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  • ETFs in 2018: Strategies and Market Movements
    ETFs in 2018: Strategies and Market Movements
    Shelly Antoniewicz, ICI | Will Rhind, GraniteShares | Mike Venuto, Tesoro Investors | Chris Buck, ROBO Global Recorded: Dec 5 2018 64 mins
    The flexibility of ETFs provides investors with the ability to gain exposure to a variety of asset classes and markets while controlling for market turbulence. What strategies are being employed, and what does the market look like now?

    This webinar will gather leaders in the field to discuss top level outlooks on the global economy, as well as deep dives into how ETF strategies are being used across asset classes and markets.

    Topics to be covered:

    - Broad Market Outlook
    - Equity Markets
    - Emerging Markets
    - China and APAC
    - Commodities
    - Robotics


    Shelly Antoniewicz, ICI


    Will Rhind, GraniteShares
    Mike Venuto, Tesoro Investors
    Chris Buck, ROBO Global
  • Active vs. Passive Alpha: How to Integrate ETFs in a Successful Investment Mix
    Active vs. Passive Alpha: How to Integrate ETFs in a Successful Investment Mix
    Travis Robinson, Craig J. Lazzara, Pollyanna Harper, Linda Zhang, Tony Watson, Deborah Fuhr Recorded: Nov 15 2018 48 mins
    With ETFs continuing to grow in popularity, does Active Management have a place in the market? And, with so many proponents of Passive management, what are the contrarian voices saying?

    Thought Leaders on both sides of the aisle will discuss:

    * How to blend ETFs in a passive portfolio?
    * How to use Equity ETFs as an active strategy?
    * Can Alpha be generated with Smart Beta ETFs by producing more than marginal returns?

    Travis Robinson S&P Dow Jones Indices
    Tony Watson, CIO, Portfolio Solutions
    Pollyanna Harper - Director - BlackRock
    Linda Zhang, PhD - CEO and Founder - Purview Investments
    Craig Lazzara - Managing Director - S&P Dow Jones Indices
    Deborah Fuhr, Managing partner & Co-Founder, ETFGI
  • [Panel]: Evaluating Profitable Strategies in Sustainable Investing
    [Panel]: Evaluating Profitable Strategies in Sustainable Investing
    Paul Ellis, Jeffrey Gitterman, Benjamin Yeoh, My-Linh Ngo Recorded: Oct 31 2018 61 mins
    “Doing well by doing good” is catchy, but it was often seen as a nice to have rather than a requirement. Sustainable Investing was a popular thing to say your firm does, but it was often seen as a “side dish” to real investments. This perception is changing, yet there is still work to be done. The challenge remains: How can ESG & Sustainable Investing create profit?

    This panel will features leading experts in ESG & Sustainable Investing that will explain why ESG & Sustainable Investing is profitable, share profitable strategies across asset classes, and explain how to implement at your organisation.

    This session will provide you with an appreciation of the history of ESG & Sustainable Investing, understand the challenges inherent in investing, and ideas on how to create profitable investment strategies.

    Benjamin Yeoh, Senior Portfolio Manager, RBC
    Jeffrey Gitterman, Co-Founding Partner, Gitterman Wealth Management
    My-Linh Ngo, Head of ESG Investment Risk, BlueBay Asset Management

    Moderated By;
    Paul Ellis, Sustainable Finance Consultant, Paul Ellis Consulting
  • [Panel] Outlook for ESG, SRI & Impact Investing
    [Panel] Outlook for ESG, SRI & Impact Investing
    Heinrich Hugenschmidt, Jordan Kimmel, Jon ‘JB’ Beckett, Marguerita Cheng Recorded: Oct 30 2018 61 mins
    There is a buzz around responsible investing and, as the market enjoys a creative phase, there are still tough questions to be answered along the path to mass adoption across the ecosystem.

    In this session, our panel of experts will share their take on the market outlook heading into the second quarter of 2018 with a focus on Environmental, Social And Governance (ESG), Socially responsible investing (SRI) and Impact Investing.

    Key themes to be discussed include;

    * Investor appetite vs market supply
    * Unbundling of the responsible investments
    * Manual approaches and hybrid innovations
    * Regulatory environment and developments

    Join this live Q&A panel session to engage with and hear from key industry experts with interesting and contrarian views on the market for responsible investments.

    Heinrich Hugenschmidt, Advisor to Family Offices and Asset Managers
    Jon ‘JB’ Beckett, Director and UK Representative, Association of Professional Fund Investors (APFI)
    Marguerita Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ocean Global Wealth

    Moderated by;
    Jordan Kimmel, Portfolio Manager, Gitterman Wealth Management, LLC
  • Investing in Cannabis: Managing the Highs and Lows
    Investing in Cannabis: Managing the Highs and Lows
    Jay Simpson, Senior Associate, ISS-ethix Recorded: Oct 9 2018 55 mins
    In an effort to address some of the key concerns for investors surrounding cannabis we will:

    · Examine recent legislative developments in a number of countries, most importantly Canada and the United States and the subsequent growth in demand.

    · Define key terms and important distinctions between medical and recreational cannabis.

    · Focus on the legalization of medical cannabis in a growing number of jurisdictions which has led pharmaceutical companies to invest in cannabis-based medicines, as well as alternatives based on synthetically produced cannabinoids.

    · Chart the growth of business opportunities across the full spectrum of the cannabis industry – both medical and recreational – including the tentative entry of big players into the market.

    Enhanced investor due diligence is required to address the legal, operational, financial and reputational risks the industry is facing – largely as a result of regulatory uncertainties and inconsistencies. We will examine some of the pitfalls of an industry in its infancy.
  • Retirement Planning “Built to Last”
    Retirement Planning “Built to Last”
    Curtis V. Cloke, CEO & Founder, Thrive Income Distribution System Recorded: Sep 13 2018 49 mins
    Building retirement plans that can last a lifetime is the prize of every retirement planning professional and retiree. When retirement plans are “Built to Last”, longevity risk is the number one retirement risk for most retirees (especially when protecting two people for a lifetime). Retirement practitioners need to consider major risks associated with the distribution phase, different from the accumulation phase. Understanding what retirees want and what keeps them up at night are the major elements for financial professionals to resolve and solve for their pre-and-post retiree clients.

    It is important to build investment allocations that create a base of income that cannot be destroyed, one that cannot be outlived, and when done correctly, protect principal in the event of early death. Investing solutions should focus on income flow, discretionary liquidity, growth opportunities and legacy goals. During this session, we will address many myths and biases that surround these questions and show you how building a retirement income floor that incorporates insurance guarantees can help clients meet their emotional and financial needs for a lifetime.

    In this program, you will learn about:

    - Promised Based Income: Luck vs. Skill (Predictable vs Unpredictable)
    - Liquidity: Understanding the “Illusion of Control”… FOMO (fear of missing out)
    - The top five risks to mitigate in retirement
    - How to take a “basket of products approach” (agnostic approach)
    - The benefits of: “Buy income and investing the difference®
    - Divide and Conquer Strategy:
    - Providing income that lasts a lifetime
    - Providing an opportunity for long-term growth, discretionary liquidity and legacy goals
  • An Inside Look: 5 Actionable Ideas to Create Income in Retirement
    An Inside Look: 5 Actionable Ideas to Create Income in Retirement
    Lorraine Ell, CEO & Senior Financial Advisor, Better Money Decisions Recorded: Sep 13 2018 45 mins
    Despite the rise in interest rates of late, creating income from an investment portfolio to fund retirement is still challenging for most. The oft quoted standard of a 4% withdrawal rate has proven to be untenable, as well as not necessarily appropriate in every investor’s situation.

    So how can investors develop a workable retirement income scenario? Lorraine Ell, CEO of Better Money Decisions has helped clients create retirement income for decades. Learn from an expert how to:

    - Identify your needs and wants
    - Find the right level of risk
    - Manage cash flow in up and down markets
    - Boost yield with high income producing instruments
    - Position assets to maximize returns
  • Income At Retirement: US Outlook and Strategies
    Income At Retirement: US Outlook and Strategies
    Marguerita Cheng | Jamie Hopkins | Tom Hegna | Cherry Reynard Recorded: Sep 13 2018 42 mins
    For the best part of a decade, delivering income has been a battle. Low interest rates and bond yields have pushed investors to take greater risks to achieve high income. As US interest rates rise and bond yields spike higher, has the landscape changed? With cash potentially delivering an income in real terms, are we back to a more normal environment of bonds for income and equity for growth? What does this mean for portfolio positioning today?

    Marguerita M. Cheng, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ocean Global Wealth
    Jamie Hopkins, Director of the New York Life Center for Retirement Income
    Tom Hegna, Economist, Author and Retirement Planning Expert

    Moderated by;
    Cherry Reynard, Consulting Editor, Boring Money
  • How To Use Crypto Currencies As A Fixed Income Solution
    How To Use Crypto Currencies As A Fixed Income Solution
    Tim Enneking, Founder of Crypto Asset Management. Recorded: Sep 12 2018 28 mins
    Most of us have heard about crypto “currencies”, ICOs and the tremendous volatility and risks involved. Is there any rationality in this space? Is there any room for a more traditional investor – or is investing in crypto anything but a crap shoot?

    The fact of the matter is that there is already quite a broad range of investments available in the crypto space, many of which carry far less risk and a far higher level of security than one might believe from general media reporting on the crypto sector.

    This session will briefly touch on all of the major categories of investments in the crypto space and then focus on the various fixed-income and pseudo-fixed-income investments which already exist. It will conclude with a brief look at where the sector is going – which we know with relative certainty because the “fiat” space (the traditional financial sector) has already been there…

    About Tim

    Timothy is the founder and the primary Principal of Crypto Asset Management, LP ("CAM"). Prior to founding CAM, Mr. Enneking was the founder and investment manager for the Crypto Currency Fund (“CCF”), one of the world's first private funds focused on cryptocurrencies.

    Prior to operating CCF, Mr. Enneking founded and managed Tera Capital Fund, a fund of funds focused on Eastern Europe (established in 2004). Simultaneously, in 2013, he was engaged to manage the world’s first Bitcoin fund.

    Mr. Enneking also has extensive M&A experience, having completed more than 70 transactions with an aggregate transaction value of over US$12 billion. He speaks near-native French and Russian, as well as German. He has five university degrees, all in international business and law.
  • 3Q18 Fixed-Income Outlook - Tails Risks Are Getting Fatter
    3Q18 Fixed-Income Outlook - Tails Risks Are Getting Fatter
    William J. Costigan, Director, Guggenheim Investments Recorded: Sep 5 2018 20 mins
    While the U.S. economy remains on solid footing, exogenous risks threaten asset values, market confidence, and the strength of the U.S. economy. The Fixed-Income Outlook webcast features Guggenheim Investments’ Bill Costigan, Director, Portfolio Management.

    Exclusive insights to cover:

    * What are risks of a full-blown trade war?
    * Is Fed policy heading into restrictive territory?
    * What fundamental concerns are rising in credit markets?
    * Will investor confusion prevail as the mid-2018 theme?

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