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Panel: Hybrid Cloud: The future for the enterprise, or just hot air? Peter Judge, TechWeek Europe; Malcolm Orr, Rackspace; Iain Balmer, EMC; Alex McDonald, SNIA Hybrid Cloud seems to many to be the obvious choice. No as insecure or inefficient as public cloud, nor as expensive or restrictive as private cloud. Yet is it really all its hyped up to be? And what of the alternatives?

Join this expert panel as they discuss:
- Is your cloud truly private? Is it truly Hybrid?
- Is virtualisation masquerading as the cloud?
- As companies abandon their private clouds, is public the future?
- Is 2014 the year of Hybrid?
- Is Hybrid getting smarter? Is hardware catching up?

Attend this interactive session, ask your questions, voice your opinion and discover whether Hybrid cloud will truly be the future for your organisation, or just a load of hot air.
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Mar 12 2014
57 mins
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