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Micro Focus Enterprise Security Products

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  • Top 5 Application Security Risks Threatening Your Business Today
    Top 5 Application Security Risks Threatening Your Business Today Alexander Hoole, Manager, Software Security Research, Micro Focus Fortify Recorded: Jan 17 2018 38 mins
    A single weak point in a line of code can create an open door for attackers. Threats originating from applications are now more pervasive than ever. We believe that the best defense against application vulnerabilities is a good offense.

    In this webinar, we will share results from our recent primary research study that reveals:
    • The top five application security risks
    • Where these risks originate
    • How to remediate these risks
    • Best practices to protect your business, protect your customers
  • Mapping Encryption to GDPR requirements:  Best practices on practical use cases
    Mapping Encryption to GDPR requirements: Best practices on practical use cases Mark Bower, Global Director, Product Management - Data Security, Micro Focus Recorded: Dec 5 2017 62 mins
    The clock on GDPR is ticking with the May 2018 enforcement date looming. All businesses that handle EU citizen data will eventually be impacted. Compliance risks are material to many US and global firms, with fines and remediation costs potentially an order of magnitude larger than all other regulations combined. The challenge is to maintain legitimate data use for business opportunities, while deploying non-disruptive controls that lower risk of data breaches and exposure to whistleblowers.

    This session will take a practical view to illustrate how format-preserving encryption maps specifically to GDPR requirements. We’ll walk through practical customer use cases involving EU data in a large enterprise, with Big Data and hybrid enterprise IT examples. Attendees can learn how our advanced FPE technology solves complex regulatory issues quickly, while also enabling data-driven organizations to increase the use of data for decisions, even under aggressive regulatory controls.
  • Harnessing the Hadoop Ecosystem
    Harnessing the Hadoop Ecosystem Reiner Kappenberger, Micro Focus, Rohit Sinha, Cask, Danil Zburivsky, Pythian Recorded: Dec 5 2017 62 mins
    With a stake at the center of how organizations are consuming and leveraging big data, Hadoop adoption in the enterprise is growing steadily. In fact, a recent survey conducted over the subscribers of Database Trends and Applications found 55% of respondents currently use the platform and 44% have four or more clusters. To understand key challenges and use cases, attend this roundtable webinar. You'll learn:

    • How real companies are using technologies shaping the future of data management
    • Key challenges to enabling data access, data sharing and data privacy
    • Critical success factors require best practices in governance and data security
  • Data Security Governance: What it is and how can you achieve it
    Data Security Governance: What it is and how can you achieve it Marcelo Delima and Ali ElKortobi, Micro Focus Recorded: Oct 26 2017 34 mins
    Data is at the heart of most major businesses in the new data economy. But the exponential growth in data generation and usage across Hybrid IT, IoT and other platforms is rendering current data security methods obsolete. In addition, government regulations, such as GDPR, increase the risk of heavy penalties for any data breach. A new approach merging data security and governance is needed.

    This webinar will discuss:

    • The new data economy and the challenges to data security
    • Why businesses need both security and information governance when facing data growth, privacy challenges, industry and government regulations
    • How the integration of Structured Data Manager and SecureData gives customers a key solution for Data Security Governance
  • Discover the New: Security
    Discover the New: Security John Delk, Chief Product Officer and GM, Security Product Group and Travis Grandpre, Director, Product Marketing, Micro Focus Recorded: Oct 3 2017 30 mins
    With the close of the spin-merge of HPE Software with Micro Focus, the two organizations have joined forces to become the seventh-largest pure-play software company in the world.

    As one of the largest security providers in the world, both HPE and Micro Focus bring together a portfolio of security solutions that bridges IT and protects what matters most—users, apps, data, and the interactions between them.

    Join us for this webinar to hear John Delk, Chief Product Officer, and Security GM, discuss how the new combined security business combines an open architecture to free up access to data and industry-leading analytics to detect known and unknown threats.

    Join us and Discover the New Security!
  • How Du Telecom Streamlined Its Security Ops with HPE ArcSight SIEM Solution
    How Du Telecom Streamlined Its Security Ops with HPE ArcSight SIEM Solution Tamer El Refaey, Senior Director, Security Monitoring and Operations, du Telecom and Arun George, Regional Sales Manager, HPE Recorded: Jun 13 2017 51 mins
    As a rapidly growing mobile and fixed line service provider, du Telecom was faced with protecting its growing network and IT infrastructure while controlling costs and efficiently managing IT operations. Recognizing this need, du Telecom embarked on a journey to transform its security operations as it knew that a strong security foundation — one that can automate security and compliance monitoring to cost-effectively support corporate growth — would be critical to its success. To achieve these goals, du Telecom turned to ArcSight.

    Join this webinar to participate in a candid conversation with Tamer El Bahey, Senior Director - Security Monitoring & Operations at du Telecom, as he shares how the company simplified its security operations across the enterprise and laid the groundwork for an award winning Security Operations Center (SOC) using ArcSight SIEM solution. Learn from du Telecom's approach and lessons learned which resulted in reduced security expenditures by 85% in 3 years.

    Register now to see how the power of ArcSight SIEM solution can also transform your Security Operation Center to operate more efficiently and protect against cyber threats.
  • 6 Lessons for Cyber Threat Hunters
    6 Lessons for Cyber Threat Hunters Mary Karnes Writz and Alona Nadler, HPE Recorded: Apr 27 2017 46 mins
    Hunt teams are relative newcomers within the security operations domain. Many companies say they are doing “hunt” but when we dig deeper, we find the capabilities are ad hoc, with no measurable indicators of success nor formal organizational support. That means hunt teams are growing in popularity and use, but there is no “gold standard” yet for how they work. With increasing scarcity of skilled resources in cyber security and lack of efficient tools, it is challenging to build successful hunt practices inside an organization.

    Join this webcast to:
    •Gain a clear understanding of the current challenges of hunt and investigation procedures
    •Learn how to build “hunt” capabilities that search for security breaches
    •Increase speed, simplicity and effectiveness across the entire workflow of hunt and investigation with ArcSight’s new solution

    Mary Writz is a seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in cyber security and, under her services leadership role, her team filed 9 patents and built a successful hunt practice with a focus on Big Data, machine learning and visualization. Alona Nadler is a senior product manager for ArcSight with a background in Big Data analytics platform.
  • Hunting for Security Threats: Best Practices
    Hunting for Security Threats: Best Practices Mary Karnes Writz, Head of Applied Innovation, HPE Security Professional Services Recorded: Apr 4 2017 51 mins
    Have you been planning on establishing hunting capabilities but just can’t seem to get it started? Check out this webinar to gain a clearer understanding on hunt teams and their effectiveness.

    This webinar will deep dive into successes and most importantly lessons learned from Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s own journey with leveraging emerging capabilities and hunting techniques with customers. From solving data ingestion challenges to detecting bank heists, learn from HPE’s years of building hunt teams.

    Get a broader view of the ecosystem of breach hunting technology so you can execute your own successful hunt strategy.
  • Effective Application Security Testing at DevOps Speed: Get Started
    Effective Application Security Testing at DevOps Speed: Get Started James Rabon, Fortify Product Mgr/Security Specialist, HPE and Poonam Yadav, Fortify Product Mgr/Security Specialist, HPE Recorded: Mar 30 2017 56 mins
    Is your business challenged with competing priorities and resources when it comes to application security testing and the need for more rapid application development? Are you impacted by costly and cumbersome remediation of security issues? In a world of competing requirements, how can your application security keep up with the rapid pace of development, and still remain effective?

    Learn how some of the most advanced and innovative application security customers tackle this problem by:

    • Using automation - where modern security tools are being included in the “treat infrastructure as code” mantra

    • Making static and dynamic analysis of applications more efficient and effective

    • Integrating application security throughout the software development lifecycle (using a DevOps toolchain)

    • Gaining visibility and insights into production application behavior and exploits via low-impact Continuous Monitoring

    • Protecting security flaws in production to buy time for true remediation
  • How to automate security investigation and remediation for real time response
    How to automate security investigation and remediation for real time response Barak Klinghofer, Co-Founder and CPO, Hexadite and Steven Forsyth, RnD Manager, HPE Security ArcSight Recorded: Mar 29 2017 49 mins
    The effectiveness of a security system depends on how quickly it detects and responds to threats. Is your security system able to tackle security challenges in near real time, while reducing false positives so analysts can focus on critical events and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)?

    HPE Security ArcSight ingests large volumes of security events and correlates against IOCs in real time to identify potential threats. Hexadite Automated Incident Response Solution (AIRS) takes these security alerts in real time and performs investigation and remediation at scale.

    Learn how the combination of these two systems gives you the ability to:
    • Gain visibility across the entire IT footprint
    • Detect security threats in real-time
    • Automate incident investigation
    • Perform automated or semi-automated remediation actions

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