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FireEye Intelligence-Led Security

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  • Cyber Threat Intelligence: Learn How It Can Drive World-Class Security
    Cyber Threat Intelligence: Learn How It Can Drive World-Class Security Jeff Berg, Principal Consultant, Cyber Threat Intelligence & Jeff Compton, Principal Consultant, Cyber Threat Intelligence Recorded: Oct 5 2017 57 mins
    The adoption of Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is increasing across organizations like yours—adding value to all segments of security operations and the business.

    When it is better utilized, CTI significantly enhances an organization’s ability to anticipate, identify, respond to, and remediate threats.

    Attend this webinar to see cyber security veterans Jeff Berg and Jeff Compton share a case study to show how you can:
    •Identify and leverage core competencies to build an intelligence-led strategy
    •Develop a best-in-class CTI program framework
    •Scope your intelligence function
    •Sidestep common pitfalls and resistance
    •Establish growth and maturity metrics
    •Anticipate and recognize near and long-term wins


    This is part one of a two-part series.

    Don’t miss part 2: Emerging Global Cyber Threats on November 2.

    To learn more visit: https://www2.fireeye.com/Webinar-Emerging-Global-Threats.html
  • The Next Level of Smarter Endpoint Protection: Going Beyond Anti-Virus Products
    The Next Level of Smarter Endpoint Protection: Going Beyond Anti-Virus Products Jim Waggoner, Sr. Director, Product Management Recorded: Sep 26 2017 55 mins
    Antivirus (AV) protection has been the foundation for endpoint security for decades despite its known gaps. To address evolving threats, organizations need an integrated endpoint solution that can fortify their defenses.

    On September 26, Jim Waggoner, Sr. Director, Product Management for FireEye will detail:
    •Why endpoint security products have not provided complete protection
    •Capabilities required for a comprehensive endpoint protection solution
    oAV with threat intelligence
    oDetection and response
    oBehavior and exploit analysis
    oVisibility and automation
    •How the latest FireEye Endpoint Security solution enables you to go from detection to investigation and remediation quickly, all with a single agent

    Attend this webinar as the first step toward a smarter, more adaptive approach to endpoint security.
  • Are You Ready to Respond?
    Are You Ready to Respond? Troy Scavella, FireEye Principal Consultant and Ahmet Rifki, Sr. Consultant Recorded: Jul 20 2017 59 mins
    “In our current state of cyber security, security breaches are inevitable.” -- Kevin Mandia, CEO, FireEye

    In 2016 there were 1,093 publicized cyber security breaches. That’s a 40% increase from 2015. Given this era’s up surge in breach activity, it’s no longer about whether you’ll be breached. It’s how you’ll respond when you are breached. Organizations with a well-designed response capability are better off.

    Join Troy Scavella, FireEye Principal Consultant and Ahmet Rifki, Sr. Consultant, for our webinar on July 20. They will cover several topics including:

    •Six primary areas of focus for an effective response plan
    •Best practices for each of those areas
    •Examples of how deficiencies in any area reduce an organization’s ability to effectively detect and respond to a cyber security incident, whether targeted or opportunistic
  • APT32: New Cyber Espionage Group
    APT32: New Cyber Espionage Group Nick Carr, Sr. Manager Incident Response, Mandiant, a FireEye Company Recorded: May 24 2017 57 mins
    Learn more about APT32 (OceanLotus Group), a Southeast Asian cyber espionage group threatening multi-national companies operating in Vietnam. After long-term monitoring and response of their activities, FireEye has given this threat actor the newest APT designation.

    Join Nick Carr, Sr. Manager of Incident Response, as he shares how Mandiant, iSIGHT Intelligence and FireEye as a Service teams reveal:

    • Who is part of APT32, where they are based, whom they target and how they operate
    • Advice on how to defend against, hunt for and respond to APT32
    • How your organization can improve your ability to detect, prevent and remediate APT32 attacks
  • Tips & Tricks: Make the Most of FireEye Network Security
    Tips & Tricks: Make the Most of FireEye Network Security Bikram Gupta, Director of Product Marketing Recorded: May 18 2017 55 mins
    Although FireEye Network Security is ready to use out-of-the-box, simplicity does not imply a lack of sophistication. There may be a variety of capabilities that practitioners can take advantage of when maximizing the value of their Network Security solution.

    In this webinar, we present variety of tips, tricks, and secrets collected from FireEye engineers, architects, incident responders, and analysts to:

    •Enhance detection efficacy
    •Accelerate response to alerts
    •Streamline system administration
    •Improve alert management
    •Perform health checks.

    SPECIAL OFFER: All attendees will be offered a free FireEye Network Security health check at the end of the webinar.
  • Smarter Endpoint Security: How to Go Beyond Prevention
    Smarter Endpoint Security: How to Go Beyond Prevention Jim Waggoner, Sr. Director, Endpoint Product Management Recorded: May 2 2017 49 mins
    Today’s endpoint security products do what they were designed to do, but they still leave gaps in protection. Comprehensive endpoint protection requires prevention, AV, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and other capabilities. Even when organizations adopt multiple point products, there are still gaps in their endpoint protection.

    Some companies tout “next-generation endpoint security,” but what does that mean? Jim Waggoner, Sr. Director of Endpoint Product Management at FireEye will tell you how to make sure your next-generation endpoint security solution is delivering a comprehensive. In this webinar, you will:

    > Learn about the current endpoint security landscape and the challenges it poses
    > Find out what makes EDR capabilities valuable
    > Understand why threat intelligence is important and how it affects endpoint threat detection and prevention
    > Discover why a single endpoint agent should include (1) Multiple detection and prevention engines, (2) Integrated workflows from detection to investigation to remediation, and (3) Scalable, multiple form factors and breadth of OS support
  • 10 Security Best Practices for Government Organizations
    10 Security Best Practices for Government Organizations Tony Cole, Vice President and Global Government Chief Technology Officer, FireEye Recorded: Apr 20 2017 53 mins
    Government networks, critical infrastructure and data are under a constant state of attack. The nature of these threats evolve on a daily basis. Hacktivists, nation states and cyber criminals push people, processes and technologies that make up Government cyber defenses to their breaking points.

    In this webinar, Tony Cole, Vice President and Global Government Chief Technology Officer at FireEye, will be sharing how to:

    -- Interpret and respond to trends in adversary capabilities and motivations.
    -- Integrate and apply cyber intelligence to reduce risk, cost and operational overhead.
    -- Improve readiness and response to minimize the impact of a breach.

    Learn how you can apply best practices in intelligence-led security into your defenses.
  • Containing the Career Impact of Cybercrime
    Containing the Career Impact of Cybercrime Chris Leach, Chief Technologist, HPE. Josh Goldfarb, VP & CTO - Emerging Technologies, FireEye. Recorded: Feb 23 2017 55 mins
    Cyber truths and CEOs
    Security industry experts say that the nature and complexity of today’s cyberattacks are beyond the scope of even the largest companies. We’ve seen the headline making news. Big brand companies once thought to be impenetrable, have fallen victim to targeted cyberattacks inflicting significant financial damages to their businesses.

    Financial fall out and executive reputation
    Such breaches are hitting corporations where it hurts the most: the bottom line. A prominent bank recently felt the staggering loss of $81 million resulting from a breach.

    Elevate and propagate
    Battling hackers, state actors, and sophisticated cybercrime organizations may seem like a never-ending, daunting task.

    Please join us as FireEye and HPE Chief Technology Officers reveal a five-point tactical plan to mitigate risk and keep your reputation intact.

    What you’ll learn:

    1.Creating a Risk Profile to assess your organization’s risk level.
    2.CEO engagement. Understanding the amount of time, resources and commitment needed to minimize threat exposure.
    3.Roles and investment. Guidelines for technology, personnel, and budget.
    4.Risks and ramifications. Pinpoint the gaps.
    5.Seek the advice of experts. Don’t stake your reputation by going it alone.

    See you online!

    The FireEye HPE team
  • Two-Factor, Too Furious: Subverting (and Protecting) Multi-factor Authentication
    Two-Factor, Too Furious: Subverting (and Protecting) Multi-factor Authentication Austin Baker, Sr. Consultant (Mandiant), Patrick Charbonneau, Consultant (Mandiant) Recorded: Jan 26 2017 42 mins
    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the standard for protecting sensitive systems and credentials. What once was limited to physical tokens and keycodes has expanded into digital tokens, phone applications, and password vaults, all in the effort to offer additional safeguards for critical access points like VPN connectivity and system administrator accounts.

    While MFA is now an industry-standard security practice, monitoring and protecting these implementations from exploitation is not widely practiced.

    Gathered from the trenches of both our Incident Responders and Red Teamers, here is a quick introduction to the problems faced with common MFA systems, the ways real-world attackers (e.g. APT28 & ATP29) and our Red Team have bypassed or subverted them, and some techniques your team can use to further protect the multi-factor keys to your kingdom.

    Register today to learn from our experts.
  • 2017 Cyber Security Predictions
    2017 Cyber Security Predictions Stuart McKenzie, VP of EMEA, Mandiant. Gerasimos Stellatos, Director, Mandiant. Recorded: Dec 15 2016 57 mins
    Major events of 2016 have created great uncertainty about the future, but in cyber security one thing is certain: Some attacks and crimes will continue and new challenges will emerge.

    What new developments in cyber security should you expect in 2017?
    Join us to hear from some of FireEye top experts about our predictions for 2017 which draw from our executive team, Mandiant incident responders, FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence and FireEye Labs. These insights include:

    •What investments in security organizations will make in 2017
    •Which industry or type of organization might unexpectedly become a target of threat groups in 2017
    •How threat groups will continue to target industrial control systems (ICS) in the near future
    •What the future hold for less security-mature regions in Asia Pacific and EMEA

    Register today to understand what lies ahead, so you can prepare to stay one step ahead of cyber security threats.

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