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Virtualizing Your Voice Infrastructure Paul Drew, Metaswitch Networks; Dave Reekie, Metaswitch Networks; Craig Matsumoto, SDNCentral The rapid evolution of standardized commodity computing infrastructure, over the last few years, has created an opportunity to build communications networks in totally new ways. NFV represents a new approach to building networks that will ultimately provide numerous benefits to network operators, including reductions in both capital and operating expenses and the promotion of rapid innovation in the services space. This webinar focuses specifically on the evolution of fixed and mobile multimedia consumer communications services, detailing not only the technology behind virtualizing these services but how network operators are employing NFV to remain competitive in this important market.
Metaswitch is at the forefront of NFV deployments in the telecommunications industry with an innovative IMS core, designed from the ground up to run in the cloud, and a unique, carrier class SBC that can run on COTS hardware or in public or private clouds , along with a carrier class TAS solution re-architected for cloud environments. From multimedia applications to infrastructure, our virtualized network functions have already been deployed in some of the world’s largest network operators to provide VoIP access and interconnect security and interworking along with IMS Core functions and app servers for OTT, VoWiFi and VoLTE service migration. As leaders in the Network Software Provider revolution, our fully-virtualized product portfolio also powers the business unified communications offerings of converged carriers around the globe – and we can do the same for you.

Join our webinar and learn how you can start virtualizing key fixed and mobile multimedia communications services today, increasing scalability and flexibility while dramatically reducing your capital and operational costs: Realizing the promise of NFV.
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May 21 2015
64 mins
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