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  • Mobility and Workshifting with Citrix!
    Mobility and Workshifting with Citrix!
    Michael Berman, Lead Virtualization Sales XENgineer at Citrix and Jeremy MacBean, Director of Biz Dev at IT Weapons Recorded: Dec 20 2012 61 mins
    Gone are the days of physical offices, desktop computers, and traditional work hours. A workshifting strategy must address two issues to succeed:

    Employees must have access to desktops, apps, files and collaboration just like they would in the office and IT Security must control and secure business information.

    Workshifting allows companies to:

    1) Give employees the flexibility of a mobile workplace to choose the ideal time, place and device for their work
    2) Provide employees uninterrupted access to desktops and apps during business disruptions of any kind
    3) Reduce travel, labor, and real estate costs through flew-work, telework, and alternative workplace strategies.
    4) Attract and retain the best experienced people wherever you fine them!
  • Extend the Value of Citrix XenApp with AppSense
    Extend the Value of Citrix XenApp with AppSense
    Bill Scarborough, Mgr of East & Federal Pre-Sales at AppSense and Jeremy MacBean, Dir. of Business Development at IT Weapons. Recorded: Nov 28 2012 60 mins
    Virtualization is a top priority to reduce costs and improve business efficiency for most of the world’s leading strategic IT teams. Citrix XenApp provides a delivery infrastructure that makes it easy to deliver any application to any user with high performance and security at low cost. AppSense helps you get more out of your existing Citrix XenApp infrastructure by providing additional levels of policy and personalization management, together with managing application access and system resource allocation - all in one solution.

    Join AppSense and IT Weaons to learn new approaches to:
    • Extend contextual personalization and policy management capabilities
    • Ensure optimal allocation of system resources to increase users and applications density
    • Manage application and network entitlement to a granular level
    • Control application usage and enforce Microsoft software licensing

    Register today to hear best practices and real-life success stories to extend the value of your application virtualization investments.
  • Security Myths: Separating Facts from Fiction
    Security Myths: Separating Facts from Fiction
    Todd Smeed, IT Security Consultant at IT Weapons Recorded: Nov 22 2012 45 mins
    Today's IT environments have become a security management nightmare. With the growing complexity of products, and common misconceptions of misguided marketing campaigns and misunderstandings of deployed technologies, organizations are faced with significant challenges to managing their security environments. Did you know that most security breaches today are fundamentally caused by relying on technologies to solve problems they weren’t designed to solve? The nature of the majority of attacks are opportunistic so improperly deployed access controls end up leaving organizations with a false sense of security and are vulnerable to attacks.

    In this webcast we will highlight:
    • How today’s market misunderstands the role of SSL, anti-virus and firewalls technologies
    • How to apply "defense in depth" when properly securing your infrastructure
  • Managed Services That Make Sense: Do What’s Right and Keep Your Business Safe.
    Managed Services That Make Sense: Do What’s Right and Keep Your Business Safe.
    Ted Garner, CEO at IT Weapons and Jeremy MacBean, Business Development Director at IT Weapons. Recorded: Sep 6 2012 53 mins
    Does it make sense to move some of your applications and data to a cloud or data centre provider? How important are DR considerations to your lines of business? Most importantly, what should you look for in a managed services, cloud, or data centre provider?

    Today’s IT marketplace is flooded with choices; from break-fix IT support and traditional managed services to tomorrow’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Join IT Weapons for a no-nonsense look at today’s Data Centre and Cloud marketplace. In this webcast we’ll give you the straight talk on what to consider when you think about Canadian private cloud and data centre services for your business.
  • Create Your Next-Gen Network with Citrix NetScaler
    Create Your Next-Gen Network with Citrix NetScaler
    Mark DeFreitas, Principal Networking Consultant at IT Weapons & David Cooper, Senior Citrix Sales Engineer at Citrix Systems Recorded: Jun 12 2012 59 mins
    For this webcast, we’re taking an inside look at the latest networking, application access, and security features baked into the 2012 Citrix NetScaler 10 technology. Join IT Weapons and Senior Citrix Sales Engineer, David Cooper, for this technical tour of the industry’s most advanced cloud network platform; Citrix NetScaler.

    Citrix NetScaler 10 enables the data centre network to become an end-to-end service delivery fabric to optimize the delivery of all web applications, cloud-based services, virtual desktops, enterprise business apps and mobile services. It ensures the performance, availability and security SLAs for any service to any user, anywhere.

    During our webcast we’ll explore the following NetScaler 10 features:
    • Advanced load balancing for high availability
    • Citrix TriScale technology
    • Application visibility and simple policy management
    • Enhanced security features
  • 3 Tech Challenges of 2012: Mobile Device Management, DR and Security
    3 Tech Challenges of 2012: Mobile Device Management, DR and Security
    Ted Garner, CEO at IT Weapons Recorded: Apr 25 2012 46 mins
    Studies show that nearly 50% of North American businesses will incorporate tablets and other new mobile platforms (iPhones, Android, Windows 8) into their corporate networks this year. Are you ready for the challenge this new technology presents for system support, management, and security?

    Join IT Weapons CEO, Ted Garner, for a candid look at the trends that are impacting today's IT leaders and the innovative strategies and tools available to help you meet those challenges head-on. In this exciting and interactive webcast we'll explore the intersecting issues around Security and Compliance, Mobile Device Management, and Disaster Recovery planning. We’ll share the insight you need to keep your business agile and resilient.
  • Improve Your Disaster Recovery Preparedness
    Improve Your Disaster Recovery Preparedness
    Chris Horne, Principal Virtualization Consultant at IT Weapons and David Styczynski, Channel Systems Engineer at VMware. Recorded: Mar 21 2012 57 mins
    Do you worry about the business impact of data loss if disaster strikes? Does your DR plan depend on complicated, error-prone run books and manual processes? Do you refrain from testing your DR plan because it's expensive and difficult? If you've answered yes to these questions, then you're not prepared, and your business may be at risk.

    True business resilience requires investment, and monetary cost is only a portion of this investment. Developing the right disaster recovery strategy for your organization takes time and planning. Join IT Weapons and VMware for this webcast to see strategies and solutions that will improve the disaster recovery preparedness for your business.

    Attend this webcast to learn:
    •The 3 key phases to providing robust Disaster Recovery services
    •How automating processes with VMware Site Recovery Manager 5 can simplify management and ensure fast and reliable recovery
    •How IT Weapons Data Protection Services can help your organization
  • My Infrastructure is Cloud Enabled, Now What?
    My Infrastructure is Cloud Enabled, Now What?
    Chris Horne, Principal Virtualization Consultant at IT Weapons Recorded: Feb 28 2012 50 mins
    Odds are you've already virtualized much of your server and storage infrastructure. Now you are wondering how to leverage the Cloud and realize its true benefits. All the choices available can leave you confused. When it comes to the Cloud, the direction you choose for your business can impact performance, availability, backup and disaster recovery.

    Join us for another exciting webcast where we'll explore the Cloud landscape and help you see the real differences between Public, Private, and Hybrid models. You'll leave this session understanding the tools and services available to turn today's virtual servers and storage into tomorrow's high-performance Cloud infrastructure.
  • Securing The Human Element:  Get the Facts about Phishing
    Securing The Human Element: Get the Facts about Phishing
    Huw Evans, Principal Security Consultant at IT Weapons Recorded: Feb 1 2012 41 mins
    Even with the most comprehensive security appliances at work, your people can still create security holes. The actions a user takes during their day-to-day work can leave your company exposed to security breaches and allow unauthorized entry into the corporate infrastructure. Well meaning and loyal employees can inadvertently create vulnerabilities in your environment.

    This webcast will highlight some employee behaviours and actions that can potentially compromise your corporate assets. We will also discuss some key ways you can better protect your organization and educate your users.

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