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Leading Security Intelligence & Risk Management Enterprise Platform

HP is a leading provider of security and compliance solutions for modern enterprises that want to mitigate risk in their hybrid environments and defend against advanced threats. Based on market leading products from ArcSight, Fortify, and TippingPoint, the HP Security Intelligence and Risk Management (SIRM) Platform uniquely delivers the advanced correlation, application protection, and network defense technology to protect today’s applications and IT infrastructures from sophisticated cyber threats. Visit HP Enterprise Security at: www.hpenterprisesecurity.com.

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Orchestrating Security in the Cloud Dave Shackleford, Farshad Ghazi, Sami Laine, Andrew Maguire and Swaroop Sayeram This webcast presents the results of a new SANS survey that examines organizational use of public and private clouds and seeks to determine their best practices in securing content that traverses through both ecosystems.

Attend this webcast to learn:

-How organizations use the cloud
-What types of information they store in the cloud
-What concerns they have about data security
-How much they rely on cloud service providers and what difficulties they face
-What security and data protection technologies they use in the cloud environment
-How they manage cloud users
-And much more
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Sep 30 2015
63 mins
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