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Health IT

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  • VR & AR in Healthcare
    VR & AR in Healthcare
    VR/AR Association Healthcare Committee Recorded: Nov 1 2017 106 mins
    Presented by the VR/AR Association Healthcare Committee

    Review of existing Committee work & deliverables
    Speakers discussing their specific work in the following order:
    Dr. Brandon Birckhead MD, Medical College of Wisconsin
    Dr. Brennan Spiegel, MD, MSHS Cedars-Sinai
    Dr. Rafael J. Grossmann MD, FACS, Surgeon/Speaker/TEDx/Exponential Med Faculty/1st GoogleGlass Surgeon
    Dr. Shafi Ahmed PhD FRCS, Associate Dean , Barts and the London Medical School
    Dr David Trainor Founder & Principal, Sentireal
    Amy Peck, Founder/CEO at EndeavorVR
    Dr. Ali Fardinpour Founder and Director, Wise Realities
  • IT Operations and Real-Time Performance Monitoring: Keys to Efficient Healthcare
    IT Operations and Real-Time Performance Monitoring: Keys to Efficient Healthcare
    John Smith, Principle Solutions Architect from ExtraHop, Darren Carr, Sr. Technology Architect, from Cerner Recorded: Jan 12 2017 49 mins
    Modern Healthcare IT infrastructures are a complex blend of technologies, from mission-critical Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications to the security solutions protecting patient data from ransomware and other threats. Overseeing an entire healthcare system's networks and infrastructure, as well as managing patient data in a private cloud, can be time consuming, costly and pose potential cybersecurity threats and data breaches. That’s why fast, reliable IT is crucial to every step of the patient’s journey through your organization—and why you need a new approach to IT operations and monitoring.

    Learn where your visibility gaps lie, and how closing those gaps with real-time performance monitoring will dramatically improve the quality of care and IT security that your organization provides.
  • Big data and Machine Learning in Healthcare – Actual experience, actual results
    Big data and Machine Learning in Healthcare – Actual experience, actual results
    Lonny Northrup, Sr. Medical Informaticist – Office of Chief Data Officer, Intermountain Healthcare Recorded: Dec 7 2016 63 mins
    Hear first hand from one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, Intermountain Healthcare, on what is actually being accomplished with big data and machine learning (cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, deep learning, etc.) by leading healthcare providers.

    Intermountain has evaluated between 300 and 400 big data and analytic solutions and actively collaborates with the other leading healthcare providers in the United States to implement the solutions that are delivering improved healthcare outcomes and cost reductions.
  • Build a Better Epic Infrastructure on All-Flash Storage
    Build a Better Epic Infrastructure on All-Flash Storage
    Rick Brown, Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics, Eric Zuspan, MultiCare Health System & Frank Condon, Pure Storage Recorded: Nov 11 2016 52 mins
    With over 90% of all new and upgraded Epic deployments using flash, your best chance at a successful deployment is to learn from other Epic customers who have already deployed on Flash. So if you are a current Epic Provider or looking to implement Epic, this is a great webinar to hear real world feedback from Epic customers about how to build a fast, resilient and secure Epic infrastructure using Flash storage.

    With all the advancements of technology in health IT, it's important to stay on top of all the increasing demands of your IT operations. Join us for a panel discussion with Epic customers about the results they have seen from using Flash to run their Epic environments. Hear the differences you should expect when designing and sizing Flash for Epic. They will share the benefits and issues.

    They will answer questions like:
    - Have they seen improvements in clinician productivity
    - What have they learned in deploying Flash technology with Epic
    - What has been the business impact
    - How has it changed your day to day function
    - What would you do differently if you had to do it all again

    Featured Speakers:
    Rick Brown, Director of IT, Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinics
    Eric Zuspan, Sr. System Administrator, MultiCare Health System
    Frank Condon, Global Healthcare Alliances, Pure Storage
  • Best Practices to Protect Your Organization from a Cyber Attack
    Best Practices to Protect Your Organization from a Cyber Attack
    Mac McMillan, CEO and Co-Founder of CynergisTek Recorded: Jul 14 2016 64 mins
    As data breaches are becoming more prevalent, and more organizations are becoming targets for malicious attacks, the stakes are especially high for the healthcare industry.
    Join this presentation to learn about the current cybersecurity threats and the tactics for defense organizations need to deploy for early detection and incident response. Mac McMillan, CEO and co-founder of CynergisTek will illustrate what an attack looks like, the phases of the hack, and how to use technology as well as policy to aid in detection, and then how to construct a disciplined incident response process. Lastly, learn how all of this should be integrated into a comprehensive information security strategy.
  • Communicating patient data? Don't get caught with your BREACHES down
    Communicating patient data? Don't get caught with your BREACHES down
    Stephen Wu, of Counsel - Silicon Valley Law Group and Max Ball, Manager, Contact Center Product Marketing, 8x8 Recorded: Feb 18 2016 46 mins
    If your phones and other communications services lack proper security you may be exposed to the threat of fines, or worse yet, a serious breach. Don’t get caught off guard. Make sure you are fully compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations.

    •Learn why communications security is an increasing concern for healthcare organizations
    •Learn what to look for in a secure unified communications system
    •Learn why a business associate agreement from your communications provider is important

    Did you know it's your responsibility to verify the compliance of your communications vendors as well as yourself? Find out what this entails and much more during our live webinar.
  • Mobile and Secure Healthcare: Encrypted Objects and Access Control Delegation
    Mobile and Secure Healthcare: Encrypted Objects and Access Control Delegation
    Martin Rosner, Standardization Officer, Philips, David Slik, Co-Chair, SNIA Cloud Storage TWG, Alex McDonald, Chair SNIA CSI Recorded: Jan 28 2016 66 mins
    Healthcare privacy and data protection regulations are among the most stringent of any industry. Join this Webcast to learn how healthcare organizations can securely share health data across different cloud services. Hear experts explore how Encrypted Objects and Delegated Access Control Extensions to the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) standard permits objects to freely and securely move between clouds and clients with enhanced security and auditability.
    You’ll learn:
    •Protecting health data from alteration or disclosure
    •How Cloud Encrypted Objects work
    •How Delegated Access Control works
    •CDMI for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications
    •Healthcare use cases for implementing securely sharing data in the cloud
  • The Woman who Held her Heart - 3D Printing of the Heart
    The Woman who Held her Heart - 3D Printing of the Heart
    Richard Izzo, Biomedical Engineer at The Jacobs Institute, Inc. Recorded: Jan 27 2016 37 mins
    3D Printing is a compelling new technology which is revolutionising cardiac interventions, in many areas,including especially, congenital heart disease, and surgical planning for valve replacements, customised to each individual patient. Some say actual 3D Printed Heart is on the horizon!
  • Health Tech and Health Care - a Shiny Future?
    Health Tech and Health Care - a Shiny Future?
    Gary Monk, Senior Vice President - Digital, Strategy and Innovation - Havas Health / H4B Chelsea Recorded: Dec 10 2015 42 mins
    Health innovations including wearables, sensors, big data analytics and 'behavior changing' applications and devices are ubiquitous. These technologies promise so much yet are they really benefiting the healthcare consumer? And what does the future look like? This presentation highlights some real world examples of this technology in use today and some insights into what the future may hold.
  • Digital healthcare: be connected or be irrelevant
    Digital healthcare: be connected or be irrelevant
    Tim Ringrose, CEO M3 EU; Paul Mannu, Behavioural Insights Specialist, Cello Health Insight & Paul Tunnah, CEO, Pharmaphorum Recorded: Dec 10 2015 60 mins
    So, we are finally at a point where with some certainty we can confirm we are in a digital world (this may have been true for some years in most industries – but is certainly truer in healthcare than ever before)… which means in terms of innovation within sales, within marketing, even within communicating effectively – digital is at the heart of making things work better.

    What does this mean for pharma, is our industry keeping pace, ahead of the curve or playing catch-up – what does this mean in terms of how pharma interacts with its customers, particularly doctors – who are ever more connected digitally with their customers – patients…. What do they need?

    This webinar brings together three leading industry experts – who will discuss, present practical insight and debate on the following topics:

    1. Innovate or fail - the reality of engagement in a digital world
    2. How is the doctor patient relationship changing in the evolving digital healthcare environment?
    3. Why physicians need pharma to be more innovative in its communications.
    4. The three tenets of digital: differentiation, intervention and communication

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