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Shaping Healthcare Finance

The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) is the representative body for finance staff in the NHS. Through the 13-strong branch network and committee/special interest groups, HFMA sets and promotes the highest professional standards in financial management and corporate governance in healthcare as well as contributing towards shaping healthcare finance policy.

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The role of Boards in Organisational Success (or Failure) Organisations of all sorts are being hit by turbulent times like never before, and there is a lot the NHS can learn from the private sector about how to respond.
This HFMA webinar presented by Belden Menkus, discusses what Boards should do when faced with rapidly changing, unstable, or contentious opportunities and threats.
It also addresses how to respond to disruptive change - faster, more productively, and with lower risk.
Belden Menkus, founder and Managing Director of MenKus & Associates, specialists in helping businesses respond quickly, effectively and with lower risk to disruptive shifts in competition, regulation, technology, and customer demand. Giving him a great breadth of expertise with the theme’s in this HFMA webinar. He discusses;
-Why there is so much change right now?
-When it is going to stop (or at least slow down)?
-What is the role of the board, in building a winning organisation and strategy? - Even in these unsettled times
Heather Strawbridge, HFMA’s chair of NED and Lay Member Faculty will be running an interactive question and answer session in the webinar. This is a great chance to put any unanswered questions or concerns you have from one of the leading professionals in the field.
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May 7 2014 9:00 am
75 mins

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  • Open to all staff in the South West and South Central regions

    This FREE webinar will cover the recently announced changes to the VAT rules within the NHS including the shift to general government department guidance and the amendments to specific COS codes.

    Sign up to listen in on what promises to be a very informative session!
  • The final versions of better care fund plans are due on 4 April, but the need to make the plans real will begin immediately.
    There will be questions on who hosts and facilitates the pooled money. CCGs and local authorities will need to liaise on governance and negotiate the section 75 arrangements.

    This webinar aims to help practitioners get a clearer understanding of how to plan for these issues and give them an opportunity to reflect on how far they have got in this process. For example, what does an ideal situation look like and how does your position compare?
    An NHS England representative will lead the webinar, looking at these issues and drawing on examples of local integration initiatives that are helping to put organisations in a strong position to implement the BCF.

    Presented by Ivan Ellul, Director of Partnerships - NHS England.

    Accompanied by Krishna Taylor, System Policy and Alignment Manager at NHS England.
    and Ben Fletcher, Senior Finance Lead, Financial Strategy and Allocations at NHS England
  • Open to all staff in the West Midlands, South West and South Central regions

    If you are interested in better management and performance in a way that benefits patients and delivers efficiencies, this FREE webinar will give insight into how Service Line Reporting (SLR) and Service Line Management (SLM) can help.

    During the session we will cover:

    •Background to why and how Monitor developed it
    •Demystifying the terminology
    •What it means to the NHS in financially challenging times
    •The top 3 issues to consider to develop and facilitate clinical leadership at Service line level
    •The top 3 issues to consider as an accountant
    •Benefits to delivering robust, safe and sustainable CIPs

    The webinar will bring to life why the NHS uses this approach and what it means for organisations, managers and patients.
  • Many NHS Trusts face a growing financial gap over the next 3 years. With £20 billion of efficiency savings yet to be achieved, more strategic estate plans need to be implemented without any compromise to the quality of services delivered.

    Better estate management offers a realistic and achievable route to cost-savings.

    To assist the NHS finance community in understanding how FM and estate transformation projects can successfully be implemented to support cost-savings initiatives this webinar will provide a detailed overview of 4 different types of major FM / estates projects that have recently concluded. Four example projects will be explained, including:

    • The Leicestershire major FM outsourcing project with Interserve
    • An innovative cost-saving estate management partnership between an NHS Trust and Capita
    • LABV estate transformation projects using local asset backed joint ventures and
    • Energy saving managed service projects.

    Lee Clarke, Associate at DAC Beachcroft LLP and Marcus Palmer, KPMG will explain how each model has advantages and traps for the unwary but can, if procured carefully, provide real cost-savings for NHS organisations. Co-presented by Marcus Palmer, KPMG and Chaired by Andy Ray, Deputy Director of Finance, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

    Aimed at Directors of Finance and their board colleagues, senior finance staff, along with their estates and facilities colleagues.
  • A major new finance strategy will be much more than a staff development plan. It will be shaped by the NHS finance function and be informed by the requirements of clinicians and other NHS staff.

    We know the challenges. Demand is growing. Funding is flatter. The health commissioning and provision landscape is still new. So our colleagues are looking to us to lead and support the changes that need to happen.

    This is why the six national heads of the NHS finance profession have come together to initiate Future-Focused Finance which offers a vision for NHS finance to aspire to over the next five years.

    Future-Focused Finance is about ‘Making People Count’. That includes everyone who works in finance, in every role at every level, those we work with to deliver services and the patients and communities that use and support those services.

    Turning the ambition of Future-Focused Finance into reality now needs your input to be shaped and brought to life by you. This free webinar will summarise the progress so far and signpost how you can make your views known and get involved in making it happen.

    Mark Orchard, Finance Director (Wessex), NHS England
    David Ellcock, Programme Manager, Future-Focused Finance

    Ross Pow, Director, Idenk
  • Open to all staff in the West Midlands and South West

    The NHS finance community needs to understand the key financial reporting issues that are likely to be significant for current and future reporting periods

    This FREE webinar will provide an understanding of reporting issues that may impact on the NHS and is relevant for all finance staff who want to consolidate, update or refresh their existing knowledge.
  • The aim of this year’s theme 'Knowing the Business' is to encourage and support finance professionals to develop their understanding and knowledge of healthcare and to support their clinical colleagues in achieving effective transformational change for the NHS.
  • Learn about Commissioning for Outcome-Based Incentivised Contracts and its impact on cost, integration and outcomes:

    Hear how it is used in practice

    Discuss the future of COBIC, lessons learnt and best practice
  • This free webinar is aimed at NHS finance professionals and will provide an overview of strategic and operational planning for 2014/15 and beyond. This webinar will be an hour long and will consist of a concise presentation followed by a questions and answer session, which will allow you to post questions to the presenter.

    Content will include:

    • Summary of published NHS planning guidance for 2014/15 and beyond
    • Key points of update and emphasis from NHS England, Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority
    • Integration Transformation Fund
    • Timetable and next steps
    • Question and answer session
  • A joint presentation with a finance director and clinician Professor Slevin, Head and Neck Clinical Oncologist at The Christie NHS Foundation Trust.

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