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FireEye Next-Generation Threat Protection

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  • Know Your Enemy: New Financially-Motivated & Spear-Phishing Group Know Your Enemy: New Financially-Motivated & Spear-Phishing Group Steve Elovitz, Manager, Consulting Services (Mandiant), Ian Ahl, Manager, Incident Response (Mandiant) Recorded: Aug 18 2016 50 mins
    Beginning in January 2016, Mandiant identified a financially-motivated threat actor that launched several tailored, spear-phishing campaigns—targeting industries that process large volumes of consumer credit cards such as retail, restaurant, and hospitality. To date, Mandiant has seen this group at over 150 organizations. This group is interesting due to the large number of organizations they quickly targeted, how quickly they shift tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs), and their unusual persistence in attempting to re-compromise an organization after remediation.

    During this conversation, we will walk through examples from several Mandiant investigations of this groups activity. We will take a technical look at this threat actor's TTPs as well as talk about what to look for to determine if they are active in your environment.

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  • Place Your Bets on Securing Your Network Against Advanced Threats Place Your Bets on Securing Your Network Against Advanced Threats Gary Fisk (Solutions Architect, FireEye), Robert McNutt (Director, Strategic System Engineer, ForeScout) Recorded: Aug 16 2016 56 mins
    According to the latest M-Trends report, 53 percent of network compromises are identified by an external organization rather than the internal IT department. This is especially apparent in the hospitality industry where massive amounts of customer data and credit card information are stored. Now more than ever, it’s critical to understand the security posture of your network and implement comprehensive security solutions that help you rapidly detect, analyze and contain potential threats.

    Join us and learn how a Fortune 500 company Gaming/Hospitality company gained instant visibility of previously unknown devices and deployed policy-based access controls in days. Our special guest customer will comment on the state of threats to hospitality companies and discuss how FireEye Network Threat Prevention Platform (NX Series) and ForeScout CounterACT® work together to provide a holistic approach to risk mitigation and threat management.

    Gain visibility into what and who is on your network—especially un-managed devices. Improve your defenses against advanced threats and create a policy based automated response to potential threats.

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  • Connected Health Devices – Biomed Benefit or Biohazard? Connected Health Devices – Biomed Benefit or Biohazard? Dan McWhorter, Chief Intelligence Strategist, FireEye, John Klassen, Sr. Director, Solutions Marketing, FireEye Recorded: Jul 28 2016 58 mins
    Medical devices (biomed) introduce many cybersecurity challenges into healthcare delivery organizations, but what can you do? Connecting medical devices to your network and in turn to your physicians and EMR system increases clinical workflow while opening security holes. Much is out of your control. Device manufacturers control patch cycles and vulnerabilities persist so you segment your network which introduces administration overhead and increases the possibility of breaches due to misconfigurations. As you try harder to improve efficiency, is your environment becoming less secure due to improved connectivity? And what about patient safety when medical devices are connected directly to patients?

    Join Dan McWhorter, Chief Intelligence Strategist at FireEye, and John Klassen, Sr Director Solutions Marketing, on this webinar to learn:

    •The impact on Healthcare cybersecurity from complex medical device ecosystems
    •What kind of attacks connected medical devices are vulnerable to
    •Strategies and tools to lower your risk from compromised devices

    Register today to understand this emerging threat landscape.

    The FireEye Healthcare Team
  • Passive Detection Doesn’t Work: Non-Reactive Approaches To Incident Response Passive Detection Doesn’t Work: Non-Reactive Approaches To Incident Response Devon Kerr, Incident Response Manager, Professional Services, Mandiant Recorded: Jul 27 2016 59 mins
    Intrusion investigations are a response to the detection of a threat in the environment. Organizations are investing heavily in technology, training, and personnel who can quickly detect and respond to threats after they’ve gained some amount of access to their environments. It’s this process that leads to containment and gives businesses back control.

    Companies are getting better at detecting threats as a result, but actors may still have been in the environment for several months before that critical moment when tools and personnel finally detect the bump in the night and the investigative process can begin.

    During this conversation, we’ll look at the security ecosystem and some of the reasons why technologies that react to threat activity may not be adequate in this golden age of cyber threats. We’ll also discuss a few of the most important skillsets necessary to cultivate and why personnel and expertise are your secret weapons. Lastly, we’ll suggest some of the most effective sources of evidence to examine as well as some of the analysis techniques you should be using to filter through the noise.

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  • Cybersecurity Challenges, Risks, Trends and Impacts:  Key Survey Insights Cybersecurity Challenges, Risks, Trends and Impacts: Key Survey Insights Julian Dana (Director, Latin America, Mandiant), Chris Leach (Chief Technologist, HPE) Recorded: Jul 21 2016 59 mins
    No question about it: Information security—or, more precisely, the lack of it—is firmly on the radar for business and information-technology leaders in organizations of all sizes and in every sector. Many executives and managers fear that their companies are ill-prepared to prevent, detect, and effectively respond to various types of cyber attacks, and a shortage of in-house security expertise remains of widespread concern.

    Those are among the initial findings of the Cybersecurity Challenges, Risks, Trends, and Impacts Survey, conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom in February 2016. Commissioned by Hewlett Packard Enterprises Security Services and FireEye, join our experts as they discuss this industry survey to uncover:

    •Implications of breach impacts for organizations
    •Benefits of a risk management strategies
    •Current trends in information-security threats

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  • Cyber Risk Conversation: Security Trends & Best Practices Cyber Risk Conversation: Security Trends & Best Practices Ron Bushar, Managing Director, Mandiant (a FireEye company) Recorded: Jun 28 2016 54 mins
    Over the last decade, cyber security has evolved from a niche concern confined to IT professionals to a major priority for CEOs and boards of directors. Company leaders are now charged with managing cyber risk with the same urgency that they have managed traditional business risk.
    The emergence of cyber risk as a centerpiece of risk management is being fueled by new and increasingly complex threats. Organizations must deal with a quickly evolving set of threats to their information systems and data. Many of these threats were unimaginable just a few years ago.

    In this discussion, we explain the different forms of cyber risk and show how the threat level has risen in recent years. We also provide a basic framework for managing cyber risk, and finally, we pose five key questions business leaders should ask themselves to ensure their security posture is sufficiently robust and resilient to meet evolving threats.

    Register for this webinar today. As usual, we’ll leave time for Q&A.
  • MobileIron + FireEye: Uncovering Security Threats to Enforce Policies on Mobile MobileIron + FireEye: Uncovering Security Threats to Enforce Policies on Mobile Mike Resong (Dir, Tech Alliances, FireEye) David Schwartzberg (Sr. Mgr., Security & Privacy, MobileIron) Recorded: Jun 16 2016 64 mins
    Mobile technology is driving a massive shift in the IT department’s ability to support the way people want to work and collaborate. In this era of enterprise mobility management (EMM), modern enterprises must deliver native mobile experiences that are available to users anywhere and anytime while ensuring that IT can secure corporate information everywhere.

    In this webinar, MobileIron and FireEye experts will speak to:

    - What trends we're seeing in the updated mobile security landscape
    - How joint customers are leveraging their integrated solution in their corporate environments
    - An overview of MobileIron and FireEye's combined solution

    This session will also include a preview of what’s coming with FireEye Security Orchestrator and MobileIron’s integration with FireEye’s newest product.
  • Breach Readiness:  Next Generation of Incident Preparedness Breach Readiness: Next Generation of Incident Preparedness Russell Teague, Managing Director, Mandiant, a FireEye Company Recorded: Jun 7 2016 56 mins
    Are you ready to handle a security breach? Russell Teague, Managing Director, Mandiant, a FireEye Company, will discuss the Next Generation of Incident Preparedness. Mandiant is the world leader in Incident Response Management; no other company is involved in more of today's largest breaches. Russell will discuss what companies need to do to be breach ready, and how being proactive in your incident preparedness is essential and could save you from devastating cost.

    Incident preparedness is more than having an incident response plan, it's more than having skilled personnel on staff. Come join us in an eye-opening discussion on key elements that every company should consider. Major security breaches have become part of everyone's daily news feed, from the front page of the newspaper to the top of every security blog, you can’t miss the steady flood of new breaches impacting the world today. In today’s every changing world of business and technology, breaches are inevitable, you must be prepared before they happen. Learn how to become prepared from the industry leader in breach management and ultimately control your cost in post breach recovery.

    Register now for this compelling discussion on Next Generation Incident Preparedness.
  • Privileged Accounts and the Cyber Attack Life Cycle Privileged Accounts and the Cyber Attack Life Cycle Adam Bosnian, EVP, Global Business Dev, CyberArk, Milan Gavran, TAP Sales Mgr, FireEye Recorded: May 24 2016 44 mins
    Mandiant Consulting’s 2016 M-Trends report once again shows that cyber attacks follow a regular pattern of crashing through perimeter defenses, obtaining a credential and then using the acquired access to move laterally throughout the network and escalate privileges to complete their primary objective. Once attackers obtain privileged credentials, they can slowly gain control of the entire organization’s IT environment.

    This session will focus on how attackers find their way to the heart of enterprises, the role privileged credentials (passwords and SSH keys) play in an active cyber attack, and how the integration of CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution and the FireEye Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) can help organizations detect, alert and rapidly respond to cyber attacks.

    The audience will be walked through a few data breach examples and shown how combining intel from both systems is used to assist in detection and response acceleration. Attendees can expect to gain an advanced understanding of how they can start leveraging their enterprise-wide data and privileged threat analytics to quickly identify and disrupt the most critical in-progress attacks.

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  • The Eye of The Security Cyberstorm The Eye of The Security Cyberstorm Chris Olive, Vormetric & Kevin Jackson, FireEye Recorded: May 11 2016 50 mins
    It doesn’t matter what industry vertical you are in or how big or small your business is, we are all plagued by the same concern, the security of your most valuable asset – your data. Moreover, the threat is sometimes the ones that you trust most, namely people that have access to your privileged information and data. This insider threat can be your customers, partners and even your employees that accidentally or purposefully release or acquire sensitive data and use it for something other than what it was meant for.

    Just imagine if you had a complete and panoramic scene sizeup along with the ability to proactively address potential threats of both the traditional threat vector of outsiders gaining information as well as the increasingly common and dangerous internal threat. Join us as we discuss this important topic as well as how you can ensure that your organization does not find itself in the eye of the security cyberstorm..

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