission to bring the two seamlessly together. Visionary enterprise architect. Strategic leader. He’s different. He simplifies. He brings order. He tells clients not just the ‘what’, but the ‘how’. He finds the business within a business. Microsoft’s Regional Director for the Silicon Valley, Juval Lowy, extols his “unique combination of leadership, business acumen and interpersonal skills.” His engagements - 100+ projects, totalling over a £billion so far … prove the point. When he isn’t using his ‘past life’ experience as CTO, CIO and Head of Architecture to advise governments, multi-nationals, defence contractors, arts and media organisations, healthcare groups and financial institutions, Andrew is committed to ending the drought of good software architects. Having been mentored by some of the best in the business, he’s now sharing his knowledge with the next generation of software engineers.
  • How to Successfully Plan and Implement your Digital Transformation Journey How to Successfully Plan and Implement your Digital Transformation Journey Paulo Rosado, CEO, OutSystems & Customer Panel Recorded: Dec 1 2016 56 mins
    Digital transformation is moving at lightning speed. From a global enterprise software perspective, the use of rapid application development, continuous integration, and standards-based code and tech stacks is growing - your organization can’t afford to miss the boat.

    Join OutSystems CEO Paulo Rosado and a panel of experts as they dish out best practices for planning, launching and expanding your digital transformation journey without crashes or failures.

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