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Education Technology

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  • Fires. Storms. Floods. Attacks. When you think of disasters, you may think of the headlines in the news and the pictures of communities recovering from misfortune. But think for a moment of how much your school depends on its technology and how much smoother the return to normalcy could be after a disaster if you had the peace of mind that your school's data was protected, backed-up and recoverable. That's one less worry.

    Join us for Microsoft Azure for Disaster Recovery in Education to learn how to have a strong disaster recovery solution in place in case the worst-case scenario happens. Learn how Microsoft Azure can help you eliminate the need for investment in expensive backup datacenter or hosting-based disaster recovery solutions.

    This session will cover how you can:
    •Lower traditional cost of operating: roughly 50% cost reduction over most on-premises disaster recovery
    •Gain peace of mind: Reliable, offsite, & potentially geo-replicated backup storage
    •Benefit from increased uptime: 99.9% availability guaranteed Fast, automatic, testable backups

    Plus, learn more about how a disaster recovery plan and assessment by SADA Systems, a Microsoft U.S. Education Cloud Productivity Partner of the Year ensures that your organization is prepared for the unexpected before it’s too late.
  • Sammamish High School Panel: Bill Palmer, Instructional Technology and Curriculum Coach, Bellevue School District; Gabby Grimstead, Sophomore at Sammamish High School
  • With budget and resource constraints, school districts like yours are looking for innovative technologies to help manage their computer labs, replace antiquated desktops, and enable BYOD and home access for students and teachers. Rescue Union School District faced the same challenges and designed a strategy with VMware to achieve an available, scalable and cost-effective desktop infrastructure.

    Join this webcast to learn how Rescue Union School District is now able to:

    Simplify and reduce tech support issues for apps and hardware at remote sites thereby reducing onsite tech staff visits.
    Quickly enable flexible, secure learning environments for on-line testing, Labs, mobile, BYOD and remote students and staff.
    Easily & affordably implement central management of OS & App upgrades on end user devices, including iOS, zero clients, Chromebooks, laptops, and more in multiple labs and campuses.
    Featured Speakers:

    Sheila Simmons
    Director of Media & Technology
    Rescue Union School District

    Larry Garcia
    Technology Support Specialist
    Rescue Union School District
  • — Leveraging Cradlepoint for the Connected Learning Environment —

    The education sector is always looking at new technologies to enhance student learning, increase efficiency, drive down costs, improve safety, and expand services. For K-12 school districts, reliable network connectivity is more important than ever before.

    Districts have discovered that 4G LTE networking solutions provide the reliability, affordability, scalability, and security necessary to fit their student-centered goals. From on-campus primary connect and in-vehicle solutions to business continuity and digital signage, schools and students are reaping widespread benefits from the flexibility and constant uptime that 4G LTE provides.

    Attendees Will Learn:

    • About K-12 IT trends such as off-campus learning, video surveillance, and handling the explosion of mobile devices
    • Network security and CIPA compliance for K-12 campuses
    • How mobile WiFi solutions for buses and off-campus learning create efficiencies
    • About E-rate eligible bundles for Cradlepoint solutions
  • These days, every aspect of educational development creates digital data. Students, faculty, and staff are continually creating files for assignments, lectures and lesson plans, lab and field research, plus the administrative “paper trail”, challenging you, the IT manager, to secure, protect, and manage the growing data sprawl. Schools are just as susceptible to security breaches as other organizations and must comply with stringent data privacy regulations, all while supporting a diverse and constantly changing user base.

    These days, IT managers are challenged with the task of successfully securing, protecting and managing the growing data sprawl across all industries. In this webinar, hear a unique perspective on how digital data affects the educational sector and how it measures against other verticals.

    Join guest Mark Lamson, Director of IT at the Westerly, RI public school system, and David Stevens, Technical Marketing Manager at DataGravity, as they explore ways that local school districts, colleges and universities can use automated file and data analysis to reduce complexity and better serve their constituents. You’ll learn strategies to:

    •Enhance data compliance and security
    •Increase visibility and understanding of your data sets
    •Rein in data growth and storage utilization
  • Continuity responsibility and planning should not be a separate and compartmentalized function performed by independent cells of a few planners in each organization. Organizations must fully integrate continuity into all aspects of an organization’s daily operations, thus creating a “culture of continuity.”

    The COOP presentation will provide an understanding of Continuity and Continuity of Operations, explain the importance of a viable Continuity capability, and emphasize the need for a viable Continuity capability in all organizations.

    In addition to providing an overview of Continuity of Operations, the COOP presentation will also:

    - Educate Federal, State, territorial, tribal, local government jurisdictions, private sector organizations, and emergency management practitioners on the importance of integrating Continuity into daily operations, functions, plans, and mission areas.
    - Emphasize the Federal Government’s Policy requiring Federal agencies to be prepared for unpredictable threats such as earthquakes, accidents, sabotage, and terrorism.
    - Discuss the importance for State, territorial, tribal, local government jurisdictions, private sector organizations to be prepared for unpredictable disruption of business operations.
    - Provide States, territories, tribes, local government jurisdictions, private sector organizations, and businesses with assistance, guidance, knowledge, networking, resources, and tools needed to succeed.
  • End user computing can really drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) -- if you take advantage of the virtual desktops. View this video to learn how Horizon 6 can optimize your application delivery and ease of management, while lowering the costs of virtual SAN to truly begin creating your own software-defined data center.
  • End user computing solves many complex issues in today's fastest-growing industries: Healthcare, financial services, government, education, manufacturing and retail. In today's session, you'll learn about how VMware Horizon 6 address these industries' requirements using customized solutions to minimize risk for customers and accelerate time-to-value.
  • This webinar details a survey of the top 5 IT infrastructure performance issues in the education vertical. We will share how education institutions can evaluate and evolve their network infrastructure performance and get the most out of their IT applications and assets. Understanding and evaluating your IT environment can have a positive impact on the education environment, which results in a positive experience for educators and students alike. This webinar will also address the benefits of conducting IT infrastructure analytics to identify and solve these issues within your environment.
    This will help IT leaders understand their IT environment, get problem and issues under control and help plan for IT change.

    This presentation will co-presented by RISC Networks and CDI Computer Dealers Inc.
  • One of the biggest concerns for IT professionals today is finding a Disaster Recovery plan that isn't going to break the bank. Join this webinar to hear best practices in implementing an affordable and easy-to-use Disaster Recovery option for your VMware production environment and discover the latest technologies that can provide continuous and asynchronous byte-level replication over any distance between your primary and secondary locations.

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